Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 5 March 2012

A9 TV, 5 March 2012

(On Obama saying, in reference to Iran, ‘Talk softly and carry a big stick’)

Iran is not going to mind about the big stick. They are already saying, “Let them destroy Iran. We want to sacrifice it for Allah. And we will finish off whatever is left.” So you cannot get anywhere with a big stick. Nor with soft words. Only through rational, honest and satisfying education.  And that means telling them about the true belief in the Mahdi. And Islamic Union. Once we have Islamic Union, the danger of a nuclear war will be zero. The Mahdi will not even wake the sleeper when he comes. Let alone any mass slaughter. But if you damage their national pride, they will start making atoms bombs even if they had not before. What is more, they have long since had them. There are considerable amounts of nuclear weapons in Iran.

It is no good constantly squaring up to Iran. There is no need for talk like that. An attack on Iran would mean chaos in the region. May Allah forbid, several countries would be wiped off the map. The only thing to do is to reveal the truth of the way of the Mahdi. Allah will force people to accept the true Mahdi. You will see this in the years ahead. There will be a huge crisis. There will be a huge dead-end. Those who believe in a collective personality will admit defeat. Iran will give in. And America will give in. There will be no solution other than the Mahdi. If you wait a little, we will all see.

(According to daily Die Welt, North Korea tested two nuclear bombs in 2010. One test was carried out on behalf of Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is due to have talks with U.S. President Obama about a military operation against Iran)

This is all most humiliating. You say not a word when it comes to North Korea. But you wave a huge stick at Iran. They are embarrassing themselves. This kind of talk is unnecessary. What must be done is to encourage them toward Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union. The matter must be resolved from the foundations. America threatened North Korea before, but North Korea never cared and America withdrew. Now America is throwing its weight about with Iran. What it should do is encourage Turkish-Islamic Union with all its might. And the result will be peace, a festival air, beauty, joy, the finest democracy, the finest art, the finest science and the finest life. It will delight them all.

2012-04-17 14:59:09

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