Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 26 October 2011

A9 TV; 26 October 2011

(In response to a viewer who said: “You compliment your female followers too much. What if you were to make a change and not make all these compliments?)

My dear brother, these compliments stem from the powerful joy in my heart. My love is no normal love. It is not the kind you are familiar with. You cannot imagine the effect that beauty has on me. There is a huge capacity for love in my soul. Nobody who has not experienced it can understand. You would be amazed. Because in society and the world, the way of the dajjal [antichrist] taken love away from people. That is also in the Torah and the hadiths. The first thing the dajjal takes away is love. That is why even an ordinary love amazes people, and a fervent love astounds them utterly. That stems from love being taken away by the dajjal. Otherwise, you would regard this love as quite normal and very pleasant in the time of the way of the Mahdi. That is why you must set your heart to the way of the Mahdi. It is because of the harm done by the dajjal that you are so amazed. That is the reason for the general amazement in society. People are also amazed by helpful types. They regard people who want to help others as suckers. Don’t they? When you try to rescue someone they say, “What are you doing, why be such a sucker?” I saw this from China the other day. A car drove over a toddler and carried along on its way. Right in front of other Chinese people. One, two, three, they kept on showing it. People looked on and walked by eating their seeds. The child was writhing in pain. Another car came and ran over the child, too. But nobody did anything. Eventually that child died. Crushed to death. Then they took her dead body away. That is lovelessness. Now someone says to me, “You should be like that, too.” I am not under the influence of the dajjal. I am the system that drowns the dajjal. That is why that does not happen in me. You will get used to it, insha’Allah. I will teach you love. You will learn to love and be loved. You will learn to love fervor. Do not expose me to the dajjal’s propaganda, the propaganda of lovelessness. My job is to smother the dajjal. Muslims have a duty to smother the dajjal. The souls here, the little cats, also have a duty to tear the dajjal apart. We will all destroy the way of the dajjal. We will eradicate lovelessness, ruthlessness and injustice, insha’Allah. I have to be crazy in the face of this beauty, for not to feel fervor. I am powerfully affected by it. Why should I hide it? My soul is in fervor. Why should I hide it? I find relief by talking about it. I talk about my love. I look at a lovely child, at a lovely shop. Japanese children are really cute. Good enough to eat. But some people just stare around in a bovine manner. They never speak and are totally unaware. But I look, as if I were hypnotized. They are so cute and sweet. People kick cats on the street. But they are so cute. A mother and her kittens together, for instance. But people do not comprehend. Flowers grow up, but people look at them the same way a cow would. With hollow eyes. People tell me, “You are rather different.” I am human, and a Muslim, that is why. A Muslim must be full of love.

(In response to those who say it is improper for women to appear on television)

If it were up to them, they would not be allowed out on the street, either. Laughing would not be permitted. If we excluded all the supposedly prohibited things, the only permissible thing would be dying. Nothing else would be permissible. That is so very wrong. You have misrepresented Muslims and thus ruined them. Look, that imbecile inflicted terrible trouble on Libya and they duly humiliated him. I watched his last moments on tape. The imbecile brought it all on himself. But if he had listened to me he could have finished the matter with honor. He had the foolishness and craziness of the fanatic, the stubbornness of the fanatic, and Allah inflicted a terrible end on him. The foolishness of the bigot is enormous. Women must be everywhere in life, in Parliament and hospitals, out on the streets and everywhere. Do not be so foolish. Look, let me give an example from the hajj [pilgrimage]. Men and women perform the hajj together. So where do you get that idea from? Bigotry knows no bounds. If you let bigotry take hold of you, it is a bottomless pit. Look where it has got to now. No appearing on television. And what about Parliament? They can’t go there. Can they go to restaurants? No. Or school? No school, either. And what parts of the house are permissible? They will say, “The window must not be too close to the street.” The house must not give onto the street. They must not laugh or talk or move. They want to stop them being human. These psychopathic ideas, the hatred of women of the old pagans and polytheists, are a left-over from former times. But women are everywhere when we look at the Qur’an. The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) and that woman were alone in the same room. He spent his whole life with her. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) talked with the daughters of the prophet, and women liked the Prophet Moses (pbuh). They said he was “strong and reliable.” The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) brought the Queen of Sheba over and played a joke on her, telling her to enter the pool. She got her legs ready, but then realized it was a joke. He was instrumental in the woman coming to have faith. There are many examples in the Qur’an and the hadiths and in life, and you can see it on the hajj. But they are trying to get even further down into the bottomless pit of bigotry and to ruin Muslims even more, as if they have not already done so enough. And there are no such problems on other problems. They have music programs of all kinds. Women appear on them.

Most female speakers have low necklines. I have seen that on all channels. They use women in advertising, insha’Allah. There is a video film about that. Can you show it? My apologies to my brothers there. I am not accusing anyone, but I can find no other explanation for why they are not made uncomfortable when watching programs everywhere else. “Why are their heads uncovered?” Do you know what would happen? You could not go out of doors at all. But you go to school and take the bus or the tram, and all the women there have their heads uncovered. The teachers are all uncovered. Seventy percent of Turkey is bare-headed. So what is this logic all about? I really cannot understand it. There are women everywhere. There is no end to them. The people who try to tell us what to do generally watch that kind of channel, and then try to give us advice. Why do women appear on the television? It should not be allowed, they say. There are women on all channels, and you see them everywhere, on the streets and in their homes. You see them in the markets and at the butcher’s shop. What kind of savage thinking is this? If they could, they would put them all into sacks and sew the mouths shut. That is a totally fanatical mindset, and totally mistaken. It is nothing more than jealousy. Because my female colleagues are all very, very attractive, full of love, very classy, whose faces radiate love and passion. But they despise them and look at them as if they were horrible and filthy.

It is all envy. They find it very difficult as this is the first time they have seen women looking at them with passion. These are people who have never known love in their lives. No such lovely, high quality women ever appear before them. Because women do not regard such horrible people as worthy of them. They are repelled by them. So why dress up and groom themselves for them? Why treat such horrible men well, such base people? Men who are so utterly stinking and vile? They turn up before these men in the most unkempt state because they regard them as totally unworthy of them. They put up with all that filth because of their money. Of course, there is a huge passion, love and warmth here. They stink, and their wives stink. They are really filthy. They have no idea of beauty and their homes are horrible. They are horrible themselves. They are amazed when they see a life resembling paradise, because they are so used to that particular hell. Because women are genuinely repelled; these men have bad breath and terrible body odor. Everything about them stinks. The women are the same. They turn up just as filthy. They are used to it. And seeing a decent human being takes them aback. They must renounce all that, insha’Allah. Because these people have really lost the thread; they sit in their gloomy homes and look at one another and are mutually repelled. They fight and badmouth one another. They constantly fight and put one another down. A really hellish life. But they look at these other people and see love and friendship and brotherhood. Someone devotes many long years, he graduates and makes money, he buys a house and has more money in the bank, but he is still not happy. He has not found love. He has never found anyone to love him with a passion. But then he looks and everyone here loves everyone else with a passion. It is the first time he sees such passion and love, and it tears at his heart. “I have striven all my life but never seen even a millionth of that love,” he says, “never a millionth of that respect.”

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