Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 16 January 2011

A9 TV; December 16th, 2011

I am amazed. What would be the first issue upon which a Muslim dwells? He would say, “Everyone must convert to Islam.” He would first become preoccupied with the Unity of Islam. The Unity of Islam has not still been established, but they attempt to take care of the minor details. First establish the Unity of Islam, then all the scholars would come together. Handling the details would not take more than a night. It takes only a few hours if you are sincere, if you want to be good. They sit and mess around with superstitions at such a time. Establish the Unity of Islam. Then, all the scholars would already come together. They would converse, settle all matters in the best manner under the leadership of Hazrat Mahdi (as). Everything would be concluded very easily. They fabricate many details in many issues and thus lose time. Some of them say, “I will count my beads till morning.” Some of them say, “Let’s make a war over superstitions. Is your superstition right or mine?” Almighty Allah wants us to learn the Qur’an and live by it. If it were the case, our Prophet (saas) would count beads till mornings. And so would his Companions. But day and night, they struggled for the Unity of Islam. Counting beads serves their purpose; it is easy, has no risks, no difficulty. He finds a proper place in his warm house, covers himself with his blanket, with his beads in his hand. When asked, “What do you do?” He answers, “I serve my beads. I do what no one else does.” What is the actual thing that no one does? Making effort for the Unity of Islam. They even do not utter it. They cannot say, “I want the Unity of Islam.” They say, “Now and then.” Upon this we feel amazed and say, “Masha’Allah, he expressed his wish for the Unity of Islam.”

(About the distribution of 23 thousand Harun Yahya books to all prisons)

Insha'Allah, it becomes a means of healing for everyone in prisons. They become instrumental ,Insha'Allah. Insha'Allah, Allah inspires relief in their hearts. If they have faith and awe of Allah, and are sincere, how nice it is! Every day of imprisonment  turns out to be rewards for them. They receive a thousand times of a normal person’s rewards. If they believe sincerely and surrender themselves to Allah, Insha'Allah, it becomes very beautiful. May Allah bless them, may Allah increase its impact, masha’Allah. It is very nice.

The existence of the soul is not known right now. There is not something that is ascertained. Something like an electric-current; in the form of a nullity; a power created by Allah. The soul both sees the color and the bright light. For instance, right now we are seeing . Everyone watches me on the screen. I am in the brain of everyone. Now what would we call such a system? What would a normal, wise person say? The images flow continuously like a video film from a channel. There is a constant flow. It comes from one place and goes to another place; it flows. There is a flow of images. A great power has created this. The images come in a ready form. What would I say now? What can be said? What would a person of sound mind say? We say “A great power created.” When we look at the Qur’an, we see that the name of this great power is Allah. We say Allah created.

There is a great labor in the way we are created. That is to say, Allah has no need for labor but there is great endeavor in it. From photons to atoms, to chromosomes. There is no end to them. There is tremendous labor. There are the computers, cups, books, the Qur’an, letters, billions of bytes of information within computers. What would I say now to them? It is understood that it is created for a purpose because I have not seen anything  but purposeless in this world. Apart from that, there is human being. When I say, “A human being is without cause”, a tremendous idiocy occurs. They all have a cause. Even the eyes, nose, teeth, hair, everything peculiar to a human being has a cause. Liver, spleen, heart, heart valves, the system within the liver, the systems of the enzyme, they all have a purpose; human beings also have a purpose. We learn the purpose of the human being from the Qur’an. When we also look at the Qur’an, we see that the religion must dominate the world.

There is a single Muslim community that is addressed in the Qur’an.  Only one; there is nothing like communities, sects, orders. There is a single ummah. There is only a Muslim ummah, that is it. Allah only addresses them. And in the verse, Allah expounds the Unity of Islam in various forms. Allah says that establishing the Unity of Islam is obligatory. The greatest obligation. We look and see that they severely avoid  expressing this important, great obligation. They need to only “express” it. There is also no need to make any effort. Even if he does not make effort, he needs to express it. In fact, there is the need to make effort, but even if he does not, he can say it. He can say, “I want the Unity of Islam.” He can express it at least once a day. Many people engage in vain talk all day. He needs to only say it once. He will just say, “I want the Unity of Islam.” Notice that, “I want the Unity of Islam.”  Six words. But they do not consider it to be necessary. When it is the case, they  neither want Hazrat Mahdi (as) nor Prophet Jesus (as). Does it ever stop when they do not want it? In no way.

The best present is a book or a flower; a flower in a pot.

(In response to an audience member who said, “I am against sculpture”)

Why were there sculptures in the time of Prophet Solomon (as). Why would there not not be? Insha'Allah.

(In response to the question, “Why do our sisters laugh?”)

Now this would also be wrong. These are young girls, of course they will laugh, they will  be full of joy. Do you want a society that does not laugh? A joyless society? Would not be there any joy? Would not joy prevail in the soul of a Muslim? Wouldn’t be there any laughing? Wouldn’t there be any music? There will surely be. There is an error there. You are wrong there. They need to laugh, the must be full of joy. Their joy is very beautiful. This is how it will be. This will also be the case when Islam prevails. We will hear the joyful laughter of young girls and the merry outcries of kids. We will hear grandmas’, grandfathers’ happy laughter. We will not see the blood and pus of atheists, the irreligious, communists. We will also not see them shedding blood. This is the normal life. We will live very normally and beautifully, insha’Allah. A young girl will surely be full of joy. She will feel exuberance in her soul. Just as how I am joyful and at ease, so are they. I laugh as I wish and they will also laugh as they want. There is no difference between a man and a woman. They are both free and the same. Is it acceptable to say that everything is banned for women while men can enjoy an unbounded freedom? Men will be free as much as they can be and women will be banned from anything that may come to one’s mind? That is unacceptable. What is lawful and unlawful are important. They are written in the Qur’an. A Muslim pays attention to it. Other than that they are as free as birds.

The Unity of Islam and the system of Mahdi are the essence of Islam. If they do not advocate the Unity of Islam but simply say, “I advocate Islam”, this would not be acceptable. This means that you do not embrace the entire Qur’an. The Unity of Islam pervades the entire Qur’an; in every part of it. There is no page of the Qur’an in which there exists no reference to the Unity of Islam. For this reason we dwell on the most urgent issue; the Unity of Islam. The existence of Allah, the Oneness of Allah, the signs leading to faith and the Unity of Islam. The Unity of Islam and thus the system of Mahdi and the descent of Prophet Jesus (as).

Ignorance is something very bad; lack of manners, ignorance, unawareness, lack of education. This is a very bad thing. There are also ideas that we oppose, but there is a proper manner, a proper style of expressing everything.

When fruit was served, Bediuzzaman did not eat them immediately but watched beforehand. He watched them for a long time and then served them to his students. Also after the meals, each one of his students had a right to a cookie. He served cookies to everyone. He had a box for cookies from which he served. He did not take money from anyone, being a veteran, he had his retirement pension. But he lived under very difficult circumstances, his clothes were patched all over.

Our Prophet (saas) is sure of his faith; he does not commit adultery. For instance our Prophet (saas) sleeps in a lady’s home. Notice that the lady is single at home. There is no one at home. Our Prophet (saas) goes and sleeps in that house. But why? He is a Prophet. He is a reliable man. He has a profound faith. What does this mean? If he is of sound mind, of good conscience, and has faith in Allah, then it is OK. But if he is insane, has weak faith and has no fear of Allah, even his own daughter is under threat.  A corrupt man causes harm to everyone.

A Muslim means the world’s most lively, most joyful, most beautiful, happiest, most quality, the prettiest, the most perfect person.

Bediuzzaman appeared in a time when bigots were most rampant. Then Bediuzzaman had no one. He used to tie up the ties of his students himself. The bigots said: “You will be held from those ties and thrown into hell.” They said that it is a sign of being irreligious. Bediuzzaman tried hard to convince them. Bediuzzaman cut his beard. He was accused of being irreligious, and being an opponent of Ahl al-Sunnah. They insulted him. Bediuzzaman says that there was a hodja in Istanbul, a rampant bigot, who committed every kind of  insolence against him. He committed persecution. Bediuzzaman said that he was serving in the way of Allah, and asked if it was wise to mess around with him? The bigots of the time attacked Bediuzzaman like wild dogs. They wanted Bediuzzaman to be like them. When he did not act like bigots, they became wild. What was Bediuzzaman’s  offense? He cut his beard. He made his students wear ties, interpreted the hadith in their true forms, as it is in the time of the End Times. That is why they went crazy.

Do you know what is one of the most important service of Bediuzzaman? He taught one  issue to bigots without making them even realize; he said, “I am a student of the Qur’an.” For a bigot, this is, may Allah forbid,  an insult. He says, “I had so many books with me but I left all of them; only the Qur’an sufficed for me.” He could only say that. He said, “Those who avoided great sins and fulfilled the fardh (obligations) in the End Times attain salvation.” That is to say, “You attain salvation if you avoid the sins proclaimed in the Qur’an and fulfil its obligations.” He could only say these under those harsh circumstances. Bediuzzaman paved the way to this extent. And I am continuing; I am completing the remaining parts. As the students of Hazrat Mahdi (as), we are, of course, correcting the way.

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