The Museum Of Creation At The Sharjah Book Fair

A Creation Museum, inspired by Harun Yahya at the special invitation of the Sharjah Ministry of Culture, was set up at a book fair held between 5 and 14 December, 2007, in Sharjah, UAE. In addition to living fossils, volumes I and II of Harun Yahya’s Atlas of Creation were exhibited at the fair, the 26th of its kind. The Harun Yahya collection, consisting of works in Arabic and English, as usual attracted great interest and appreciation from visitors.

Dr. Muhammad al-Qasimi, the sultan of Sharjah, who attended the opening ceremony, showed particular interest in stand at which Harun Yahya’s works were on show. The Creation Museum and the Harun Yahya book stand were visited by some 50,000 people during the course of the Sharjah World Book Fair.

The picture shows the museum representative presenting Sultan of Sharjah Dr. Muhammad al-Qasimi with books by Harun Yahya.
2008-10-05 02:06:40

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