Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 25 February 2012


A9 TV, 25 February 2012

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Can I perform my religious observances even though I sin?”)

There is no problem with that. A man can drink [alcohol] and then come and pray. It does not prevent that observance. But if you cannot pray five times a day, if the supererogatory prayers are difficult for you, then perform the obligatory ones. Be especially scrupulous regarding the supererogatory morning prayers because they are close to compulsory. Apart from that, pray just once if it is too difficult for you. Perform the morning prayer when you get up in the morning. Do not be left without praying at all. And perform the Friday prayers if that is too difficult. And if that is too much, may Allah forbid, perform the festival prayers. But do not abandon prayer altogether. But one should pray at least once a day.

(On the subject of a debate which was held on the existence of Allah at Oxford University between Richard Dawkins and Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, head of the Anglican Church. The archbishop struggled to answer Dawkins’ questions. Dawkins also admitted he could not be certain whether a Creator existed or not, in other words, that he was an agnostic unsure as to the existence of Allah, rather than an atheist who rejects it entirely)

So he has doubts. Allah says, ‘They vacillate between the two – not joining these or joining those.’ Look, that is a feature of the test. He would have faith if he used his conscience.

As I have already said, Allah provides evidence that will make people doubt Him, and other evidence that will make them believe. That is the nature of the test. They concentrate on the evidence that will cause doubts. Believers, however, concentrate on the evidence for Allah’s existence, and thus have faith. What is the criterion involved? Conscience.

If they would only bring Dawkins here… He never spoke like that before. He has begun improving. He recently said, “I do not want Darwinism to be applied.” He agreed with what I said. He now says he is uncertain. He used to say he was sure that Allah does not exist. He had that written on the sides of busses and the like. But now he says he is uncertain. That is progress. He will soon come to believe. But we need to speak.

But this is the nature of the test. People ask why there is suffering. How could there be a test without it? Let them tell me that. What logic would there be? The angels are not tested. They know no pain. They only know the positive side. But Allah does not regard angels as enough. He regards human beings as important, since we can distinguish between good and evil. Allah has bestowed that attribute on us. Of course this is in their destiny, but it pleases Allah. That is why when a Muslim believes, he is far superior to an angel. Allah loves human beings. He says He breathed His own spirit into man.

(To an e-mail from a viewer saying, “Prove the Qur’an does not refer to the headscarf and I will give you 1 trillion TL.”)

I have looked at the Qur’an and spoken to brothers who know Arabic. The word headscarf does not appear. “draw their coverings across their breasts,” it says. I thought like you; they say that a woman has a covering on her head. What business did women have with headscarves in the time of ignorance? According to them, the verse says that each woman already has a covering on her head. These women – idolaters who had just become Muslims. They clearly cannot wear the headscarf, so it’s the end of that. Second, “draw your already- on-your-head covering across your breasts” Their heads are covered but their chests are uncovered. There is a false logic going on here. Technically, a headscarf hanging down is not going to cover the chest. When it is folded to the side, the chest will be exposed again. It is not suitable for covering the chest. There are easy forms of clothing for covering a woman’s chest. Why do you maintain there is such a complex system in the Qur’an? Because it does not suit you. There is the woman’s cloak (jilbab), but some of our sisters dislike it. My apologies to those among them who are honest and well-intentioned. All right, it serves as a headscarf. But the covering in the Qur’an is a black covering. Wide and roomy, that covers the head but does not affect the lines of the body. A large covering. Why do you refuse to understand? You may say, “I find it too much, I cannot do it.” You may say it is stifling or sends your blood pressure up and gives you palpitations, or that it is too hot. There is nothing I can say against that. But this is the truth. Why try and distort it?

(To a viewer who asks about videos of people being beheaded on Youtube. Are these people who die in the Sight of Allah martyrs whether they believe or not?)

Allah does everything in the best way. If He shows us something in our brains, then that is for the best. Allah creates our conscience, our compassion and sympathy. An infinitely long time ago, as you know. It is Allah Who plays that film for us, and Allah Who gives us feelings of compassion. It is Allah Who knows what the best form of everything is.

(In response to an e-mail from a viewer saying, “You say that people sometimes doubt the existence of Allah and that this is a part of the test. What is the distinguishing feature of a believer who has no doubt? What is the difference between them and those who have doubts?”)

Allah says, Most of them do not believe in Allah without associating others with Him.” in one verse. They are afflicted by doubts, He says. But a person can have faith when his conscience goes into action. One cannot have faith without a high level of conscience. One will always have doubts, or even deny His existence. Only people with a lofty and high-quality conscience can have faith in Allah. That is how He has created them. Allah can know Himself, but the servant cannot know Allah. People with elevated consciences have faith. That is the feature of faith. Doubt may come to many people from time to time. But the believer overcomes it with faith and reason. They are called believers since they are victorious in their struggle against doubt and satan. But the unbeliever fall into that state because they are defeated. Otherwise, the majority of people do not believe in Allah. It is always like that. That appears in a verse. Muhammet Raşit Erol says “99% of people, or even 999%, have no faith.” This is a widespread truth, insha’Allah.

(In response to a viewer who says, “The way of the Mahdi is a sign that you cannot have a body without a head.”)

This is very important. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) comes. He has the Torah. But they distort it. They distort it when the Prophet Moses (pbuh) is not there. They distort it even though the Prophet Aaron (pbuh) is there. Then the Prophet Moses (pbuh) comes and puts them right. That is the importance of the way of the Mahdi. Happiness spreads through him. Allah makes him His instrument. The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) comes. But his followers have doubts. There is the Injil. Allah says, “When Jesus sensed unbelief on their part, he said, ‘Who will be my helpers to Allah?’ People are like that. Fifty-fifty. They lose their reason in a moment. The Mahdi is the person who will turn this 50 into 51. Or we might say 56. Because 55 is just the middle. Insha’Allah.

(In response to a viewer who says, “The Mahdi will not declare himself to be the Mahdi. If he does, I think he is a false Mahdi.”)

Our Prophet (pbuh) has noted this subject in the time of the Mahdi. It is an important issue that has never applied before. People will insist on telling the Mahdi, “You are the Mahdi.” In huge numbers. In response, he will say, “I am not the Mahdi.” They will keep forcing him to deny he is the Mahdi. They will say he is, and he will insist that he is not. He says they will list all the portents, and say that he must be the Mahdi because of this and that sign. This means the Mahdi will be known by signs. We can see that from the hadiths. This and that sign, he says. He will insist that he is not the Mahdi, but they will eventually make him accept the role of leader and of imam, he says. But he will still deny he is the Mahdi.


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