Never Plead ignorance About The Apparent Existence Of Allah

The Muslims" Digest is a monthly magazine of social topics that concern Muslims. This English-language magazine deepens its readers" awareness of questions concerning belief and science by publishing articles by Harun Yahya on these issues.

In its May, 2000, issue it carried Harun Yahya"s "Never Plead Ignorance About the Apparent Existence of Allah," which says that when a person looks at the world he finds God in every detail, and that God holds everything under His control; He is aware of everything and He has made human beings aware of His existence through the perfection of His creation.

In another issue of The Muslims" Digest (above), the article "Cities Turned Upside Down" discusses the various ways in which those societies that acted arrogantly towards God were destroyed. The article "The Design in Water" describes how water was specifically created for human life; "The Disaster of Pompeii" discusses the destruction of the city of Pompeii in Italy in AD 79, and "Scientists Confirm the Signs of Allah" discusses scientists who have become believers after examining the clear proofs of the existence of God.

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