Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 4 February 2012


A spirit of lovelessness, of insanity has spread. We, on the other hand, insistently advocate love and brotherhood; with perseverance and determination.

Within the communist spirit one can also be conservative. In communism, the Stalinist mindset represents conservatism. One can be an orthodox communist, a conservative. Just like in the time of Stalin; they even grow the same kind of beard, wear the same kind of clothes as in the time of Stalin. This is conservatism. For instance, the followers of the Risale-i Nur (The Treatise of Light) wear the clothes of the time of Bediuzzaman; almond-shaped moustache, a shirt with a small collar, narrow tie, short hair peculiar to the followers of Risale-i Nur. This is also a kind of conservatism. Some say, “We wear the fez”, again peculiar to the Ottoman times; some have the understanding of conservatism of the Ottoman times. Conservatism is very flexible. It is preserving any belief. Islam is not conservatism. Conservatism has no relation with Islam. Islam is Islam, and that is it. That is to say, once you become a Muslim, you preserve your faith, this is not conservatism, this is not conservatism. You improve your faith, have a very strong faith. Consequently conservatism is a flexible word. That is to say, it does not mean anything.

Even  if you communicate the Qur’an from the beginning to its end, a person who believes in evolution would still not believe. First of all, this idol must be crushed and then the signs leading to faith must be told of. He still does not believe in the Qur’an. Telling the miracles of the Qur’an and the miracles Allah creates in the universe is essential. This aside, a very sincere style must be adopted.

It is assumed that faith is an easy issue. If faith was so easy, 99.99 percent of the world would not be irreligious. There is a tremendous spirit of hatred. Everyone hates one another; jealousy and envy are very widespread, so is lovelessness. All the world awaits the spirit of Mahdi. You see that it is not possible without the Mahdi.

(Regarding the martyrdom of 260 women and children in one night in Syria)

All of the soldiers committing this massacre in Syria know the Qur’an very well. They read it very often, they know it very well. These are  people who have undergone Qur’anic education in their childhood. It is not possible by means of fiqh, only with faith. There is no faith in the world.

People do not come to have faith by reading the Qur’an.  He will first have faith and then he will fear Allah. Note how it reads in the Qur’an: “You can only make those who have fear of Allah hear.” A person who does not fear Allah is not influenced when he reads the Qur’an. That is why we give emphasis to the signs leading to faith, and that is why we have become so influential. Because the bigots have not come to understand this, they, according to their own minds, insistently only try to ruin this system of ours. But as they try, we make a better propaganda of it. 

“We can give information about catechism and put an end to the issue.” You can tell; there is always religious teaching in primary school, high school. Terrorists, anarchists; haven’t they received religious education? Is there no knowledge about catechism? Many of the parents of the PKK members are pious. They know about catechism,  they know how to pray. They mock because  they are informed. They even know the minutest details. They also know how to fast, give alms, they know all of them. It is not a matter of catechism. They are Darwinists and materialists. They are Darwinists and materialists. Once they are Darwinists and materialists, you can make them read and memorize the Qur’an , give catechism information as much as you want. They would simply have no influence.

Islam has not a single complicated aspect. That is why, what is incumbent upon  the state is not to raise conservative youth, but to put an end to Darwinist/Materialist education. It is incumbent upon the state to tell the signs leading to faith, to strengthen people’s faith. Once their faith becomes profound, a generation who fears Allah, who loves Allah comes into being. Conservatism does not produce any results. The Ottomans were conservative and it was demolished. Conservatism does not take one  anywhere. What will you preserve? Which faith? There is no conservatism; there is only Islam, being a Muslim. The ideal  is to be a Muslim  of the Qur’an, the kind of Muslim like the Companions of our Prophet (saas). There is nothing complicated.

(Explanations regarding the difficult life in the Chechen camps and the martyrdom of our Chechen brothers and the dire conditions of their families)

Now go to Chechnya and the first question they will pose to you is, “Which Islamic school do you adhere to?” If you are not one of that Islamic school or that community, it is over. I can't say it for all, only in the general sense, I mean. Let’s go to Afghanistan; they will first ask from which Islamic school you are. They do not ask, “Are you a Muslim?” They ask your Islamic school or the Islamic community you belong to. A tremendous policy of hatred and division has enveloped the entire Islamic world. What is the solution?  The system of Mahdi. As long as you resist the system of Mahdi, no end will come to this pain and suffering.

In those times when the dajjal is most rampant, the rewards are the highest. The reign of the world is given as a gift. Allah’s real intention is to raise our ranks, make us receive more rewards. Otherwise the reigning over of the world is very easy for Allah.

There is no need for us to describe the weakness of faith. If people check themselves, they will immediately grasp it. I say, “There is weakness of faith in this world.” Someone comes up and says, “No, that is not true.” Even those scholars, hodjas you call “the most pious” suffer from weakness of faith. This is understood from their style, their speech and their way of life.

First of all the Islamic schools must be eliminated right away. This is one. There must be world sovereignty. This is the second point. In the Qur’an, Allah does not accept Islamic schools. He, in no way, accepts it. Allah speaks of a single ummah (community). There is no Islamic school. Once the Islamic Union is established, the ulama  unites and they agree on a single Islamic school. That is the absence of Islamic schools is established. When we say, “....the absence of Islamic schools”, we mean full adherence to the Qur’an. It turns into the period of the Companions, because in the time of our Prophet (saas) there were no Islamic schools.

It is essential to help the system of Mahdi and advocate the Unity of Islam and not to sit and weep. Grieving, mourning are the features of the morality of idolaters. Why would a person mourn? In order to rebel against Allah. That would simply mean saying to Allah, “Why did you take his soul? I am not happy with that.” Allah does not ask us while He gives our soul, He would also not ask while taking it back. He gives us the soul for some wisdom and takes it back again for a reason. Weeping, feeling sorry is not a solution. What is the solution? The solution is to embrace the Unity of Islam and the system of Mahdi.

I want Muslims to be joyful, robust and strong. I do not want them to weep; I can’t accept them to be weak, wretch, oppressed, desperate and with an inferiority complex. A Muslim does not weep but makes other weep. A Muslim makes an immoral person weep. He does not weep himself. He is not defeated but he defeats. He does not feel sorry but he makes others sorry. He does not fear but makes others fear for Allah’s good approval. He makes the enemies of Allah weep by means of the morality of the Qur’an. Within the framework of the Qur’an. With his wisdom, conscience and faith. I will teach this to you. 

From the hadith  we understand that Allah has charged the Turks. The holy relics are here; the location where the holy relics exist is in charge. The sun rises from where it sets. Turkey will re-establish the Turkish Islamic Union. Insha'Allah.

A woman becomes more beautiful with love, if her features can be seen and appreciated.

Not every soul can tolerate the burqa. For instance, not everyone can wake up for the morning prayer. But if you can’t do it, you can at least pray at noon. For instance, many people can not pray at night time; then at least fulfill your evening prayer. Or fulfill your Friday prayers but do not quit prayers entirely. 

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