The Collapse Of The Theory Of Evolution And The Fact Of Creation Conference In Milano

A conference that sets forth the scientific invalidity of the theory of evolution was held at the Palazzo Delle Stelline Hotel in the city of Milano in Italy on October 21st, 2010.


At the conference, which was shown great interest by the Italian press, Mr. Adnan Oktar saluted the Italian people through video-conference and talked about the fact that the theory of evolution is completely invalid scientifically and the troubles brought to the world by Darwinism.

The representatives of Harun Yahya who took part in the conference as spokesperson pointed out how the theory of evolution has been refuted with the findings of modern science and that Darwinism is merely a deceit, which is supported only for ideological purposes.

In the conference, the examples of “living fossils” were displayed for the attendants. The invitees who examined the million-year old fossils that belong to beings that still have living specimens personally witnessed that fact that living beings maintain their lives without getting changed, meaning without evolving, for millions of years.


 The promotional posters of the conferece were in the streets of Milano:

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