Throughout April fossils dating back to different geological periods were displayed.

In the Mediafax news portal of Romania a news report about the fossil exhibitions organized in Sun Plaza in Bucharest appeared. An excerpt from the 
news report accentuating the importance and scientific value of fossil exhibitions is as follows:
“24 pieces of vertebrata fossils of marine and terrestrial animals dating back to different geological periods will be open until April 22nd in a shopping mall in the capital. The remains of the millions-years-old organisms have remained intact throughout this time. That is why they are called “the living fossils.” 
The fossil exhibition presented by a Turkish foundation informs especially the children and young about the origins of life and nature. Meanwhile Onur 
Yılmaz and Cihat Gündoğdu, two prominent scientists gave lectures about these topics…”
2014-05-10 14:04:59

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