"the Prophet Muhammad (saas), The Holy Person Who Guided The World History" Documentary Watched In Berlin

Directorate of National Opinion’s Berlin branch in Germany organized an event called the “Prophet Muhammad (saas), A Mercy for all the worlds and the Qur’an Recitation” on May 9th, 2010. The event held at the Tempodrom, one of the biggest halls of Berlin, and attended by three thousand people, Mr. Adnan Oktar’s documentary titled "The Prophet Muhammad (saas), the holy person who guided the world history" was watched. You can also watch other Harun Yahya documentaries about our Prophet (saas) from here and you can get futher information about the good morality, outward appearance and miracles of our Prophet (saas) from www.theProphetMuhammad.org/ web site.

2010-05-26 15:48:01

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