Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 20 February 2012

Mr. Adnan Oktar explains the roots of the hatred the bigots feel for women

Many thanks to Allah that in Turkey and the Islamic world a Muslim youth with sound mind has been raised. They are vivacious.  While thinking over and examining why have Muslims fallen into such a situation, we encounter some very painful facts. Note all that disgrace now!

They claim that our Prophet (saas) said the following and thus slander him: 

“Consult women. Consult them.” Consult woman about the things that youwill do, for instance. “But do what is just the contrary of what they say.” Notice that as a provision this is a practice that is appreciated by the bigots. And I ask why Islam is perceived wrongly? Why do people have so much objection to Islam?

What does it say here? “Do the opposite of whatever a woman says .” For instance you will ask, “What shall we eat today?” The lady says, for instance, rice. You will go and say, “No, lets cook something else.” For instance, you want to go somewhere the lady says, “Let’s go to our parents.” But you have to say, “No, I changed my mind; we are not going anywhere.”

Half of the world is women. Half of the Muslims are women. Have you now started to understand the reason of the hatred bigots feel for women?

Abidance to women is regret.” That is to say, if you obey any of their words, you will feel regret. For instance a lady says, “Do not go out, it is cold today.” A sound-minded Muslim lady says this. You know that these insulting words are also being said about Hazrat Aisha (ra), Hazrat Fatima (ra), Hazrat Mary (ra). That is to say, for all women with no exception.

“Just as how Allah leaves women behind, you also leave them behind.” They mean, “....leave them behind” in all walks of life. For instance ,while walking they make the lady walk behind them because they consider ladies as unworthy. The fact is however, they need to keep them before their very eyes and watch over them. But they make them come behind, because they don’t see them precious.

“One of out of ninety nine women are in paradise while the rest are in hell.” Now how many women are there in Turkey? The population of Turkey is 70 million. 35 million of whom are women. Then, according to this hadith, at least 34 million of them are in hell. But this is not the case for men. Their abode is paradise! What they think is wrong with ladies?

“If a woman divorces her husband, the smell of paradise to that woman becomes haram.” For instance let us say that her husband is immoral, a swindler, a dishonorable man. A bigot, a fool . He assumes a negative attitude towards Allah and the blessed values. No matter what the husband does, they tell the woman not to divorce; that she must not divorce. If she divorces, notice that the provision is clear. She can in no way divorce. Can a man divorce? Yes, in any case. As much he likes. Why would a lady be together with an immoral man? Why on earth should she?

“Do not consult women. Oppose them. Contradict them, since contradicting women brings blessings.” Then how come she became your sweetheart? Why did you fall in love with her? Why do you feel profound love for her?

“Whoever obeys women, Allah throws him into hell face down.” For instance his wife asks him to go out into the garden. The man answers, “You dimwit, you fool. .”

“Do not teach women how to write.” That is to say, leave them ignorant. That is why they also do not want to  send them to school. They also ban them from going out. They keep them away from windows facing the street. The fact is however, it is men who commit adultery, because if a man and a woman have intercourse and they both agree to do it, they are both adulterers, but they only call the woman an “adulterer”. They call her a “prostitute”. The fact is however, the man also becomes a prostitute.

“It is a fact that a woman appears in the form of a satan and leaves in the form of a satan.”

Those things making prayer invalid: black dogs, donkeys and women.” For instance , a woman passes by; your prayer becomes invalid. If a chicken passes by, it is valid. The same in the case of a horse, an elephant or even a hyena. A white dog also does not render the prayer invalid. Or a grey dog. It must be a black dog. A mule also does not render the prayer invalid; a pig and a woman. They are all of the same kind. If you introduce this as “Islam”, people would hesitate to embrace Islam. That is why we say bigotry and radicalismis a great evil.

“Even if every part of a husband’s body is covered with pus”, you know there are those bigots stinking like corpse, and if he is covered with filth, blood and pus all over, “his wife can not make it up to him.” According to them, a wife is responsible for cleaning his blood and pus. But still she can not make it up to her. The man is so worthy, that is to say. The woman, on the other hand, is so unworthy. Aren’t we right when we say “bigotry” and “radicalism” is a scourge?

“Leave women hungry as  long as not giving harm to them, and leave them without clothes as long as you do not go to extremes. Because when women feel fully satiated and wear beautiful clothes, there is nothing more loveable for them than going out.” That means to say, they will become furious. The woman is left at home in a desperate situation. No clothes. She sits at ऀhome. She cannot go out. According to the bigots this is the most reliable way.

“A woman has eight attributes. In her aspiration for apparel, she resembles a monkey.” they say. “She is a dog because she does not consent to become poor. She is a snake because of her arrogance towards her husband or other people.” “She is a scorpion because she dismisses people day and night.” “She is a mouse because she sells the goods in her house.” “She is a fox because she plots against men, she is a sheep because she abides by her husband.” Do you see that scene! They sincerely believe in this. That is why they feel so much hatred for women. Such information is the root of the hatred felt against women by the radicals.

“The religion and wisdom of women is deficient.” They say, without exception, they are both deficient in wisdom and their piousness. That is to say, according to them, this holds true also for our mothers Hazrat Aisha (ra), Hazrat Fatima (ra) and all others. And they sincerely believe in this. They believe like a provision.

“The majority of the people of hell are women.” They indeed say that only 1 percent of women can go to paradise and the remaining 99 percent are in hell. According to them, women must be beaten harshly, insulted, humiliated. Also they must follow you behind while walking, tell them that they are deficient, never give them any assignment anywhere and do the opposite of whatever they say. In this state, they simply kill the women. You kill them in the spiritual sense. They annihilate them. This is an intense resolution for murder. How do you marry a being that you despise, loathe, consider to be base so much?! How do you live in the very same house?! That is why they can also not look into their faces. They do not consider to be human beings.

Bigotry is a horrible system. That is why Allah has brought the Islamic world into such a situation. That is why such misery is experienced. Ataturk did not take measures for no reason, you see. He did so because he was aware of all that.

“Hazrat Aisha (ra) relates: “ Our Prophet (saas) visited the women of Al Ansar during one of their weddings. They were singing.” They were entertaining, they were singing. That means that singing is a beautiful thing.

“Hazrat Aisha (ra) made one of the women from the Al Ansar marry. OurProphet (saas) said: “O Aisha, don’t you have anyone playing tambourine and singing? Because Al Ansar likes entertainment.” Notice that they are enjoying themselves, singing. They like entertainment. They use the means of their time. They have tambourine of that time and they are using it.

When our Prophet (saas)  visited somewhere in Madina, he heard the young ladies singing and playing tambourine. “We are the girls of ibn Najar. How  pleasing a neighbor is Muhammad (ra).” These are the lyrics of the song, Insha’Allah. 

 “Upon this our Prophet (saas) said: ‘Allah knows that I love you all.’” 

Abdullah ibn Omar (ra) related- “The ladies of the people of paradise sang in tones of voice that nobody ever heard before.” There are also beautiful songs in paradise.

“Abu Kadada (r.a.) said: I have hair extending to my shoulders. Can I comb it? Our Prophet (saas) said? “Yes, take good care of it.” The hair of our Prophet’s (saas) companions were always long, extending down to their shoulders. Cutting the hair is something that people adopted later.  The fact is however, our Prophet (saas) very rarely cut his hair, during the hajj. Normally his hair was long.

“A man who dyed his hair with henna passed by our Prophet (saas). He said, ‘How nice this is.’” He encouraged dyeing the hair. He did not want white hair. “ Later another man who dyed his hair with henna and ketene hair dye passed by. Our Prophet (saas) said, “This is even better.” A black that is dominant over red. Dark brown, blackish brown, insha’Allah. That is to say, black.

 Our Prophet (saas) related, “What dyes white hair best is henna and ketene.” Dark brown that is obtained by mixing red and black hair dye. Dark brown dye. That is black hair dye.

“ Keep your children equal in your donations.” That is to say, if you give a gift to one of them, then give the same one to another, says our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet said, “If I had to keep superior one of them, I would keep the girls above.” He said he loved girls more.

“Our Prophet (saas) led the ummah in prayer although his granddaughter Umama born from his daughter Zaynab was on his shoulders. When he made sajda, he left the kid and when he stood up, he took the kid on his shoulder again.”

Buhari Wude, Abu Dawud, the women and men in the time of our Prophet (saas) performed ablution from the very same bowl.

(In response to the mail, at last we listened to the lecture that we had been waiting for so long. As women, we were reading these alleged hadith that bigots suggested and although we love our religion so much, we were having doubts. We have now learned that all these are wrong.)

This would, Allah forbid, simply be insulting our Prophet (saas). Such words would be rejecting our Prophet (saas). Our Prophet (saas) was a treasure of mercy, the most beautiful of the world. He was a man of moral perfection, a man of love. He was in love with his wives,  a person full of love. He had a fervent love of Allah. He loved kids, women. He said that Allah made him love three things- one; pious women, two; prayer, three; beautiful fragrances. Our Prophet (saas) used to smell beautifully. Bigots stink like corpse- they have the disgusting smell of a dead body. If you describe such a prophet to them, you would simply, Allah forbid, be insulting our Prophet (saas).

A woman and a man are both lower selves. They are souls. They are both beings that come into being by Allah’s breathing into them. Consequently they have both the very same rights. A woman divorces as she wishes, if she considers him to be abnormal and insincere. If he is far removed from faith and religion, she divorces him. Even if she does not divorce, their marriage becomes legally invalid.

I gave away myself to Allah and Islam. In my opinion, there is no other person in this world who leads the life I have. There is no one who have so many people who love him and who have attained everything that he aspired for. Allah makes me be in contact with the best of everything. He gives me power, energy, joy, happiness, alhamdulillah. He defeats my foes and makes my friends blessed, alhamdulillah.

The bigots will remain alone everywhere

Bigotry, insincerity, lovelessness and mercilessness have come to an end. When the name of Mahdi is mentioned, they want everyone to shut up. Why are you afraid? People are dismissed from their jobs, their schools because they advocate our Prophet (saas) and Allah. Their circle of friends leaves them because they side with Allah and His messenger.

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