Saniyasnain Khan Director ( The islamic Center Al-risala )


Of the books by Harun Yahya which I have read "For Men of Understanding", "Allah is Known Through Reason" and "The Truth of the Life of this World" stand out as powerful treaties on the proofs of God in the Universe. Harun Yahya"s scholarship proves fascinating and his style of writing infinitely readable. His books have a great impact because of the clarity and logic with which they make their appeal.

Quoting the verses of Quran and sources as diverse as Bertrand Russell and Lenin, Harun Yahya takes us on a remarkable trip through the signs in the heavens and on the earth. The author"s approach to Quranic wisdom is scientific. One of the remarkable aspects of his writings is his copious illustration of Quranic teachings with examples which are scientifically verifiable facts of nature.

It is one of the ironies of life that man may observe nature right from his birth, but he seldom experiences a sense of awe in contemplating it. Though even the tiniest example in nature is enough to testify to the greatness of God, people often remain unaware of this. Harun Yahya"s books, such as "The Miracle of Ant", "The Miracle of the Spider", etc. perform a great service both to the unenlightened and to the cause of religion by bringing out this reality in an excellent, easily comprehensible and convincing manner.

The author deftly presents facts upon fact, until we reach the conclusion that one of the greatest and most essential of human objectives is to recognize and interpret the numerous signs of Allah scattered not only throughout the entire universe, but also within our own selves.

He writes about this subject in such a compelling way-the text also enlivened with beautiful pictures-that the whole idea comes alive, leaving a lasting impression on the reader"s mind. The reader, induced to think deeply about the hidden truths of nature, ultimately experiences an increase in his or her faith.

We pray that God may reward him for all the good works that he is doing and give him good health and a long life. And, God willing, may his pen never run dry.

Saniyasnain Khan Director,
The Islamic Center Al-Risala

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