Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 8 January 2012

A9 TV; 8 January 2012


There are not all that many devout people in Israel. They have literally become rabid in their quest to eliminate the Jews from there. But there are a handful of believers. Dominion is in the hands of people with little or nothing to do with religion. The lady is of course well-intentioned, but her language and behavior are far removed from religion. She says that Turkey and Israel have fallen out. That is a curse that comes from not following the way of the Mahdi, of the Messiah. They have been struck by that curse and are suffering from it, and that will worsen still further. That curse will expand. Until they follow the Mahdi, the King Messiah. They cannot take a step outside Israel. They all say they are hated when they talk to me. They say nobody in the world likes them. What kind of life is that? How can you live like that? Everyone wants to throw them out. Go where you like, but go, they say. And countries say they do not want them to go to them.

America says, “We do not want them.” The Spanish say, “We do not want them.” Many people in Turkey say they do not want them, either. So where are they to go. Egypt does not want them. Iran does not want them. “Stones and trees will give you away, and we will kill you,” they say. They are therefore at a total loss what to do. They fail to see that this stems from not following Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), the King Messiah. I am trying to make them see. And they will understand, no matter how much they pretend not to.

(About a report that “Children are to be protected against their families.”)

They are slowly coming round to what I am saying. “The family is sacred. Mothers and fathers are sacred, do not touch them,” [they say]. A father tries to rape his daughter, and people say, “My dear, your father is sacred, you must not say such things out loud, these things must be kept secret.” Look at that mentality! Then they say: “You are making false accusations. You must provide four witnesses to back you up!” So her father is going to drink himself crazy and then attempt to rape his daughter. And while he is doing that, she has to call the neighbors and open the door to four witnesses to prove her case. “Look what he is doing!” “Only then can you say anything,” they say. What a mentality! It is obviously out of the question. Sharia law or Turkish Republic law, depending on which suits them at the time. That is what these people are like.

There are various definite types of people. That lady who just called from Israel, for instance, is I think well-intentioned. But they have turned her off religion. She does not know that religion means true freedom and joy, and gives meaning to life. And so a chill has set in. A lack of joy. They do not realize that is what it stems from. Society days, “economic problems are the reason it is like this.” The man earns a ton of money but then commits suicide. He abandons himself to drugs and alcohol. He is not happy. But religion makes people happy. Islam makes them happy. Do you know why? In creating us, our Creator, Allah, has also sent the world a prospectus of how we should use this world and ourselves. And that is the Qur’an. How the world is to be used. If we do not use it as Allah describes, then the system goes wrong. It starts harming us.  Because in creating the world, He also creates our compatibility with it accordingly. The air, for example, how much oxygen do we need? What do our cells need? How much protein do we need? The level of carbohydrates. Allah determines them all. Allah has also described what our souls need and how we must behave, the damage that will result if we do not do so and how the system will begin harming us. Like someone buying an electrical device and plugging it in without reading the instructions, so it burns out. That is how it is with people. If the system is not used and adjusted properly, it will harm the world and itself. Allah, Who has thought of all this detail, also tells us in writing how we are to behave. He also writes it in animals’ brains. He does not use a book to show a cat how to behave; He does not give it a book saying, “look after your young, protect them, watch out for them, bring them food and defend them against strangers.” That is written down inside them. Allah inspires their hearts. He does not write a book telling each one how to be disciplined, how to be clean, how to go and collect clean food or how to collect pollen from honey and make honey. Allah just says, “I inspire it.” He inspires that cat with how to lick and groom its kittens and how to groom itself. The cat grooms itself all day long. It cleans itself everywhere. The kitten knows this, too. But this is inspired in them. People do not know this. A human baby does not know what to do. Human beings do not know what jealousy is, the importance of being unselfish, or what envy is. Allah sends them a prophet to teach them. Allah reveals things to the prophet, and we act according to the information given him. When we do not act on, the result is pain and suffering.

It is foolish to talk against the Friday prayer. Illogical and empty.  What a great thing for Muslims to come together on Friday so the mosques are full to overflowing. Muslims pray to their hearts’ content. It is wrong and pointless to sit and say that things were like this or that.

There is no need for our brothers to be uneasy about the Friday prayer. It is a fully established observance. Do not talk about such things as if there were a problem. There is no problem. The Friday prayers are always completely full. Someone may say many things about the Friday prayer. Or even that there is no such thing. Will you agree with that? Why sit around and bother with such things? There is no reason to bring such things up. People then imagine there is something to it. And that is unacceptable, insha’Allah.

One of our brothers thought the life of paradise will take place under the ground. Please! What has that got to do with being under the ground? We are in one dimension, and paradise in another clearer and sharper one. The curtain before us suddenly lifts and you move across. That is what happens. You suddenly depart. If you notice, this world is like a dream. They see us in another way. Bediuzzaman says, “the curtain has lifted and the image has gone.” “The curtain.” This is noted in two places in the Qur’an. It refers to people falling over their feet when they die, because the feeling of two separate feet disappears. In other words, people cannot control their feet. They become one single whole. Their feet go because they assume spirit form. This is noted in two places in the Qur’an. And it speaks of “When it [the last breath] reaches the gullet..” Then a person suddenly passes to a second dimension. There is no return after that. When one passes from the third dimension to the fourth, one can never return to the third. It is sometimes possible, by Almighty Allah’s leave, to see the third dimension from the fourth. Think of it like this. There is a two-dimensional painting, or a panel or mirror. Mirrors are two-dimensional. We see an image of any living thing, or ourselves or the person next to us, don’t we? Imagine it is alive. But it can live inside the mirror. It lives as if it were three-dimensional. How do we see it from the fourth dimension? We can see it from the outside, but it cannot see us. We can see it from outside the mirror. It is as if we are in the fourth dimension. Death is like that. One passes from the third dimension to the fourth. We cannot see it again, unless Allah wishes otherwise.

 (A clarification of various hadiths about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh))

Our Prophet (pbuh) says that “Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is Arab in coloring. His body is Israeli.” Like the people of Israel, because he is descended from the Prophet Jacob (pbuh). He is from the line of the prophet David (pbuh) and bears the features of that line. “There is a mole like a shining star on his cheek. The dwellers on the Earth and in the sky will be content with his caliphate, and even the birds in the air,” he says.” In other words, with his spiritual leadership.

The hadith I cited recently is very important. “When Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears, he will have a turban on his head, a herald.” If you add the word “and” it changes the meaning entirely. “He will cry out, ‘This is the Mahdi, the caliph of Allah. Follow him’.” That refers to Sheikh Nazım hodja and Sheikh Ahmet Yasin hodja. That is clear, clear, clear.

“The earth will be filled with security, and even just a few women will easily be able to go on the hajj with no man accompanying them.” Let the extremists hear that. What does it mean? They will be able to go everywhere. With no need for a man or anyone to protect them. But when? When Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears. How will things be prior to the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh?). People to protect them will be essential.

“The kings of Damascus and Egypt will be slain before Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).” There is disorder in Damascus and Egypt at the moment. Kings and governors. Our Prophet (pbuh) says there will be disorder in Damascus and Egypt; we can see from the hadith that there will be trouble in Egypt and Syria. It is quite explicit. There is disorder in both places right now.

(In response to a viewer who says, “I like your program, but I do not see the point of the music.”)

You would make this a hell on earth, but I will not permit it. You are trying to tear Islam down, whereas I am trying to bring life to it. What insincere people these are. Music is a wonderful thing, a great blessing created by Allah. These brothers are against all beautiful things. Wherever there is something beautiful, they want to destroy it.

(Regarding a mail from a viewer saying, “The glass you drink from resembles a goblet.”)

Allah speaks of goblets in the Qur’an, the goblets of paradise. Allah likes goblets. You may hate them, but Allah likes them. You really must abandon this hatred of art and beauty.

(In response to the question “Drinking wine should not be a sin when listening to a concert. What do you think?”)

Wine is harmful, raki is harmful, that is why Allah forbids them. Almighty Allah says, “Do not drink them.” Because alcohol makes people hostile to one another, may Allah forbid. They always fight when they are drunk. Most murders are committed during drunkenness. They always end up fighting in front of bars, if you notice. They beat each other to a pulp, drunk as lords, with no sense in their heads. The drink and drive and have traffic accidents. What need is there for such tragedies?

(In response to a view who says, “One does not have to look at sinful things to see a fine manifestation of Allah.”)

Allah tells us what is sinful. Would any young man look lustfully at his sister when she walks round in her underclothes at home? Could a brother lust after his sister? May Allah forbid. She may be utterly lovely, his sister, but such a thing would never enter his mind. Why? Because of faith. Why? Because it is a sin. So what about a lady outside? That is also unlawful. They are both unlawful. The one is the same as the other. Obviously. But if he claims that he is unable to control himself and engaged in an illicit relation with his sister, incest, perversion, then he is in any case immoral. He can only be restrained by laws, insha’Allah. But a young man who sees his sister in her underwear would never think of such a thing. Nor her father. The same goes for someone else’s daughter. They are both unlawful, insha’Allah.

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