Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 December 2011

A9 TV; December 14th, 2011

(In response to the statement: “There is evolution in the Qur’an”)

Let us ask them. Ask them, “How did the angels  evolve. How did it happen? Did it happen by way of evolution? No way. How did jinni come into being?” Tell it to me. “How did the mansions of Paradise come into being? The pillows in Paradise, the covers in Paradise? The cups in Paradise?” Let us give us the answers to these.

(About “covering” in the Qur’an)

There are also some brothers who claim that there is no scarf in the Qur’an. They say, “There is not such a word [referring to ‘scarf’], the verse refers to any kind of cover.” I also respect that person. According to my conviction however, it exists because I also consider the hadith as a basis. That is to say, this word exists because I also take the hadith into consideration, but it is important to respect people of every conviction. If they interpret the Qur’an in this way, I also respect it.

This will also apply to the system of Mahdi (as). There will be those ladies in scarves and without scarves as well as ladies in revealing clothes. They will be classy. When we say “Islam”,  extraordinarily classy people, very high  quality lives will come to mind.

(In response to the question, “Aren’t all the four books just books?”)

All the four books are just but it is only the Qur’an which was not distorted, that did not change. The others, in their unchanged forms, are also surely true. They were true when they were first sent. For instance, the Torah, in the form that it was sent, was true in its unchanged form. The Gospel is also just in its undistorted form. Can they ever be just in their distorted forms? Islam is contemporary in all ages. Islam is beyond “modernity”. A Muslim is the highest quality, wisest and classiest  person of the world. A Muslim is strong.

When “ladies” are in question, our brothers immediately want to cover their eyes and heads, withdraw them from social life, put veils over their faces and disallow them from talking and want to lock them in rooms. They also generate a different system for themselves; all these entail such a defeat. Otherwise, Muslims would right now reign the world and it would never end, Insha’Allah.

The purpose of these people is the following; first of all, they want to disallow Muslim ladies altogether from a social life. They say, “Let them remain in their homes.” What does this mean? For one thing, fully half of all Muslims are entirely rendered inactive. On the other hand, they push the other half into the depths of corruption and bigotry. Withdrawing them from arts and sciences, and all other aspects of life that can be active, they pave the way to irreligion and say to disbelievers, “We have opened our doors wide open; come and invade us”. We have removed the notions of the system of Mahdi and the coming of Prophet Jesus (as). We no longer speak of the Unity of Islam. A few who have become senile are already on duty right now. Consequently there no longer exists the notion of the Unity of Islam. We destroyed the thought of the Unity of Islam and ruined their enthusiasm and zeal. We made them stay in their homes and right now they consider themselves to be very pious. Each group regards itself to be very devout and among those who have been saved. Then they give [disbelievers] the sign to begin. They formed a system that would first do away with Iraq, and then Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.  We thwarted their plots. This time they brought Muslim hodjas into the game, and they attempted to impose Darwinism and materialism on the people. At this stage too we took their Darwin grandpa from their hands, creased him and threw it into their heads just like throwing something into a basket because their heads are empty.

(In response to the question, “Will Turkey annihilate Israel?”)

Turkey is a country that advocates peace, love, democracy and justice. It has no intention to destroy any country. Turkey always looks at the world positively. Let’s assume Syria; Turkey wants Syria to be good.

Allah creates every each bit of intelligence. There is no intelligence peculiar to anyone. Allah creates it second by second. That intelligence is presented to him in his destiny second by second. Otherwise there is not a fixed intelligence or wisdom, insha’Allah.

(In response to the question “My girlfriend whom I love does not love me”)

You first advocate the Turkish-Islamic Union and live by the morality of the Qur’an. “There is a girl I love.” You also love a melon. What is love for? You need to love for the good pleasure of Allah, and because she has fear of Allah. Why will that girl love you? Because she seeks the most of Allah’s approval. Do you have this attribute? No. Why will she love you, right? You must have the manifestations of Allah. If you say, “She must love me”, then you would make an idol out of yourself. This would simply be idolatry. She must love Allah’s manifestation in you for Allah’s good pleasure. She will look for fear of Allah, the moral perfection, profundity and wisdom. She will want you to serve Islam and the Qur’an,  but look at what you are deeply occupied with. You had to be after the Unity of Islam first and learn the Qur’an. You had to be among those who struggle for Islam. You must devote all your life to Islam and the Qur’an, and  when that young girl sees you, she will say, “He is such a devoted Muslim. Masha’Allah, how nicely does Allah manifest in him! He is like a light, let me love him.” But what do you say? “I love her flesh and bones.” Who creates that flesh and bones? Allah creates. Allah creates her [image] in your brain. Who do we praise? Allah. Are you aware of this? No. Then you need to open your mind.

(In response to the question “In which mosque does Mr. Oktar perform his Friday prayer?”)

Let me ask you then; what kind of activities do you make for the establishment of the Unity of Islam? How many times have you read the Qur’an? What kind of  service do you have? Have you distributed any books to anyone? Have you ever become instrumental in some having faith? In which mosque? For one thing, every house is a mosque. The home of every Muslim is a mosque. Allah made the entire world a mosque for Muslims. The concept you are speaking of is found in Christianity. Christians only worship Allah in the church. Our Prophet (saas) says that Allah made the entire world a mosque for Muslims, therefore the houses of Muslims are also mosques. One can go to his house and perform his Friday prayer at home with his brothers. One is assigned as an imam, and then they fulfill this act of worship.

They never mention the Unity of Islam. It is the most important obligation. I have become instrumental in millions of people having faith. Hundreds of millions of my books have been distributed all over the world. Hundreds of millions of my books have been downloaded from Internet. Not one or two; hundreds of millions. We have eradicated Darwinism and materialism from the face of the world. Alhamdulillah.

What can I say to you, when you do not understand that the house of a Muslim is his mosque?

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