The impact of the atlas of creation continues: Tony Blair has begun teaching religion at university

From the moment of its arrival in Europe Adnan Oktar's Atlas of Creation, has been instrumental in a huge cultural revolution taking place there. Darwinism has been forcibly imposed on European society for some 150 year, people have been all but totally prevented from even thinking about opposed toagainst Darwinism, and huge efforts have been made to prevent the public seeing the true face of Darwinism by means of great intellectual pressure.  However, these endeavors that have occupied Darwinists for the last 150 years lost all their effectiveness literally overnight when the Atlas of Creation arrived in Europe, and the Darwinist spell over the continent was lifted.  The rapid turning toward religion among intellectuals and leading thinkers in particular is important evidence for this.

One such person is former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. A former socialist and someone who made almost no statements about religion and spiritual values before, Tony Blair has recently begun issuing joyful statements about his belief in God and telling people of the importance of religious moral values. He set up the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and has issued statements saying that religious moral values would become very important in the 21st century. Blair, a convert from Protestantism to Catholicism,  is also noted for his positive thoughts regarding Islamic moral values and Muslims. The Atlas of Creation, which intellectually demolishes Darwinism, has clearly had a major impact in this change in Tony Blair, who says he has read the Qur’an and given copies to friends.

Radikal, 21 September 2008
Blair a teacher of religion at Bush’s old school


Adnan Oktar: The really big impact in Europe came after this Atlas of Creation, in other words, my book the Atlas of Creation gave rise to the really stunning effect. It provboked great reactions in France, Germany and Italy. It evoked really enormous responses. It had an especially positive impact on the intellectual section of society. It greatly accelerated the turning toward religion.  Christians, people of Christian origins, began becoming truly religious. These are very excellent developments. From the Atlas of Creation I sent to Tony Blair, for example. One report says, “Blair encourages religion to assume a greater role. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for religion to be given a central role in seeking to resolve the world’s problems.” Faith, in other words, belief in God. Another says, “Tony Blair is dedicating his life to religion. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair says he will devote the rest of his life to increasing inter-faith dialogue.” These are statements made in the wake of the Atlas. Again, “Tony Blair is calling on faith leaders to resuscitate the world’s conscience.” His words.  "Protect religion and help it become a force for good.” All Blair’s words. The Atlas has had a very, very positive impact. And not only on him. French President Nicolas Sarkozy is the same.
(Gareth Jenkins, interview-July 13, 2008)

Adnan Oktar: But most asgtonishing developments took place in Europe following the arrival of the Atlas of Creation there. Sarkozy, for instance, was someone who never mentioned religion or Islam. Tony Blair was a socialist, a leftist who never even said the word religion. Unbelievable changes have taken place and the French press have written openly about this. We saw in the press how he was profoundly influenced by my works and how Tony Blair was similarly affected. In the Guardian, Tony Blair says, “Protect religion and help it become a force for good.” Again after my book we read: “Tony Blair has called for religion to assume a cedntral place in the resolution of the world’s problems. He said it could awaken the conscience of the world...” Very profound changes have taken place, masha’Allah.   These are all very splendid developments, thanks be to God. Intellectuals are not resisting in Belgium and the rest of Europe. That is very good. There are some still holding out, but the numbers of those who have given in is very high. We can see that they have given up from opinion polls showing that the level of people not believing in Darwinism stands at 80%. Separate polls have been conducted. Separate ones have been performed in Germany, for example. And in Holland. This is a huge figure, a total reversal of the case previously when 80% believed in Darwin and 20% did not. Now 80% do not believe in Darwin; 80% believe in creation... (Mersin TV-September 5, 2008)

Hürriyet, 21 September 2008

He has taught classes in religion at Yale

Zaman, 21 September 2008

He has begun teaching at American universities


BBC News / 3 April 2008

Blair urges bigger role for faith:
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for faith to be given a central role in tackling the world's problems.

Agence France-Press / 8 April 2008

Blair to dedicate his life to religion:
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair says the rest of his “life’s work” will be to enhance inter-faith dialogue. 

The Times / 3 April 2008

Tony Blair to call on faith leaders to 'awaken the world's conscience'

The Guardian / 4 April 2008

Save religion and help it become a force for good, urges Blair

The Scotsman / 4 April 2008

In the address, on faith and globalisation, Mr. Blair called for religious faith to be rescued from extremism and put at the centre of solving the world's problems. He said that in an increasingly globalised world, the role of faith was "especially important". Religion could "awaken the world's conscience" and help achieve the "millennium development goals" of eradicating poverty and hunger.

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation, founded by Tony Blair, says on its web site:

The issue of religious faith will be of the same significance to the 21st Century as political ideology was to the 20th Century. In an era of globalisation, there is nothing more important than getting people of different faiths and therefore cultures to understand each other better and live in peace and mutual respect; and to give faith itself its proper place in the future. — Tony Blair


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