Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 22 February 2012


(In response to an e-mail from a viewer who says, “Our Prophet (pbuh) never laughed out loud. He always smiled. He laughed in such a way as to show his teeth only twice, and that is all. But our brothers in the studio sometimes laugh out loud.”)

Allah shows us in the Qur’an that laughter is quite acceptable. He places no limit of laughter. This is not an honest and sincere thing to say. Our Prophet (pbuh) was very joyful and would laugh out loud. And laughter is becoming of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). You will see him laughing in paradise. All the prophets were very joyful, masha’Allah. Why should he not laugh? His wives were joyful, and so was her. They are our mothers, masha’Allah. “He only laughed twice…” as if they were there with him!

Our Prophet (pbuh) could smile or could be very serious. Being serious is no crime. And if he liked something, he would smile. He would laugh out loud, with a passion. Why should he not laugh? Why hold himself back? What do unbelievers say to us? They tell us to weep a lot and laugh little. But I tell them, you weep if you want, we are going to laugh and laugh.

This is a defamation of our Prophet (pbuh). It is unconscionable and bad manners. “Seek women’s advice and do the exact opposite of what they say.” All women, without exception. Our Prophet (pbuh) is said to have said that, may Allah forbid! “Consult with them.” What shall we do, where shall we go, what shall we wear? What should we eat? Which house should we move to? Which school should the children go to? “Consult with them and do the exact opposite.” One must do the opposite of what satan says, not women. Why do the opposite of what women say? They are our mothers, our wives, our dears. How can that be? Women are highly intelligent. People thought that people used to fly in those days, marvelous things happened, but that these miracles have all stopped with scientific progress in the End Times. They imagined that the age of myth and wonder is over. But then they looked and saw that everything our Prophet (pbuh) said is coming true. Everything he said, after 1400 years. They then realized that marvelous things were happening.

“Obedience to women is a filthy thing.” Look, a fabrication by fanatics. Look, “You must leave women behind as Allah has left them behind.” They would have us leave them behind everywhere. They walk along with their guts dragging on the ground and their women behind them. Let them walk beside you. What is wrong with that? Do you not love them. What a dangerous and wrong way of thinking! This mindset undervalues and degrades them. A Muslim could never be so rude. And it is especially and hugely immorally to make such an accusation about the Messenger of Allah (pbuh).

“One out of ninety-nine women is in paradise, the rest are in hell.” Meaning they are all in hell. They imagine that paradise will be full of men. If you are a woman, you are in hell. The most amazing accusations. Look how humiliating it all is. And then to ascribe this to our Prophet (pbuh), may Allah forbid! The worst oppression and lack of conscience. Terrible defamation and cruelty.

“Women are like monkeys because of their fascination with clothing. They are like dogs as they are unwilling to be poor. They resemble snakes because of their arrogance toward their husbands and others. They resemble scorpions because they chase people away night and day, they resemble because they sell things from their homes, they resemble foxes because of the snares they set for men and sheep because they obey their husbands.”  Unbelievable! They insult women in every way they can think of. This is all a fabrication by losers, fanatics devoid of love and frozen minds.

“Women’s minds are in their private parts,” in sexual relations, in other words. If it is a lawful relationship, why should she not? A man can also think about it, if it is lawful. That is how Allah has created them, in such a way as to think about it. Is that a crime? But only if the relationship is lawful, insha’Allah.

“I have never seen an entity capable of distracting a man, so deficient in reason and faith,” our Prophet (pbuh) is supposed to have said that, may Allah forbid. The fanatics have fabricated everything that entered their heads.

“Women are ungrateful,” he says.

“Even if her husband’s body is covered in filth and the woman licks it all off, she has still not done enough to repay her husband.” Look at the immorality of that. What is so special about that man? How can anyone say that to a Muslim woman? What a terrible insult and lack of conscience! Yet this filthy types still say “We fear Allah,” as they go out and about in their white turbans.

“A woman cannot fully repay her husband even if his body is covered in pus and she licks it all off.” See how filthy these fanatics are? Only because he feeds and clothes her.

Our Prophet (pbuh) walked around the market of Ukas in Mecca. Women’s breasts were completely uncovered there. And he preached to them, too. There were women wearing underwear only, and he preached to them. Everyone was there in the market. There were Christian ladies all covered up, and he preached to them. There were women semi-covered up, and he preached to them. He preached to everyone. People fail to understand those times. They have no idea of the Meccan period. Most women went around with their breasts uncovered. Some were even totally naked. The verses were sent down for them. Almighty Allah made them cover themselves up. The same with men. They would wrap something round themselves quickly and go out. Just enough to cover their private parts. Some were even worse than that. Those days were very different to how you imagine. Study the history of those times, and learn.

(Regarding a report that American troops in Afghanistan burned holy books, including the Qur’an, and that soldiers are now to be given religious instruction)

They are enraged when they see the fanatics. There are more advanced versions of our fanatics there. Misogynists. People who loathe women. They make a hell on earth for women. They make them suffer terribly. But they themselves stink just like animals. All they know is killing, slaughter and hatred; let’s kill Christians, let’s kill Jews, let’s kill Shiites and Wahhabis. That is their psychopathic mindset. Then when the American soldiers see them they are filled with hatred. They are ignorant, too, of course. They imagine there is something about the Qur’an, so they attack it. Now they say that education is to be provided on that.

(Regarding women)

Good conscience and love require we win women over and take care over their health and well-being. Their happiness is a religious obligation. There can be no question of upsetting or hurting them or making them ill. Harming their chastity, honor or good character is oppression, insha’Allah. Everyone must do all he can to ensure they live peaceful and pleasant lives. Allah has entrusted them to us, like flowers.

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