Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 24 January 2011

A9 TV; January 24rd  2011

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A Marxist feels horrified when he casts even a mere glance  at this website, because he is aware that it will sweep away his entire ideological system. But it is sufficient that he will be defeated when he takes a brief look at it.

(About the French Parliament’s verdict against Turkey)

Loveless, merciless people having no quality had gone to France and introduced themselves with an entirely different identity and the French people assumed that they   represented the Turkish Nation. They said, “In no way do we want you to be a member of the European Union.” Let me tell you that sometime later you will see that they will also be driven out  from France. And meanwhile they will also banish pure, honest and good people . They are clandestinely laying the grounds of such a plan because this is a very great incident. Our Minister of Justice – a very precious person- says, “It is insignificant.” But this is not the case. Practically it is not the case. Following France, America and the other European countries will also likely do the same. I repeated it thirty times; I said, “Armenians are our brothers, they are  a devoted nation, let’s be friends with them.” They do not listen to me.

The course of affairs is towards the system of Mahdi. All these incidents puts Turkey in an isolated situation, and we struggle against this isolation with all our might and main. For instance they also try to drive a wedge between Israel and us. I made great effort and prevented such a breaking of relations. We invited the Knesset members here. We try to preserve the balance. We must neither be foes with Syria, nor with Israel and nor with Iran. On the contrary, let’s unite with them. Let’s make an alliance. All these happen with a spirit of love. Otherwise nothing happens.

They work on a method that constantly pushes Turkey into isolation. There is also work for turning the Turkish youth into the kind of aimless people who are indulgent in crude popular culture, only passing the time. In such a case, may Allah forbid, if one day a foreign country attempts to invade the country, they want to raise the kind of youth who would simply say, “Do whatever you wish as long as you let us  eat and drink whatever we wish. It is not a problem as long as you do not  get involved with our own affairs.” For this reason we are also following a policy that would put an end to this rationale. A policy pursuing the interest of the nation, the country and the state; a policy that advocates a unitary structure and does not give even a handful of its soil to anyone. For this reason we support the Nationalist Movement Party, The Great Union Party, The Felicity Party because these are all the parties of ideology. Their members are the people who will resist [against division.]

They try to ghettoize the Muslims. [They say] A Muslim remains at home and only goes to the mosque. He can not go to a restaurant, a disco, to a beach, a freemasons lodge or to a big mall. He can maybe  go the market in his district, but only in his own district; not to a luxury mall. This is also the case with his attire; he can only wear horrible clothes. He can not eat quality food, can not ride quality cars. He can not live in a quality house and use quality furniture. He can not laugh or have fun. He can not listen to music or exercise. Consequently, they want to isolate them and thus pursue a pacifying policy. We, on the other hand, are social people who embrace everyone. We wear good clothes, speak beautifully, go to bars and restaurants, to the beaches, to freemasons lodges, embrace all sections of the society, like all the political parties without making distinction among them and try to have the love of everyone including the communists. Now they have a reaction against this. They say, “Why do you wear good clothes? Why do you ride in good cars? Why do you laugh? Why do you dance? Why are there wine glasses? Why is there nice furniture? Why are you joking? Why do you compliment?” Because once these things happen, you will be isolated. You will be isolated and ghettoized; downsized and thus their vital ground becomes wider. They do not want to see you; they do not want to see you in a bar, on the beach or on the street. Hatching such a subtle plot, they want to imprison you in your house. In their own mindset, they employ such a tactic and we are rendering this tactic ineffective.

They are hatching a plot against Turkey. By Allah’s leave, we will thwart that scheme. Once and for all, they attempt to make all countries foes against Turkey. They try to push Turkey and Iran into a war. They want to disintegrate Turkey within such  disorder. And we will not let it happen, Insha'Allah. My nation is of very high quality, a very classy nation. Very nice. If the EU happens to see the real identity of the Turkish Nation, they will admire it. They will adore it, fall in love with it.

The salvation of the Turkish Nation is in devoutness. It must become more pious. For instance, Israel could survive because it was devout. If it were not, it would have vanished by now. Their attachment to their religion made them survive as a nation. This is also the case for other foreign countries. Their survival depends on their piousness. Otherwise they would be assimilated and simply disappear. Religion is a very important power. It is a very important truth. Allah sent the religion to us as a blessing. That is why the late Atatürk says, “Survival of irreligious nations is impossible.” Irreligious nations absolutely get disintegrated. When we say irreligious, we do not mean purely irreligious. This is not the case. A barely religious state also does not last long; it is also demolished. A moderately religious state; it also does not last long. He has to be devout in the real sense of the word.

First of all, the most important thing is sincere faith. That is to say, having a profound love of Allah. Once we have attained it, the entire course of events in the world is under Allah’s control. That is to say, everything proceeds within Allah’s knowledge. In order to love Allah with profound love, with sincerity, we need a sincere conscience. When we have a sincere conscience, one would say, “Where do I have to concentrate my attention?” Then his answer would be, “Of course, all my attention needs to be on Allah.” All right, is it sufficient to give one’s attention to Allah? No, it is not. He will also give his conscience to Allah. He will get closer to Allah with a profound conscience. When he approaches Allah with a profound conscience, satan will come all over him. At his every attempt, he must meticulously get rid of the satan and render it ineffective.

Then all attention must be constantly upon Allah. With attention and conscientiously. Then metaphysically Allah gives people an extraordinary power; He creates an extraordinary power of influencing upon that person. Then even though it may be few in numbers, a community acquires great power.

The PKK incident leads our nation towards the Unity of Islam. It also leads the State towards the Unity of Islam. If the PKK movement was not there, the spirit of nationalism, the spirit of sanctity would not be so active. The active spirit in Turkey that is against the PKK movement has turned into a tremendous power right now. For instance, the decision made in France; this agitates Turkey very much; this is very important. Similar events are very important. They all push people towards the Unity of Islam. It obliges them towards that end. For instance not taking Turkey into the EU as a member. Notice that once the Turkish people have comprehended that the EU does not intend to take Turkey on as a member state, concentrated efforts have been made towards the Unity of Islam. Also the state policy has shifted towards that end.

Very odd developments will occur. Beginning from  mid 2012, especially towards the end of the year, tremendous incidents will take place Insha'Allah. You will see them happening one after another. But some days may be calm. The system works in that way. For instance, it gains a tremendous acceleration and then it calms down.

With such incidents, Allah constantly warns our nation. It constantly injects vitality. One can not call it  “insignificant.” It is very important. Notice that France explicitly expresses its hatred towards Turkey. It officially expresses it. Secondly, they say that they will never accept Turkey’s membership to the EU. Thirdly, what really lies behind the decision they made about our Armenian brothers is their project of annexing the Turkey’s Eastern part to Armenia. They say, “Nothing will come out of this agreement” but these agreements are made to lay the judicial grounds of  future attacks.

We need to rapidly establish the Unity of Islam and reduce the effect of a foreign intervention to zero. The power of an isolated Turkey becomes weak. It is not as it is assumed. That is to say, when the Islamic world is disintegrated, when they are apart, their power would not be sufficient.

Iran must aim to unite with Turkey; it must aim to spread Islam to the world with love, compassion and mercy. America will not take bullying into consideration or say, “We will hang them, we will chop them up.” The only thing they need to do  is to convince their own public opinion, to lay the judicial grounds and make them consider it as rational and the matter will be settled. So it won’t be an issue for America. The bullying that Iran or any other country resorts to is very, very erroneous and very unnecessary. A Muslim spreads Islam over the world not by bullying but by compassion “We will hang them, we will chop them up” would not be a proper style. Then the other party comes up and says, “I can hang better, I can kill better.” This has no end. If it becomes a matter of competition, it is obvious that it will never end. This would be a very aberrant attitude.

 Now following France, other countries will also legislate in the same way. You will see that happening. Then they will make demands for land from Turkey. They are pursuing a policy that tries to make this compatible with law. But when the Islamic Unity comes true, they would know that demanding land would be unreasonable.

If you are sincere, you need to go and seek Hazrat Mahdi (as)  even if it is night, even if you have a mere candle in your hand. Hazrat Mahdi (as)  will be in the world and I would not be seeking him?! Would such an act ever be wise? My Sheikh says, “ Hazrat Mahdi (as)  has appeared.” A person will turn the heavens and earth upside down. If Hazrat Mahdi (as) is in the world now, how big can the Earth be? He is either in Turkey, or in Morocco or in Tunisia. But it is obvious where he will be; in Turkey. What does our Sheikh Nazim Hodja say? He says, he is in Istanbul. He says that he will appear from Turkey. He says, “He will appear from you.” He says, “He will appear from Istanbul.” He specifies the place.

(In reply to the question, “So far, allegedly in the light of the Qur’an, it has been told to us that Jews and the members of other religions are our enemies, and the Qur’an is told to be a witness to it. Dear Master, can you please give me an example of a verse which specifies the virtue of loving people who love Allah?)

It is enough for Allah to say, “You can marry the People of the Book.” You can marry Christians or Jews from the People of the Book. Do you know what is marrying someone? It is the opportunity to show one’s love at the highest level. Why does a person marry? In order to express his love with his five senses, because he feels an exuberant love, and also to be together in the Hereafter. Do you not understand this from this provision of the Qur’an? What does “wife” mean? It means one’s darling. The mother of one’s kids. He loves  to that extent. Allah says, “You can marry.” What else would it be?

The earlier one meets Hazrat Mahdi (as), the more rewards he earns. Then the entire earth becomes the students of Hazrat Mahdi (as), and after that the rewards of good deeds become very low. Our Prophet (saas) praises his students that were with him at the beginning; not the latter ones. This is very important. He praises the students at the beginning. Once Hazrat Mahdi (as) appears, the power of rewards suddenly decreases. Those earning billions of rewards decrease to only two or three.

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