2012 France Conferences In Mosques In Paris And Rouen

Representatives of Harun Yahya organized more than 30 conferences and fossil exhibitions in the 15 biggest cities of France in the last two years, and have also held many new conferences this year in the cities of Paris, Rouen and Evry between the 18th and 22nd of January, 2012. The conferences, which attracted great attention from the French and Muslims who live in France were also followed and covered extensively by the French press. These topics were covered in the conferences:

1-    2012: The End of Atheism, Beginning of the Century of Faith

2-    The Miracles of the Qur’an

3-    The Molecular Collapse of the Theory of Evolution

4-    Islam: Religion of Peace

5-    The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution

One part of this conference tour was held in the Paris Drancy mosque (January 18th), in the Villejuif mosque (January 19th), and in the El-Mouhsinine and Elbeouf mosques in Rouen (January 21st and 22nd).


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