Presidential Culture Center

Fossil Exhibition at the Presidential Culture Center

The opening of a fossil and poster exhibition titled “The Fact of Creation on Earth,” held by the Science Research Foundation (BAV), took place in the Presidential Culture Center in the Kazakh capital, Astana on 12 October, 2007. Sixty-five fossils dating back many millions of years and 40 posters were displayed in a 400 square-meter area, and the event, held with the contribution of officials from the Ministry of Education and Science, attracted many students and members of the Kazakh public. The opening of the exhibition, due to remain open until 12 November, took place with the participation of administrators from the Presidential State Museum. The exhibition was opened with a special ceremony. The director of the museum extended her thanks to Harun Yahya, an author well-recognized across the world, saying that the holding of such a flawless exhibition by Science Research Foundation in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, was a source of honor and pride for them, and stated that together with advances in science and technology, the fossils on show represented a very heavy blow against the theory of evolution.

Kazakh Minister of Education and Science Zhanseit K. Tuimebayev stated how happy he was at the opening of the exhibition and promised to personally attend. The Kazakh public, who had suffered severe oppression during 70 years of Darwinist-communist rule, also showed considerable interest in the exhibition and expressed their gratitude to Harun Yahya. The author’s Atlas of Creation and examples of Russian-language works were also available at the exhibition, which was visited by university students and some 40 groups from primary and middle schools in the capital.

The high attendance led to museum officials emptying the 2nd floor section dealing with the theory of evolution and so-called Stone Age and replacing it with the Science Research Foundation’s “Fact of Creation” exhibition. The state TV channel and a large number of local channels reported on the exhibition of creation and Harun Yahya in their main news bulletins and on special programs. Several radio stations also promoted the exhibition, and a large number of written reports about it appeared in the press.

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