Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 11 December 2011

A9 TV; December 11th, 2011

It is amazing; a wisdom of Allah that  one’s faith is manifested in one’s face. This is a miracle. For instance, faith is clearly manifested in a Muslim’s face while that filthy and foolish structure becomes apparent on the faces of idolaters. For instance, look how smart and wise you all look. It is immediately recognized that you are very classy people. Consequently you show the world how a Muslim can be. In the past, a Muslim reminded people of different notions , they are evident. In many places of the world a typical image of a Muslim comes to mind. For the first time in the world, we demolished this image. Those objecting to Islam all around the world have lost their breath. They can not find any words to speak now because once they attempt to revile Muslims, for instance those terrorists, anarchists, the ignorant and idolaters are now speechless. When you are given as an example, they remain silent. This is a Muslim, they say. Very nice, cultivated, cultured, pure and reasonable people who are respectful of human rights and support love for human love. There is no compromise from the Qur’an. We must wholly embrace the Qur’an. Love for Allah is perfect; fear of Allah is excellent. Consequently we have thwarted all their plots, Insha’Allah.

Apart from that, you are rich in the spiritual sense. For instance, there are people who are beautiful but who are poor in the spiritual sense. Egoistic, selfish and stingy. He thinks of everything in terms of money and interests. He does not think about Allah’s good pleasure. There is no fear of Allah, no love of Allah. He does not think about the Hereafter. He is dependent upon the life of this world. In the short term they collapse. Then they either attempt  suicide or live in secluded places. Their end becomes a disaster, Allah forbid. This is not the case with believers. Both the beginning and end of Muslims are beautiful, Insha’Allah.

(In response to the question, “Why were Prophets mainly sent to the Middle East?)

At those times there were more people in the Middle East. Other than that, representatives of the prophets gone to every corner of the world. They even went all the way to the lands of the American Indians. In their oral histories it is depicted, “Someone with a long beard in white attire came.” Then their religion suddenly changes and they turn to monotheism. This means that Allah’s friends came there. Prophets generally come to the Middle East but their students went all around the world. For instance, the students of our Prophet (saas) went all the way to Spain.

(In response to the question of an audience member who said, “We can not agree with my daughter on the issue of covering; she simply does not want to cover herself.”)

Now you are talking about  “covering” but you do not tell what you mean by it. Does  she wear a burqa, cover her head with a scarf, wear revealing clothes; what you mean is not clear. You need to make this point clear, Insha’Allah. According to my belief, from the Surat an-Nur and Surat al-Ahzab, I understand that scarf is obligatory. But there are some people who say, “The word ‘scarf’ is not explicitly mentioned in the Qur’an.” What they say is the following: “Only the word ‘humur’ is written, and any kind of scarf is meant by it. It means that only covering the upper part of their breasts is sufficient. Covering the body in the general sense is sufficient.” I respect their views. It may be. There are many scholars, professors who think this way. But the judicial opinion of the four Islamic schools, the information they provide suggest that “cover” is obligatory, insha’Allah. But I also respect the contrary opinion. I do not say, “How do you think so?”, insha’Allah. I respect them. When Islam triumphs  and the Unity of Islam is established, there will be modern ladies as well as ladies in burqa and scarves. You will see that what I am saying is true, insha’Allah. They are all dear to us. They are all believers, very pure people. Being with a scarf or without a scarf; when we think of a person who will go to Paradise, we can also see that a person without a scarf will also go to Paradise as well as a person with a scarf. On the other hand, we may see that ladies who do not wear a scarf and ladies in a burqa will go to Hell, insha’Allah. Allah will save us with His mercy, insha’Allah.

Prophet Abraham (as) was also gentle. A Muslim has to be gentle, mild. Being harsh is unbecoming of a Muslim, insha’Allah.

(In response to the question, “What is the main reason for the profound love and respect your students feel for you?”)

Today I thought about it again. I pondered on it. I said to myself, “There are many communities of Islam, many communities. What is our difference? We demolished the most severe aspect of disbelief. We provided an amazing comfort for Muslims. First of all, we broke the sword on their heads and made dajjal (anti-Christ) swallow it. Muslims were pretty weary of Darwinism’s  onslaught. They were unable to respond to it. What was the answer, do you know? They used to say, “My brother, we are also Darwinists.” It is already available in the Qur’an. This is what the Qur’an preaches. Our forefathers also advocated Darwinism.” They responded in this manner or they, at most, said; “Since we have descended from  apes, why don’t apes become human beings?” This is a very weak  explanation. They could at most say this. Bediuzzaman saw that this enormity, saw  this Darwinism was a very serious fitnah (source of disorder). Bediuzzaman said, “Let me not touch it and leave it to Hazrat Mahdi (as) to handle it.” That is what Bediuzzaman says in his books. He says, “It is Hazrat Mahdi (as) who will topple the plague of materialism and naturalism.” We, as the followers and pioneers of Hazrat Mahdi (as), rescued the world from the greatest evil in the  history of the world ever. Can a building with no foundation  stand upright? It was the biggest scourge ever. I looked at the TV channels; some talk about tasawwuf (Sufism), others speak of the details about the grave of a scholar or tell legends. None of them have any impact on the system of dajjal. The system of dajjal only laughs at these.  We exploded their perceptions. They are never affected. We blew their minds and currently our Muslim brothers experience the comfort of it. They are now at ease.

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