Hell, Past Civilizations, Righteous Deeds

The August, 1999, issue of the monthly magazine Albalagh, published in Pakistan, carried Harun Yahya"s article "Hell." Here is a paragraph from that article:

"As many beauties and blessings there are in Paradise, that much ugliness and torment Hell is full with. Those who have denied Allah as their Creator are punished with an endless penalty in Hell. ...The common characteristic of the unbelievers who deserve Hell is their rejection when they have been invited to religion."

The March, 2000, issue published Harun Yahya"s "The Expansion of the Universe," and in the April, 2000, issue an article entitled "About the Rain" appeared.

This article uses scientific discoveries and relevant verses from the Qur"an to show that every year the same amount of rain falls on the earth and that the stages in the formation of rain correspond to the Qur"an. "Past Civilizations," serialized in the May and June, 2000, issues gives an account of some of the destructive events suffered by those who denied God and ascribed partners to Him.

An article by Harun Yahya entitled "Righteous Deeds" appeared in the August, 2000, issue. With reference to the Qur"an, the article maintains that believers must do righteous deeds.

In the September, 2000, issue, the article "Pondering" led readers to ponder on the proofs of God"s existence in the universe. An article describing human creation, "The Mechanisms in our Body," appeared in the February, 2001, issue.

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