A Living Planet: The Earth, The Creation Of The Universe

Iqra - The Islamic Journalis published every four months in Kenya. In the June-October, 2001, issue Harun Yahya"s article "A Living Planet: The Earth" appeared in it. Below is an excerpt from that article:

"The 77% of nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% of carbon dioxide as well as other gasses readily available in the atmosphere represent the ideal figures necessary for the survival of living beings. Oxygen, a gas that is vital for living beings, helps food to be burned and converted into energy in our bodies.

If the oxygen quantity in the atmosphere were greater than 21%, the cells in our body would soon start to suffer great damages. The vegetation and hydrocarbon molecules needed for life would also be destroyed.

If this quantity were less, then this would cause difficulties in our respiration, and the food we eat would not be converted into energy. Therefore, the 21% of oxygen in the atmosphere is the most ideal quantity determined for life."

In the November 2001 - February 2002 edition of the journal, a review of Harun Yahya"s The Creation of the Universe was published. That review said:

"In this world of modern science where old beliefs and values are fast eroding, Harun Yahya"s book is like a textbook. A must for all our boys and girls who today are seeking knowledge all over the world and being indoctrinated into the scientific world where Allah does not exist."

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