Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 10 December 2011


A9 TV; 10 December 2011

Surah Hud

102- Such is the iron grip of your Lord when He seizes the cities which do wrong. His grip is painful, violent.

“…which do wrong…“(which mistreat Muslims, which cheat and harbor prostitution and set traps and seek to damage the interests of Muslims) “…when He seizes them…” (When He punishes them), “His grip is painful, violent.”

Allah says this as a warning to idolaters and hypocrites. “His grip is painful, violent,”He says.

105- On the Day it [the Day of reckoning] comes, no self will speak except by His permission. Some of them will be wretched and others glad.

no self will speak except by His permission.”In other words, they can speak if Allah gives His permission. Here anyone says what he wants. But Almighty Allah says that is not acceptable there.

Surat ar-Rum

42- Say: ‘Travel about the earth and see the final fate of those before. Most of them were idolaters.’

"Travel about the earth…” How do we travel about now? Via the internet or the TV remote control, we surf here and there. That is also a form of travel. Or we do research on the internet. That is also travel. That also comes under the verse. Because you press the key and go to another country or switch to another channel. “…of those before,” it may be an hour before, or a week, or a month or 10 minutes. “…see their final fate…” How Allah punished, humiliated, belittled them and exposed their baseness and filth and lack of character. Allah says He does this to show His power. “Most of them were idolaters.What does idolaters mean? They go along with nonsense, not with Allah’s commands. They have idols. They take this or that as their idols and follow them. You tell them to obey the Qur’an and they say they prefer their idols. “…see their final fate…” says Allah.

43- So set your face firmly towards the True Religion, before a Day comes from Allah which cannot be turned back. On that Day they will be split up.

The day before Allah takes action, “set your face firmly towards the True Religion.” What religion is the true religion? Islam. And what is Islam? The Qur’an. “On that Day they will be split up,”

says Allah. They will be fragmented. Unbelievers and hypocrites and idolaters.

44- Those who were unbelievers will find that their unbelief was against themselves. Those who did right were making the way easy for themselves [a place in paradise];

Those who were unbelievers will find that their unbelief was against themselves.” They inflict trouble on themselves. They collapse physically and mentally. They collapse as whole countries. Then the economic crisis blows up. They are ruined. “Those who did right were making the way easy for themselves.”Those who did right prepared their own places in paradise, Allah says. Every good deed, every virtuous action and all the merit they earn prepare them a place in paradise, He says. For example, as merit comes in their own couches in paradise are prepared, the women of paradise and the foods of paradise. “Those who did right were making the way easy for themselves [a place in paradise]”

45- so that He can repay with His bounty those who believed and did right actions. He certainly does not love the unbelievers.

So they can be rewarded for their good deeds, He says. “He certainly does not love the unbelievers,” says Allah. Does He do when He does not love them? He crushes them. Does Allah love hypocrites? No. He hates them. He crushes them, too. The hatred of Almighty Allah is not at all like our hatred, of course.

47- Before you We sent other Messengers to their people, and they too brought them the Clear Signs. We took revenge on those who did evil; and it is Our duty to help the believers.

Before you We sent other Messengers to their people,in other words, mahdis and guides and prophets. “…and they too brought them the Clear Signs.Clear signs. They bring the statements by the prophets and the statements in the Qur’an. They prove these and discuss them. “We took revenge on those who did evil;” those who persist in doing wrong, despite being told the truth. Allah says He took vengeance on them for persisting even after the truth had been revealed. Because of their immorality. and it is Our duty to help the believers.” In other words, the Mahdi and his followers. Those who follow the Mahdi. The Turkish nation and the Islamic world, insha’Allah.

51- But if We send a wind, and they see it turning yellow, still they persist after that in being unbeliever.

They see their harvest turning yellow. But instead of giving thanks to Allah, they are ungrateful and immoral. For example, Allah bestows blessings and produces the signs of the End Times. Allah works miracles and marvels. But people ignore them and are ungrateful.

52- You will not make dead men hear; you will not make deaf men hear the call, when they turn their backs in flight.

You will not make dead men hear.” Allah says they are dead. Their brains and souls are dead. They have unbelieving and hypocrite minds. They have lost their senses and gone crazy. We refer to them as “dead.” Allah says they are dead. “you will not make deaf men hear the call, when they turn their backs in flight.”No matter how much you talk to unbelievers, they will still turn back to the filth of their unbelief. They will follow along after idolatry like hogs. They will follow along in the same way a herd of pigs follows its leader. They will eat filth, like pigs do. Pigs have their piglets and go and eat filth. They eat their filth all together. There is no point in telling them it is filth. They are used to it. It does not smell filthy to them. So they carry on making filth. Do not ascribe equals to Allah, you say, but they keep on doing it. You tell them not to be hypocrites, but they keep right on doing that, too.

53- You will not guide blind men from their misguidance. You will not make anyone hear except for those who believe in Our Signs and so are Muslims.

from their misguidance…” What does misguidance mean? To have deviated into ascribing equals to Allah. “You will not guide blind men...” Allah says that you can talk all you like, but they will not be led to the truth. Allah does not permit it. “You will not make anyone hear except for those who believe in Our Signs...” In other words, you can only make the followers of the Qur’an hear, those who respect the Qur’an and obey it. “…and so are Muslims.” Allah says that only those who heed the Qur’an are Muslims. If they follow the Qur’an, they “so are Muslims.” But if they do not heed the Qur’an, they are not Muslims, Allah says.

A woman must fear Allah in order to be beautiful. She cannot be beautiful if she does not fear Allah. And of course one does not fear Allah simply in order to be beautiful. One is beautiful through fearing Allah. One must burn with love of Allah. One must have a fervent love, in other words. One must fear and love Allah. One must be cultured, not ignorant. One must be well brought up, not badly. One must be virtuous, and chaste, and have the soul of an artist and be filled with passion. Only then can one be beautiful. You get men like blocks of stone. There is a beautiful woman in front of such a man. What happens to him? He becomes a block of stone. Allah provides a beautiful person. There is a verse about it, “Corrupt women are for corrupt men and corrupt men are for corrupt women, Good women are for good men and good men are for good women.” He says. The verse is explicit. That is why Allah keeps believers among immaculate people. Look, the people around me never swear or say anything bad or make digs at others or use a foolish or unbalanced language. They all use a rational, control, balanced and excellent way of speaking that constantly remembers Allah. Empty words are horribly tiresome. False words, showing off, putting on airs, false gestures and expressions. You never see those here, masha’Allah. 

But when a person loves and fears Allah he knows he will be recompensed for all he does. Down to the finest detail. One cannot be cruel or despotic then. So what are you? You are trustworthy. Cruelty and despotism lead only to troubles. How can someone who fears Allah be like that? He cannot. One must give account to Allah. So a person is reasonable and moderate, with no feelings or hatred or vengeance. That is great! A person has no aggression and chooses his words with care. He has no complexes. Fear of Allah bestows the comfort of love. Fear of Allah is the start of wisdom. Everything is finished without love of Allah. Some people say, “How can fear Allah? One must love Him.” But then what happens? You see what happens then. Of course we love Allah with a great passion. But we also strongly fear Him. Our fear of Allah makes us very moderate and well-balanced. We become very considerate. Because a Muslim knows that he is always being watched by Allah. He knows he is being watched at every moment. He knows that Allah listens to his every word. He knows that he experiences what is in his destiny. He knows he could go to hell at any moment. How can such a person do wrong? By Allah’s leave, his every action will be perfect. His every word has to be perfect. He cannot let himself go. Not in any negative way. He can relax in positive ways, relax his heart. Then what comes of that? Chastity. Chastity sets limits. And limits give rise to beauty. For example, if a person’s nose were without limits, it would be very large and his beauty would be impaired. That person is attractive because of limits. One’s attractiveness would be impaired if one’s eyes were a little smaller or larger. They have to be just right. There is a limit. Imagine a perfectly pleasant room, but one of the walls is a kilometer away. It is no longer a room, but a street. It has to have reasonable dimensions in order to qualify as a room. It has to have a reasonable appearance, Chastity is the same. If one is uncontrolled, if one enters into relations with whomsoever one likes, then it has no meaning and that finishes one as a person, It paralyzes the soul. Allah says one can only have lawful relations. There is a limit. And when there is a limit Allah bestows power and strength. A strength and beauty develop. A power to affect others. That is the result of fear of Allah and chastity

Someone may say, may Allah forbid, “If only there were no such thing as chastity.” Then you would have no happiness, you fool! You would die, cease to exist, be totally hollow. Life would be meaningless. Allah bestows chastity as a blessing. A very great blessing. You see all those women devoid of any character. People scatter when they see them coming! “Heaven knows what scandal she will be signing up to next!” They say that and cross over to the other side of the street. Because she can commit any kind of base or ignoble act. Her soul is just like hell. That is why they are also so aggressive. Because they are not at ease. There is a fire constantly burning within them. They shout and swear and behave badly, they insult people and gossip about them. Because they are suffering inside. But the believer has surrendered to Allah and his heart is easy. He always seeks what is good. He wants to do good. The more good he does, the more at ease he is. He gives alms, and that relaxes him. He helps a poor man, helps someone out of a difficult situation. That eases his heart. A pleasant word eases his heart. He forgives and finds ease. He avoids enmity and finds ease. What does the Mahdi do? He does away with armaments. All weapons. And what happens? Heart find ease. Because weapons make people tense. But with no more guns or bombs or tanks… There is a custom in Anatolia. When one gives someone a knife one does so with the back of the hand. They are very careful even around knives. Even a breadknife frightens people. They become tense around them. They would rather not have to have them in their homes. But they have to use them. But knives are sources of unease. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) eliminates everything that can make people tense. If the tip is also blunt that is acceptable. Otherwise, not. The other way it imparts a sense of confidence. In the same way that a plant starts to grow in warm, fertile soil. The cells really open up there. They rejoice and flourish. A person’s mind opens up. Wisdom starts to emerge then. Love starts pouring from the eyes. The fountains of the eyes are turned off in women. But when they see passion and faith they are turned on. And love starts to flow from them. Love starts pouring from her voice. A woman’s voice is also kept under lock and key. There is a screen in front of it. But Allah then lifts that screen. In the presence of trust and faith her vice also becomes filled with love. Her flesh and everything becomes filled with passion. That only applies to believers. But when a believer sees unbelief, or a woman sees it she is disgusted, as if she saw sewage or filth. All her cells and entire body contract and are repelled. A woman with faith is automatically placed under lock by Allah. By chastity. When she sees unbelief or immorality her body immediately goes into lockdown. The only thing left turned on is a feeling of disgust. Feelings of disgust, repulsion and danger come to the body. She can feel nothing else. She goes into lockdown.

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