Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 2 February 2012

A9 TV; 2 February 2012

Surat al-A’raf, 56; “Do not corrupt the earth after it has been put right.” “…after it has been put right….” In other words, do not produce corruption after Islam has come to reign. Do not produce corruption after the coming of Islam and the Qur’an. “Call on Him (Allah) fearfully and eagerly. Allah’s mercy is close to the good-doers.” That also gives a date of 1956. Look, 56. The verse gives a date of 1956.

Bediüzzaman also considers verse 145 of Surat an-Nisa. The hypocrites are in the lowest level of the fire. You will not find any one to help them.” He is saying that the time of the collapse and end of the hypocrite system has begun. “A date of 1956,” he says. He elicits this from the verse. “The hypocrite system will begin to collapse as of 1956.” “There is something marvelous,” he says, “in 1956.”

People do not want Islamic Union because hatred tastes good to them. They feed on hatred. Look how they fought each other tooth and nail in Egypt. I said, I described the movement going on in Egypt. “These people are not acting out of a fervent desire for Islam,” I said. “Their movement is like a roaring flame, a tempest. A greedy one that knows not what it wants,” I said. Look how they fought one another; some 70 people dead and a thousand or so injured.[ They became crazy in a football match.] And they  will never calm down without Islamic Union, but they never mention it. “So the disorder and bloodshed will continue,” I said.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Would it not be better not to give the date of the Day of Reckoning? Does the date of the Day of Reckoning not place us in sin?”)

Allah says, “I know.” That is true. The Prophet does not know. But can the Prophet not know when it is revealed to him by Allah? Then he can. What does Allah say? “He only reveals secret knowledge to the prophets He chooses.” Allah reveals secret knowledge quite widely in the Qur’an. “Secret knowledge is in My Sight,” He says. “It belongs to Me.” A person cannot know secret knowledge even if he wishes. You get some soothsayers who say, “I know.” But Allah says that is not possible. He says that He knows, and people can only know what He reveals to them. So there is no question of secret knowledge not being known. It can be known after Allah has revealed it because once Allah has revealed it, it is no longer secret knowledge. But it is secret if Allah has not revealed it.


 “Struggling [intensively endeavoring on Allah’s path] is prescribed for you even if it is hateful to you” even though your earthly desires dislike it, “It may be that you hate something when it is good for you and it may be that you love something when it is bad for you. Allah knows and you do not know.” (Surat al-Baqara, 216) A person may be quite comfortable and enjoy lying around doing nothing. But Almighty Allah says that is evil for you. But struggling, maybe being detained, insulted, degraded or sworn at, that is good for you, He says. Abjad calculation gives a date of AD 2010 and 2050.

Surat al-Anbiya 107;

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan; “We have only sent you as a mercy to all the worlds.”

That also gives a date of Hijri 1431. Look, “We have only sent you as a mercy to all the worlds.” That again refers to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). It gives a single date, 1431. We are now in 1433.

Surah Maryam, 30;

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan; He [Jesus] said, ‘I am the servant of Allah, He has given me the Book and made me a Prophet.’

Ahmet Fevzi Hodja says this, “....gives the dates 1410-1412 and 1462.” This means that the blessed one will be at work in 1410, in 1412, and that his activities will be finished in 1462, insha’Allah.

Surat ad-Duha, 11;

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan; “And as for the blessing of your Lord, speak out!”

Constantly speak of Islam and the Qur’an. Keep preaching. Abjad gives a date of 1956. That again refers to the End Times.

Surat al-Anfal, 25;

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan; “Be fearful of trials which will not afflict solely those among you who do wrong. Know that Allah is severe in retribution.”

People who pray and fast, but do not preach or spread Islam. Look, “Be fearful of trials which will not afflict solely those among you who do wrong.” Great corruption. “Know that Allah is severe in retribution.”  He is giving the date of the start of a world war. Look, Be fearful of trials which will not afflict solely those among you who do wrong.” Be fearful of a great corruption that will involve all Muslims, Allah is saying. He says a great affliction is coming. AD 1914, the beginning of the First World War.

Surat al-Fil, verse 4 speaks of an aerial bombardment;

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan; “bombarding them with stones of hard-baked clay,” They used to launch huge blocks like that down on the other side. The verse corresponds to a date of 1940. That is a reference to the Second World War, insha’Allah.

(About the conferences in Great Britain)

If our brothers in Great Britain attend even just one meeting they will never forget it all their lives, they will be hugely affected. They will be told of the way of the Mahdi and of Islamic Union because they will encounter people who espouse Islamic Union and Turkish-Islamic Union in a healthy way that encompasses love, friendship and brotherhood, as opposed to the other state of mind that espouses slaughtering the Jews, murdering Shiites and Wahhabis, who fight  and swear among themselves  and generally behave in a very odd manner.

There are many web pages all based on hatred, war, conflict and treachery. My brother, you must espouse love both day and night. Paradise is the abode of love. You live only a brief time, then you will die and pass on. Into the Presence of Allah. Allah speaks of an area of 70 yards for unbelievers. That means they will be able to move at most 70 yards in hell. One cannot go anywhere one likes in hell. Seventy yards at most. It is a very oppressive place. The abode of suffering. It is very wrong to know this but still encourage unbelievers, hatred and anger. They must determinedly concentrate on love, affection and brotherhood. Paradise is the abode of love. We all have brief life spans, don’t we? Allah wants love from us. Who good is hatred?

The Mahdi (pbuh) will be known directly with signs leading to faith because if Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) works out in the open and preaches, he will be known to everyone. If he opens a second front against Darwinism and materialism, they will ask who the leader is. “Such and such.” The CIA even has people ready to martyr Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). Others have such people ready, too. They are also looking for the Mahdi (pbuh). But he is hidden behind 70 screens. He is right in front of their noses, but they cannot see him. There is also the army of the dajjal. The army of the dajjal is all around.

The Mahdi (pbuh) is currently hidden behind the hatred of the army of the dajjal. He illuminates the love of Muslims, but that screen merely darkens the army of the dajjal. In other words, Allah is concealing the Mahdi (pbuh) behind the army of the dajjal. The way of the dajjal is beneficial in that respect. Allah would not create it for no reason.

There will be quite a lot of people in the way of the dajjal who appear to be Muslims. The reference to 70,000 means a very large number. In describing the dajjals of the End Times, our Prophet (saas) says they will wear robes and turbans. He refers to an army of the dajjal. Seventy thousand in Arabic literature simply means a very large number. “With shaven heads,” he goes into considerable detail. “Seventy thousand hypocrites with turbans on their heads,” he says.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Is a woman’s voice not sinful?”)

Let me ask you if a man’s voice is lawful, or not. Many women are affected by the male voice. If you are affected by the female voice, women will be affected by the male voice. It is all to do with intentions. If a man is like an animal he will be attracted even to his own daughter, may Allah forbid, if he is irreligious and has no faith. If he has no fear of Allah, he will be attracted to his own mother. But if he is a Muslim, if he fears Allah, then he will regard his sister as his sister, and will regard other people’s wives or daughters as his own sisters, because they are unlawful for him. So there will be no problem.

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