Various Articles By Harun Yahya Have Been Published In Al Jumuah Magazine At Various Times

Al-Jumuah Magazine is a monthly, English-language based, full-color Islamic magazine that has been published since 1991. It has a readership of over 15,000, that includes a paid circulation throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, the Middle East, and part of Africa. In addition, it has reseller distribution and reading-room placement in public librarires, schools, universities, Islamic schools, and Islamic centers.

Al-Jumuah Magazine"s focus is to provide Islamic knowledge based on the Qur"an and Sunnah for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Harun Yahya"s articles, which are regularly published in this magazine, one of the most popular Islamic magazines in the USA, give an insight into science and faith related issues with quotes from the Qur"an and the Hadith of the Prophet. One article published in this magazine titled "Communicating Wonders of Allah"s Creation" reads:

It is exceedingly important that true believers should be on their guard against trends of thought that oppose Allah and religion. The duty of a Muslim in the face of Darwinism is to destroy that great lie and to proclaim the truth of creation.

When we look at the life of Allah"s Messenger, in whom there is "an excellent model for believers" (Surat al-Ahzab: 21), we see that he often thought about the glory of Allah"s creation and shared his contemplations with the believers around him. We learn from ahadiths of Allah"s Messenger (saas) that he "stood up amongst the believers for a long period and informed them about the beginning of creation" (Sahih Bukhari, Book 54, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 414)

So, a great and important responsibility falls to people of good conscience to wage a scientific fight and make a great effort to do away with the Darwinist, materialist thought that opposes the Qur"an.

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