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Novosti, which began publishing in 1993, is a monthly magazine devoted to informing the Russian Federation’s Tatar population about major political and cultural developments. From the first days, it has regularly carried articles by Harun Yahya dealing with the errors of the theory of evolution, the collapse of Darwinism’s most basic claims, the proofs of creation, and the essence of faith in Islam. 

December 2001,
"The Miraculous Creatures Living at the Poles"
April 2002, "Penguins: Birds in Dinner Jackets"
December 2001, "The Expansion of the Universe"
September 2001, "Islam and Science: The Collapse of the Theory of Evolution"
This Russian-language magazine has a science page based on Harun Yahya’s works. Some of these articles are “The Creation of the Universe” and “The Social Lives of Polar Bears.” …
April 2002, Information about Harun Yahya’s life and works
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