Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 26 March 2012

A9 TV,  March 26th, 2012

The full robe is a splendid and most becoming garment. There is a picture of me in a robe and turban. It is wonderfully becoming. It is becoming in the right manner, though. It attracts attention. One can wear it at home, but not outside.

Weakness of faith is the worst scourge in the world. Since when? Since the time of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). People have always been tested by weakness of faith. There is no such thing with the angels. Angels have to have faith. Their faith is certain and absolute because they see and hear. Angels are immortal. They never die. But they are not tested. That is why Allah favors human beings. And how! Which is more acceptable to Him, the angels or our Prophet (saas)? Our Prophet (saas) is more acceptable to Him because he was tested. And we have a duty to Allah to protect ourselves from mental assaults. The brain may try and attack us because of doubts. Avoid that! Always be on the side of Allah, love and truth;  be among those who always favor Allah.  Satan put on airs, as you know. He insisted he was in the right. “You created me from fire, but men from clay,” he said. But it is Allah Who creates both fire and clay. He was proud. He was told to prostrate himself, but he refused. So Almighty Allah cast him out. And he accepted that, because of his pride. “Cast me out,” he said, may Allah forbid. “Give me time, and I will prove that I am in the right,” he said. “You created me from fire. But You did not choose me, You regard him (man) as superior,” he said. He said that Allah was in the wrong and that he would prove it. But Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will bring satan down.

For example, how are satan’s supports putting the pressure on? Through hypocrites and idolators. Blasphemy and hypocrisy. All the oppressors and the dajjals have gone crazy with the rebellion and arrogance of the End Times. “Allah did not create,” they say. So how did it all happen? They say, “By chance. There is no Allah.” May He forbid!

Fanaticism has ruined Afghanistan. America went and attacked fanaticism and broke it. That fanaticism first ruined Afghanistan. But the bigots were prepared for that. “Come and ruin the place,” they said. They permitted no economic development or military development. They turned their backs on science, technology, art and everything. Bloodthirsty psychopaths turned Afghanistan into a wasteland. My apologies to the religious sites and religious matters. Then it was all ready for America to step in. It occupied the place with ease, and no problems arose because these people in Afghanistan are opposed to science, technology and art. Could America have occupied Afghanistan if it had a powerful army and well-educated young people and was a high-class country?

And the same with Iraq. They handed it over to some mafia types, Saddam. That foul, stinking guy ruined Iraq. Lacking any sense of art and beauty, he had those tasteless, vulgar palaces built for himself. Just like Gaddafi did.     Tyrannical buffoons took over most Islamic countries with just a few exceptions. And America is easily toppling them one by one. Look at Syria; they brought that man in, who was ignorant of everything.

Surat an-Nisa’, 35

If you fear a breach between a couple [husband an wife], send an arbiter from his people and an arbiter from her people. If the couple desire to put things right, Allah will bring about a reconciliation between them. Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.”

Husbands and wives sometimes want to split up, for no reason. But Allah says that they can resolve it if an arbiter from the woman’s family and an arbiter from the man’s family negotiate together. Allah says He will reconcile them, if they wish.

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