Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 31 December 2011


A9 TV; December 31st , 2011

(In response to the e-mail message of an audience member who said, “Since you have   a program on religious issues, is it compatible to have music in this program?”)

In the new year night he dances, when Ramadan comes he withdraws to a corner and listens to mawlid in a sorrowful manner, he drinks raki (liquor) in a wedding, becomes drunk and lays flat. [According to their mindset] every environment demands its own style and manners. Look my friend, my brother; I am the same in every place. I am also joyful in a mosque, just as I am  in the home and while performing my acts of worship. I also rejoice while remembering Allah. I am the same everywhere. Insincerity is not acceptable for a Muslim. You will simply quit this. You naughty boys. They all of a sudden become  pious during Ramadan, but when Ramadan ends he celebrates the feast by drinking raki. These people have devised a  religion according to their own mindset and they comply with it. They also want us to abide by it. No; I will not comply by that religion that you have yourself devised.

In the past, a kind of mindset prevailed. According to that mindset Muslims must be introverted, they must be antisocial. They hate Freemasons, the communists, Christians, Jews and everyone else. They wear very simple clothes, go hungry and they are devastated. They withdraw from all aspects of life, do not ride in beautiful cars, do not talk to beautiful people, women do not wear beautiful clothes and they live a dog’s life.  Indeed they say, “The world is the hell of a Muslim and the paradise of an unbeliever.” This statement expounds this mindset. They say, “We need to live as if living in paradise.” This is not true. In the Qur’an, Allah says otherwise. We act in compliance with the Qur’an, not in compliance with superstitions. According to the Qur’an this world is ours, insha’Allah. We will live the best of everything with the most beautiful people in the best manner, insha’Allah.

When Islam prevails, I repeat again, we will see very nice ladies in burkas. They will  emanate light; They existed in the time of the Ottoman Empire and we will see them again. We will also see ladies in revealing clothes. Those who want will go to beaches and wear their bikinis for instance. This will be the kind of environment and it will not be as what they depict in their minds. Every kind of music will be played in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Both heavens and earth will listen to them. Indeed you will say, “It is as if I have never listened to music  so far.” Notice my words. You will also say, “We have not eaten a meal so far; we simply ate something similar to it.” and you will say, “We haven’t  worn any clothes up until now.” Just believe in this, insha’Allah.

They will love those ladies without scarves. If they do not love them, then the ladies without scarves will also not love those with scarves. When they  have hate and rage against the ladies without scarves, then they feel rage and hate towards ladies in burqas and scarves. As a result, the nation disintegrates; look at the universities, students can not enter the universities. They have come to a point of not being able to enter the universities  and government offices. This has happened as a result of such rage. A handful of bigots have turned the place upside down. The fact is however, if our brothers showed the same love, compassion and respect to all of them, then there would be no problem. Let’s assume that you want people to vote for The Felicity Party. You want the votes of the ladies in scarves. You also want the votes of ladies without scarves. If that is the case, then you need to respect the ladies without scarves. You need to love them. You will hate those ladies without scarves, bring forth a system that will oppress them and then they will come and vote for you? Is that it? They would not vote for you. If you say that you will crush their heads and take away their freedom, they would not vote for you. That is why our Erbakan Master followed a policy that embraced everyone. He used to love everyone. He had profound love and respect for those ladies with scarves and without scarves.

In brief the bigots must know this very well. If you do not feel respect for ladies without scarves,  the Unity of Islam will not be possible. You need to understand this. The Unity of Islam is unlikely to happen with the rage felt against Christians and Jews. The Unity of Islam is a system that embraces everyone, loves everyone. If you say, “I am bigot; I will act in compliance with my own mindset and I do not allow anyone to live as he wishes,” then they will also not allow you to live as you wish, Allah forbid. You will be severely oppressed.Do not act unwisely. Consider this advice as important, Insha’Allah.

Some people try to portrait Muslims as poor, wretched unkempt  losers who suffer from an inferiority complex. No. Muslims are the most intelligent, the most capable people. They embrace everyone, the Jews, Freemasons and the Christians. By the will of Allah, they are the beings who  have the power to influence every section of the society, and to bring about the Unity of Islam.  They are beings with light; they are spiritual beings, insha’Allah. 

2012-01-13 11:37:51

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