Moussa Chahine ( Al Zahra Muslim Association )


I would like to take this opportunity to express my own humble, unqualified views on how I personally feel about the excellent works written by brother Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya).

The books I have studied, and the articles which I have read over the internet are a valuable source of treasure for those seeking the truth. The rich information which he has produced regarding Evolution, convincingly and without a doubt clarifies that the theory of Darwin is a totally refutable and unacceptable.

The research which the author has compiled on the Miracles of the Holy Quran and the wonders of the universe, are mesmerizing and impressive for those who are pursuing answers to their questions, enabling them proximity to Allah (SWT).

May Allah (SWT) grant you success in this world and the hereafter for your services in the propagation of this great religion of Islam. I pray to Allah (SWT) and sincerely hope that all the writings of Harun Yahya become available in English in the near future, for I truly believe that his methodology of literature is captivating to the reader, and useful for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

From my own encounters with those living in Western societies, his valuable works have transformed peoples way of thinking, leaving a permanent predominance on the minds of those studying the origins of life.

In conclusion I pray to Allah (SWT) that you attain success in your endeavours in disseminating the truth.

"They Desire to put out the light of Allah with their Mouths, but Allah will perfect his light, though the unbelievers may be averse" (Holy Qur"an - Chap 61:8)

"And Say: The Truth has come and falsehood has vanished, surely falsehood is a vanishing (thing)" (Holy Qur"an: Chap 17:81)

Moussa Chahine
Al Zahra Muslim Association

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