Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 22 December 2011

A9 TV; 22 December 2011

They go on the television and argue about three prayers a day, or five. If you say you just need to pray once do you think that person will do so? That person has denied Allah. If he believed in Allah he would pray 10 times a day if you told him to. He would pray 20 times if you told him and if he believed in Allah. But if he does not believe, you can lower the umber all you like, he still will not pray. Therefore, the essential thing in the End Times is to talk about the signs leading to faith. That is the most important issue. I am locked onto and concentrate on that alone.

I never move on to other subjects. Because there is a great danger in the world, that of Darwinism, materialism, atheism and lack of belief in Allah. Even people we look on as scholars and teachers resort to cheating and deceive the nation. What lies at the root of that? Weak belief in Allah, weakness of faith. You look and the man is a real scholar, incredibly knowledgeable. He knows the Qur’an off by heart. But he has no faith. Our Prophet (pbuh) says; “In the End Times, faith will be like a hot cinder, flame in people’s hands. If it remains in their hands it will burn them, but if they let it go they will lose their faith.” In other words, he says it will be very difficult to have faith in the End Times. Because disbelief and denial appear in a guise of philosophy and science.

(On the martyrdom of a Turkish soldier following an attack by the PKK on the Hakkari Yüksekova, Dağlıca road)

Allah’s mercy on our beloved martyr. He has gone to join our other martyrs. Insha’Allah, we will also be martyred. It is no problem. We will give up hundreds, thousands of such martyrs. We will produce at least 25 million soldiers. No problem. The important thing is that we will not give up one iota of land. They engage in such actions because their pride has been hurt. They may be even more active in these days. Because they have no committed such grave attacks for some time. They imagine they are losing prestige. I think that is why they are behaving so treacherously now. But rather than sitting back and watching events, we must strive with all our might for Turkish-Islamic Union. The matter will come to a complete end once we have Turkish-Islamic Union. That is Allah’s greatest obligation on us; Islamic Union. We will continue to suffer pain until we have Islamic Union. These jackals will be scattered like dust once we have Islamic Union. In that event you will hear not one word about the supposed glory of the PKK [terror organization]. But just a little bit of pride, despair and heedlessness are preventing this union coming about.

For example, we can easily unite with Israel. And Armenia. What would be the harm? It would be very, very beneficial for us. The whole region will be free. War and conflict will end. Excellent hospitals, schools and universities will be set up everywhere. Everyone will have a delightful and fun time. Allah’s abundance will be on us all. Look, Israel has been suffering for the last 3000 years. This is the first time it will be at ease. Armenia is a tiny little country squeezed into a corner there. Its buildings are horrible and its economy has fallen apart. The people are in poverty and wretched. Our Armenian brothers are in a terrible state. But they will then enjoy a great abundance. Azerbaijan is in a state of tension. The borders need to be opened up. But these things cannot happen without Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), without Islamic Union. Islamic Union is an obligation. We must talk about that obligation day and night with supporting verses. They say, “This is not in the hadiths.” But it is. “Then it is not in the verses.” But it is also in the verses. It is in verses and in hadiths. That is what is required by reason, logic and good conscience. The only problem is that satan puts a little despair and fear in people’s hearts. That is all. It will be easy once people overcome that. It is so easy to establish Islamic Union in the whole region; it can be done in a week. A week at most. Leading figures from Israel, Turkey and the Islamic world must come together. Rational people. But no crazies. People who can speak rationally and listen sensibly must come together and choose a leader. Who will that chosen leader be? Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). But if they say, “No, we refuse to go along,” then there will be nothing but suffering. They will live in fear. Allah tells Israel in the Torah that He will cause it to live in fear. “I will send a scream of torture upon you. You will either do this or this will happen,” says Allah. One or the other. Take the Arab countries, Syria for example. The bloodshed in Syria is a sign of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Our Prophet (pbuh) says quite explicitly in the hadiths that there will be disorder in Damascus before the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). That is a well-known fact. Everyone knows it.

(Mr. Adnan Oktar’s discussions of paradise)

In paradise, insha’Allah, Almighty Allah will have us listen to the originals of sounds. Allah allows us to listen to pale representations in this world, just so we can understand. But everything will be different in paradise, by Allah’s leave. Paradise is a place of music, conversation and discourse. There is fun every day, insha’Allah. For all time. Here there is intense training. Because if one went to paradise without training first, one would stand with one’s mouth open in the face of music or the trees of paradise, and the mansions of paradise would mean nothing. One would wander round stupidly in the gardens of paradise. But it would all mean nothing if one has a unbelief mindset. But if one burns with love of Allah here, one will be overwhelmed by the music of paradise. Or by a lovely scent, or by attractive people. One will be overwhelmed when one sees the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). That is a characteristic of paradise.

The training must be intense. One must be tested by troubles, sickness, death, woes, pains and deficiencies. That is the only way of gaining understanding. Almighty Allah says that human beings are created weak. But troubles and woes give one understanding and enable one to think deeply. Otherwise one cannot be opened up. Indeed, the angels say “Why put on it one who will cause corruption on it and shed blood” Almighty Allah replies, “‘I know what you do not know.Human beings are superior to angels, because they undergo this training.

But Bediuzzaman says “do not seek to remain too long, for the angels will detest you.” He is speaking of the world of the hereafter. In other words, “when you realize that Allah wants you, do not resist in order to remain here longer.” “Because that will make you detestable,” he says. Because they will find here much more unpleasant compared to paradise. We love it for Allah’s approval, because we are believers. The angels see very clearly. But Bediuzzaman says “when people’s duties are done and they are called, the angels will detest them if they seek to remain here longer.” I mean, how can one wish to stay here when one has the opportunity of going to paradise? You need to look at the evidence. You can see what this world is like. “It would be ugly to still seek to cling on here,” says Bediüzzaman. Insha’Allah, when a Muslim’s work is done and he is called, he will go with joy and love. He will not say, “I insist on remaining here.” We ask Allah for a good, long life, but that is in order to properly put unbelief down and eliminate Darwinism and materialism. We ask for it in order to earn more merit. Not because this world is worth remaining in for its own sake. What is there in this world? Nothing at all. Everything is half-formed and deficient here. But in paradise, everything is perfect. People are perfectly good-natured, for one thing. Here, people are always in trouble. Here, someone talks to his mother or father and they start fighting. He talks with his teacher or friend and they start fighting. They fall out and become angry and troubled. But there is none of that in paradise. Only pleasant words. Nothing else. Allah gives a guarantee in verses. He says that He takes away whatever is to do with anger in people’s hearts. They are unable to feel anger. There is no anger in their souls. There is no fear, either. And no anger. The believer sees that Allah has settled them in paradise, a place of peace, and they experience such joy and peace from that, such spiritual well-being, that all things delight them. They love the leaves in paradise, and the animals, and they chase around after the cute little kids. They catch them and caress them. And the concubines are exceedingly lovely.

Someone wrote a piece criticizing paradise. He says, “the blessings of paradise can only be described to men.” Almighty Allah uses a very gentle form of language in the Qur’an. Allah knows how punctilious we are regarding our women. That is how He creates us. Allah uses a form of language such that we can understand. He says that if a woman has a husband she will see him in the form of a thousand men. Her own husband. The soul is the same, but he will assume many different physical forms. Dark-haired or blond, or looking like different people entirely. But her own husband. What is this? That is the answer to the lady’s question. It is the gentleness of Allah in the Qur’an. He manifests her spouse in a thousand different forms, but with honor and chastity. Is that not what she wants? And that is what Allah gives her. What does a man want? He also wants to see his wife in different physical forms. She also assumes different bodily forms, and may be brunette or blonde or all kinds of other physical forms. With all kinds of different voices. But the soul remains one and the same. Is that not complete justice?

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