Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 12 February 2012

A9 TV; 12 February 2012

They imagine that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear and then immediately die, so the work of the Mahdi will remain half-finished. So how can you have faith in that case? The prophethood comes to our Prophet (saas). Someone could say, “If our Prophet (saas) dies, his prophethood will remain half-finished.” My brother, you have no responsibility to think about that. “I can die, someone else can die, and the person we know as Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) can die,” he says. Meaning, “And then what are we to do?” Those weak in faith always have this fear. Yet there is nothing to be afraid of. It will all be fine. Allah creates and ends things all for the best.

I do not use the classic mullahs method of preaching Islam, not in the sense you mean by it. You must accept that. In addition, I do not say, “I am a model of Islam and in being a Muslim.” What I say is, “Let us obey Rasulullah (saas) and the Qur’an.” I never claim to be on the true path and demand that everyone be like me. Neither do my lady colleagues make any such claim.

You want to see ape-like girls turning up, with hairy hands and faces, staring around them like wild animals. You expect them to grunt, speak badly of people and gossip. Then you want to see me turn up with robes and turban and things. I do understand this method of yours. There are many people who use that technique. People who wear robes and turbans as they talk. Young people have absolutely no idea about them. They never have any dealings with them. Neither do the young people from Istanbul University, nor METU, nor the Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine. They take no interest in any of them. They will defeat them in debate if they encounter them. But I will always win any debates with them. They will always lose, and I will win.

They give classes in Islamic law, the hadiths, calligraphy;  but young people do not listen to them, a great many do not, they are unaffected by them because people are not going to listen to you if they are Darwinists and materialists. University educated young people in particular have no need of Islamic law, as if it were something terribly complicated. It is really simple.

Look at the state of the End Times. Our Prophet (saas) speaks of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the presence of the Companions in hundreds of hadiths. He speaks of his descendants and gives them the good news. But people do not even want to hear the “M” from the word Mahdi. Look at the state of the End Times.

(In response to a viewer’s e-mail reading “I think it might be better to have more male students talking on A9 TV”)

What is the point of this misogyny and antipathy toward women, my brother? Always regarding them as second-class citizens. You say, you can’t let them be presented on television, they must not walk about outside, they must not talk, or laugh or enjoy themselves. You should fear Allah. Hazrat Mary (pbuh) is a role model for all the worlds. Women are the loveliest adornments in paradise. They are the most beautiful adornments, insha’Allah, as manifestations of Almighty Allah. A manifestation of Almighty Allah, one. A manifestation of women, two. You are in error and must abandon this opposition to women.

There is no other community that directly targets Darwinism, materialism and the way of the dajjal and engages in intellectual activity, and that describes the signs leading to faith so intensively, with science and scholarship. If there is, I would like to hear about it. They all take us as their inspiration, masha’Allah, alhamdulillah.

(On the death of artist Whitney Houston)

Poor thing, it is very sad. She wanted to entertain people. She made her own kind of music. But lovelessness, lack of affection, lack of compassion, lack of appreciation must have inflicted terrible suffering on her fragile heart. And who knows how depressed it must have made her – especially combined with weakness of faith. Insha’Allah, she had faith when she died. It is a pity, but if only that sweet woman could have listened to me. We could have talked. Then she would have been happy and extroverted. But that was not to be. That is why we must all act as quickly as possible, insha’Allah.

(On a picture of Eva Longoria laughing)

They laugh, but these kids are weeping tears of blood inside because faith is either described in terms of bigotry or nonsense. That is how Christianity has been described, and Judaism, as we know. And you can see how Islam is being presented. Christianity and Judaism have been corrupted, and now only the true faith, Islam, remains. But people are really turned off if you talk nonsense when describing the true faith. May Allah forbid. That is why we have so much work to do, insha’Allah.

It is not a negative thing for someone to regard his own sheikh as a Mahdi, or his own teacher, or the person he loves. What is wrong is to remain silent on the way of the Mahdi. Let him regard his own teacher as a Mahdi. The way of the Mahdi can be disseminated even better with such fervor.

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