Pondering On The Qur"an

Harun Yahya"s "Pondering on the Qur"an" appeared in the September, 2000, issue of this English-language magazine published in Pakistan. Below is an extract from that article:

"Therefore, what is needed in the first place is to correct the wrong point of view about the Qur"an and make people understand that the Qur"an is not a book which is addressed only to the Prophet (sws) but to all people who consider themselves Muslims. Any person who utters this statement: "I"m a Muslim, alhamdulillah" must read the Qur"an and try to understand the meaning of the verses. In the Qur"an, the importance of learning verses and reciting them are especially emphasized.

...Some people believe that the Qur"an addresses only Muslims of the 7th century and some others think that only a small part of the verses addresses people other than the Muslims of the 7th century. A person having such an approach gets satisfied with reading the Qur"an and thinks he fulfils his religious duties by doing so. However, this is not only a matter of learning what is inside of the Qur"an, but also putting them into practice, fulfilling the duties ordered in the Qur"an, adapting moral standards explained in the Qur"an;briefly, bringing the Qur"an into one"s own everyday life."

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