Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 15 October 2011

A9 TV; October 15th, 2011

Muslims will consist of love, there will be pure love. They will be very compassionate and affectionate.They will approachJews, Christians, atheists, all people with compassion. They will not be in a blood-shedding, ruthless mood because according to the Qur’an, this is siding with dajjal, pharaoh, this is persecution. The Pharaoh is merciless, but a Muslim will be compassionate. If we look at everyone with compassion, especially if we approach  the Islamic schools with love and compassion, this will be very right. We are all brothers; Alawites, Sunnis, Jafferites, Shias, Wahhabis. Both Christians and Jews are the servants of Allah. Allah created them in this way in the destiny. Allah named them in the Qur’an as the People of the Book. We will approach them with profound compassion. We will pray for them to be good and pray for their guidance. We will preach Islam to them  and the Qur’an with love, but rage and hatred will never happen, Insha'Allah. This is the order of Allah to us.

Love one another very much; show a lot of compassion. We are in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as)  and the time of Prophet Jesus (as). We are in a time when Hazrat Khidir (as) is engaging in activities. The morality of Islam will dominate  the world in ten to fifteen years. We will see this altogether. I am not a person who believes in superstition. I am a realistic and a very rational person. What I say is true. You will see that my words are accurate. Live the joy of this. Attach to one another with profound love and affection. Be very forgiving and compassionate. Very nice days are close, Insha'Allah. I greet all of you. May Allah grant guidance, health, beauty, blessings to all of you. May Allah grant relief and contentment into your hearts, Insha'Allah.

Why are they jealous abut the love they feel for me? I can not comprehend this, masha’Allah. If they see my other female friends, then they would be hospitalized. They are incredibly beautiful, masha’Allah. They are all in love with me, with the love of Allah. They are madly in love, they love very, very much, Insha'Allah. What is the point in being jealous? Just admire, right. Masha’Allah. How nice! They cannot grasp it. They ask, “How does this happen?” If you love Allah  candidly, Allah also loves you candidly and manifests on you with His beautiful name al-Jamal, Insha'Allah. But if your heart is pitch dark,if you are misguided and if you are in darkness, then Allah shows you horrible manifestations, and make you meet terrible people. You lead a terrible life, Insha'Allah.


2011-12-05 13:20:50

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