Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 6 December 2011


A9 TV; November 6th, 2011

This is the reason for longing for the Paradise. A person always longs for what is beautiful; good food, beautiful people, beautiful environment, good words, beautiful fragrance. Our Lord created our soul prone to what is beautiful. If a Muslim seeks it also in this world, he can turn also this world into a Paradise. This is the attribute of the system of Mahdi.Hazrat Mahdi has the soul peculiar to Paradise; he has the personality peculiar to Paradise. In the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as), the entire world becomes like Paradise because it follows the Mahdi. People will be amazed at themselves saying, “How on earth did we destroy one another or had conflicts while there was such a beautiful life!” I was watching TV at home; there are quarrels everywhere. Conflicts at home, at football matches, at homes or in movies. They can harbor rage towards very nice people. The fact is however, we are the sons of the same land, we are Muslims, Alhamdulillah. Even if he is not a Muslim, being a servant of Allah, we  feel compassion towards them, Insha’Allah. What remains left when love is lost? Losing the love is so horrible. Even the beauty ceases to be effective.

Surat al-Haqqa 13:

So when the Trumpet is blown with a single blast.” We do not know what “the Trumpet” is. When it will happen, we will say, “This is what is meant.” This may also be the name of the initiation of the incident. It may be all. “and the earth and the mountains are lifted and crushed with a single blow,” This is the last crush; before that there is the first crush. The last crush will be a very severe one which will destroy the world. It breaks down into tiny pieces as if it were made up of dust. It will turn into those structures in the space with a nucleus in the middle and a corona around it. The world will turn into such a structure. “On that Day, the Occurrence will occur and Heaven will be split apart,” The sky vanishes, of course, and the space becomes visible. The blue sky opens up and the blackness of the space is seen inbetween the blue sky.

“and Heaven will be split apart, for that Day it will be very frail.” With the impact of the opening up, clouds sink below and the athmosphere scatters around.

 “The angels will be gathered round its edge.” The angels who are invisible becomevisible.“On that Day, eight will bear the Throne of their Lord above their heads.” There are eightangels on duty.We will understand what Allah means by “the Occurrence” on the Day of Judgment. “On that Day you will be exposed –no concealed act you did will stay concealed.” People are exposed one by one to Allah. Because of relativity, the one who is last exposed assumes that he is the first one who is exposed. Although there are millions of people, Muslims, and they are one by one taken into account, each one of them assumes that he is the first one who is taken into account. It takes place so rapidly because there is no time; the time is relative. “…no concealed act you did will stay concealed.”There is nothing that people conceal. They think that they can do it without people seeing them in this world but nothing of the sort happens. Allah presents them all. Only if there are any incidents Muslims are ashamed of and if they are forgiven, they are kept hidden by Allah for all eternity. But they do not disappear; they are just kept concealed.  In the sight of Allah, nothing that exists vanishes but it is kept preserved. For instance, we have conversed here; all our speeches we have made here are preserved. If we wish, we can listen to this entire conversation in the Hereafter. But if – Allah forbid- there exists a section that we do not want to hear, Allah preserves that part for all eternity. You can not see that part. For instance there are difficult incidents that each person encounters in his life. For instance he loses his father, and he feels sorry for that, which is something incompatible with the morality of the Qur’an. Because a Muslim will feel ashamed of it, Allah does not show it to him. That remains in the Sight of Allah but Allah does not show it. In order for it to disappear, Allah forbid, Allah must disappear. For instance, as a detail, there is a bug dead on the floor. That remains in the Sight of Allah, it never vanishes. But because there is no need, Allah does not show. If you want to see it, you can; it is preserved in the Sight of Allah. Our entire life is like a video cassette. We can forward it, we skip the sections we dislike. Similarly Allah skips the parts we dislike; he does not show them to us.

Nothing from the beginning of one’s birth, no matter what may happen, nothing vanishes in the Sight of Allah. No matter what comes to your mind, it does not vanish. For instance one wakes up in the morning, he sits down without doing nothing, something he dislikes; it remains in Allah’s Sight but a believer does not want to see it because it is vain. Because a believer wants to see the things he likes, he only chooses to see those and sees them.

As for him who is given his Book in his right hand, he will say, ‘Here, come and read my Book!

A person is given an object in his right hand; probably something like a crystal, something reminding a diamond, a stone. Everything is coded in it. ‘Here, come and read my Book! I counted on meeting my Reckoning.’He says, “I knew that this would happen.” Indeed, he is responsible for delivering it; there is information there regarding his destiny. He gives it. In the Sight of Allah, he is asked, “You have given away this much money to that person, is that true?” He answers, “Yes, it is true.”, “You had gone that place and communicated the message of Allah, is that true?” “Yes, true.” “You were arrested and sent to prison for this long, is that true?” he says, “Yes.” But they count it in details. For instance “People told you adverse words, but you remained patient, is that true?” “Incidents happened that would upset you; but you persevered, is that true?” When the questioning comes to an end, the last person who is questioned assumes that he is the first one and thinks that it lasted very short. They perceive it as an extraordinary short process. The fact is however his lifetime is questioned there. But as I said before, this questioning is made to honor him. This questioning is made to remind him that he is a person of moral perfection. In Paradisehe always keeps that in mind.People like him in Paradise with that personality. What he had done is counted one by one.People in Paradise like him with that personality. Those things he had done does not end with counting. There are also things that he had done in secret. Allah discloses them. For instance he persevered in secret. He acted bravely in secret. For instance he is asked; “People around you lost their temper but you persevered. Is that true?” This is in his destiny. Once all these are counted, he starts to like himself. And the people around him because in this world those things in secret are unknown. For instance, we do not know the secret aspects of Hazrat Mahdi (as) . We can only know the avert parts partially. In order to love him, all his aspects must be known. For instancewe can only know the certain aspectsof our Prophet (saas).They threwcamel tripe and barbson his way.Abu Jahil insulted him.The number of incidents that happened to him of which we are aware is at most fifty or a hundred.There, we will learn tens of thousands ofissues related to our Prophet (saas). For instance how did he respond to the infliction to which he was subjected? How did he help people? How courageous he remained in such a terrible environment? Where did he persevere? Then our love to our Prophet (saas) will multiply because we will learn the aspects that we are totally unaware of. This also holds true for Jesus Messiah (as) and other prophets. In this case believers’ love for one another becomes very severe. It turns into a very profound love, that becomes the love of Paradise.

In the case of disbelievers, all the immoral behaviors are counted one by one. For instance he lied but he thinks that he deceived people. He is asked, “Did you lie or not?” He answers, “No.” then his mouth says, “Yes, I lied.” He can not prevent his mouth. He is upset with his mouth and says, “Why does it talk in this fashion?” For instance he did something wrong with his hands, and he says “I did not do something like that.” He continues to commit forgeries even there. His hand says, “No, I did it.” The hand speaks and the guy can not control his body. In the past he used to be very fond of his body. Such people live their lives for their lower-selves. His lower-self becomes a trouble for him. That is, Allah turns it into a scourge. For instance he can not control his eye, his mouth and his hand. They all talk against him. He has to admit all of them. Indeed Allah does not question some of them. “On that day, there is no questioning for them.” Allah puts some psychopaths directly into Hell. He will engage in the same immoral acts again but Allah makes him count them one by one to give a lesson. Contrary to the Muslims, the time extends for them. The one who is questioned first assumes that he is the last one who is questioned. He suffers tremendously and the questioning does not end. He sweats; in the hadith it is said, “They flow on the floors.” That is, because of the trouble they go through they sweat a lot. Their questioning lasts continuously. For instance he is asked to tell the forgery he had committed in details. In the hadith, in order to emphasize the trouble he goes though, it is said, “His sweat almost swallows it.” Of course comparison is made there. He wants the questioning to come to an end. He says, “Let this interrogation end and let me go to Hell as soon as possible.” The fact is however, once he goes to Hell he wants to go out of Hell as soon as possible. Aware of this fact, Muslims act sensibly. But the people of Hell are very mad, very unstable. It is inconceivable; that is why one must constantly seek refuge in Allah from being among the people of Hell, from the torment of Hell. That is why we must say, “My Lord, protect me from the torment of Hell” and not “Protect me from Hell”because we will come near the edge of Hell.Everyone will come near the edge of Hell. There will be no one who will not see Hell.We will say, “My Lord, protect me from the torment of Hell ” because Muslims come to the edge of Hell with joy. For instancethey come with light in their frontand a light on their right. There is a guide and a protector. He guides him, constantly compliments him and shows respect to him.Allah says that they in now way suffer on that day.” They never feel disturbed or feet unease. They do not have any kind of fear in them. They areinfinitely happy and joyful; this is already perceived from the brightness on their faces. They are very cheerful and hopeful to go to Paradise because he knows and there is light in front of him and on his right. In his right hand, there exists the information that object like a crystal contains. It is evident in all respects that he will be going to Paradise but he is still not informed about it. He is only hopeful about it. Almighty Allah says, “The people of Paradise will stand up and go.” The people of Hell are left there, on the land of Hell. In humiliation, they are drifted to Hell but of course when we say “land”, it seems like a land of soil or something we know of, but it may also be something that we can never imagine. It may be something that we can even not conceive of. For instance, the gate of Paradise may be of golden, or of light. The light abruptly opens up and you enter. The fire of Hell burns them but they still engage in immoral acts. Normally,  a person cannot talk in fire. Allah says, “The sparkle the size of a camel.” That means, if the sparkle is as great as a camel, the flames are amazingly great. But the people of Hell still make gossip there, they quarrel with one another. Bediuzzaman says, “They feel the greatest pain when they compare the torment with Paradise” because they see Paradise. The comparison causes a severe torment for them.

(In response to “What should we do while bringing up our children?)

The Qur’an. Embracing the Qur’an. Allah says that we will be questioned from the Qur’an. We are educated by the Qur’an. The Qur’an relieves our heart. We find abundance with the Qur’an. We seek Allah’s good pleasure with the Qur’an. We will enter Paradise with the Qur’an, Insha’Allah.

 In Paradise trees also sing songs. Those tiny animals, for instance birds also sing songs but how wonderful songs they are. While they sing, trees dance.

(In response to the question, “Is there any incident that make you cry?”

A person cries only because of the love of Allah. You see a little baby, a very beautiful woman or a very nice music, those things that remind you the love of Allah that may make you cry. But it is haram (unlawful) to cry because of sorrow. It is a very aberrant act; it means objecting to destiny.

Surat al-Furqan, 56:

We have sent it down with truth and with truth it has come down.”

The numerological number of this verse is 1980. At the same time it is 1956,  the date the Risale-i Nur Collection was allowed to be free. It is also the date Hazrat Mahdi (as) started his duty, Insha’Allah. Hazrat Mahdi (as) will appear, so will Prophet Jesus (as) and the Unity of Islam will be established. I am here and we will altogether see this Insha’Allah. Islam is coming with all its might and it will roister, Masha’Allah.

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