2nd islamic Book Fair in The City Of Kazan

The 2nd Islamic Book Fair, organized by the Tatarstan Department for Religious Affairs, was held in the Tatar capital, Kazan, on 9-14 June, 2009. The fair took place in the Marjani Mosque, one of the city’s most historic. The fact that the fair, at which works by Harun Yahya were on show, was held at the Marjani Mosque was of great symbolic importance for the local population. Because up until the communist revolution in 1917 it had bee a great center of education and the publication of Islamic books. This fair, held for the last 2 years, is intended to restore the city’s position as an Islamic educational center in the wake of the communist period.

The fair was attended by Islamic publishing houses from various regions such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Ekaterinburg and Yar Chally and by visitors from many areas. The Harun Yahya stand, which has been at the fair on both years, attracted considerable interest. Adnan Oktar"s more than 30 Russian-language books and 90 Russian-language documentaries have for years enjoyed a wide readership in Tataristan. The most popular and most widespread of the author’s books is the Miracles of the Qur’an, 4 editions of which have been published since 2005. Of the author’s later works, The Prophet Muhammad (saas) and Never Forget also attracted considerable interest.

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