Various Subjects Concerning The invalidity Of The Theory Of Evolution And Signs Leading To Faith

Al Jumuah magazine, printed in the United States with a circulation of 15,000 and mainly read in the USA, as well as in Canada, Europe, Africa and Middle East countries, continue to publish articles by Harun Yahya on scientific and faith-related issues on a monthly basis.  

The January 2004 issue of the magazine carried an article by Harun Yahya titled “Homo Floresiensis and the Facts Emerging About the Evolution Myth.” In that article the author considers the false nature of the theory of evolution, which he has already discussed countless times from various different perspectives, in the light of the latest scientific findings.


The February 2004 issue carried the author’s article “The Rhythm of Life: The Thyroid Gland.”

The March 2004 issue carried the article “Communication within the Cell.”

The April 2004 issue carried the article “Pollens: Perfectly Packaged Genes.”

The April-May 2004 issue carried the article “The Miracle in the Ant.”

The June 2004 issue carried Harun Yahya"s “The Miracle in the Defense System” article.

The July-August issue of the magazine carried the article “The Miracle of Hormones.”

The August-September 2004 issue carried an article titled “Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics.”

The September 2004 carried the author’s article “The Invalidity of Morphological Homology.” In this article the writer describes the morphology lie, proposed as supposed evidence for the theory of evolution.

The October-November issue carried the author’s “One of the Most Evident Proofs of Creation: The Ear.”

The final issue of 2004 carried an article by the author titled “How Do Birds Build Their Spectacular Constructions?” in which he describes the miraculous artistry in birds.

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