Abu Dharr Manzolillo ( Freelance Journalist And Editor )


Harun Yahya"s Evolution Deceit is the scientific, intellectual and academic death blow to Charles Darwin"s theory of evolution, a theory which has been largely discredited by scientific advances in the fields of physics, chemistry and genetics, among others. The book is thoroughly researched and solidly scientific.

As Harun Yahya explains, the theory of evolution does not limit itself to the field of biology; rather, it has socio-political, economic, religious, scientific, and ethical repercussions and effects [in] all spheres of life. The author explains that the objective of evolutionism is to destroy the belief in God, the Creator, in accordance with the agenda of materialist atheists. Evolution Deceit is particularly important as it exposes the hidden agenda of the evolutionists. It becomes evident that as a thesis, as a philosophy, but most of all as an ideology, the theory of evolution is intrinsically evil.

Until the publication of Evolution Deceit, the theory of evolution was often challenged on moral, ethical, and religious grounds based on theological speculation. This contributed to the impression that evolutionism was a "scientific fact" well above "religious myths" which were the object of ridicule.

Harun Yahya"s work, however, gives a fatal blow to evolutionism, exposing its falsehood on the basis of science. It becomes evident that evolutionism is nothing more than an atheistic dogma with no scientific basis whatsoever. As a result of Harun Yahya"s extensive research, the myth of evolution crumbles to the ground in utter ruin. Using the same unquestionable scientific rigor he used to discredit evolutionism, the author demonstrates that Almighty God, Allah, created everything, which exists.

Abu Dharr Manzolillo
Freelance Journalist and Editor

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