Harun Yahya"s Articles Have Been Regularly Published Since 2002

The Ambition, a monthly Islamic magazine, has regularly published articles by Harun Yahya since 2002. His “What Nature Makes You Think” was featured on the front page of the October 2004 issue. In it, he describes how everything, from haystacks to daisies and from birds to ants, has been created packed with details calling for considerable reflection. Reviews of his books are also common within the magazine’s pages.

The Ambition has carried many of his articles. Readers’ messages state that they read these articles with great interest and find them enormously informative.

January  2004,
" Different Races not Evidence for Evolution"
November 2004,
"What Nature Makes
You Think"
November 2004,

March 2004,
Review of Solution: The Values of the Qur’an

January 2004,
Review of Perished Nations

The Ambition, published in Canada and read by Muslims and non-Muslims alike, has carried many articles by Harun Yahya. Readers have sent messages expressing their great interest and say that they find these publications highly informative. 

This advertisement published in October 2003 introduces Islam Denounces Terrorism, Jesus Will Return, and The Evolution Deceit.
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