Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 27 October 2011


A9 TV; October 27th 2011

There would be no jealousy in a Muslim. Jealousy only exists in debased people. Beautiful people, people with high moral values would not know what jealousy is. Jealousy is a disease, it is a sort of craziness. It is a sort of psychopathy. It is an atrocious misdeed. It is never a thing that could be done by a Muslim. Being jealous is very debased conduct.

(Regarding a hadith which states that in the End Times there would be some parents who would prevent their children from learning about religion.)

The Messenger of Allah (saas) commanded one day; "Shame on those fathers of the End Times!" Upon this the Companions asked; "Would they be idolaters then?" Our Prophet (saas) commanded as follows; "No, they will remain Muslims; but they will not teach religion to their children and they would even prevent them from learning about religion when they want to learn about it, and they will motivate them to attain the possessions of this world. And I am far apart from such a father; and they are far apart from me" (Mustadrak al- Wasail, v.2, p.625)

Masha'Allah; here it is; that is a direct address to some phoney, incestuous, knavish, drug addict, perverted fathers and mothers; to some abject, heartless parents who encourage their children toward the PKK terror. How nicely did our Prophet (saas) explain. He had seen the End Times as clear as  day, and explained it as clear as  day, masha'Allah, Alhamdulillah. 

Algeria suffered a lot, it suffered a great amount of anguish. The system of the dajjal (anti-messiah) was running rampant there. Look, they have been razed to the ground.  One might assume that the university students, all those people coming there would be against Darwinism, right? Look, you will see that those kids are all Darwinists. Saudi Arabia is full of Darwinists. We go to Egypt and see that Egypt is full of Darwinists as well. People from Azhar are calling us and they keep saying, "What do you think you are doing? Darwinism is the truth." And without shame they say, "It is compliant with the Qur'an." We have defeated them intellectually there as well, Alhamdulillah, masha'Allah.  And for some, we take them out from under the wreckage and see that they have became miserable and they say, "Where is Darwinism, where do you see the system of the dajjal (anti-messiah)?" Your face has been smashed in don't you see, you have been exhausted you cannot even stand on your feet. Can you see one teacher who could say,  "Allah created" in the universities? Let them show me one single teacher who can say, "Children, Allah created man" while talking about the creation of humans in the biology class.   Let them show me one single teacher. Darwinism is obligatory everywhere, it is imperative all around the world. Also in Saudi Arabia, also in Iran, it is obligatory everywhere. The man says, "How could that happen?" Darwinism is taught in all the text books of the state and this one says, "Where is it?" 

2011-11-27 11:30:07

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