Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 12 March 2012

A9 TV,  March 12th, 2012

The end of 2012 will be very exciting. Great events will take place, insha’Allah.

Surat at-Tawba, 24

Say: ‘If your fathers or your sons or your brothers or your wives or your tribe a circle of family and friends, or any wealth you have acquired,business is one of the things people care about the most, or any business you fear may slump, or any house which pleases you, are dearer to you than Allah and His Messengerfrom our Prophet (saas) who is Allah’s Mahdiand striving in His Way,struggling to establish Islamic Union in the way of Allah, “then wait until Allah brings about His command.  till death takes you from this worldAllah does not guide people who are deviators.’” A Muslim will leave all of these; submit to Allah with all his heart and struggle for the union of Muslims and the Turkish Islamic Union, insha’Allah. Allah revealed this as an obligation in the Qur’an.

Mr. Adnan Oktar is Explaining Surat at-Tawba:

Verse 32

They desire to extinguish Allah’s Light with their mouths. They want to stop Islam and the Qur’an by talking on television, here and there. They want to spread Darwinism, materialism.But Allah refuses to do other than perfect His Light, even though the idolators detest it. Almighty Allah wants to make His religion superior to all and reign in the world.

Verse 33

It is He Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Religion of Truth to exalt it over every other religion, even though the idolators detest it. Islam will prevail throughout the world.

Verse 40

If you do not help him, Allah did help himIf people do not help Hazrat Mahdi (as), this is the sign of the verse. This verse was sent to our Prophet (saas).when the disbelievers drove him out and there were two of them in the Cave.* He said to his companion, ‘Do not be despondent, Allah is with us.’ Then Allah sent down His serenity upon him Hazrat Mahdi (as) and the Prophet Jesus (as) will be in a cave like the People of the Cave. and reinforced him with troops you could not see. supported by Hazrat Khidr (as)’s army and angels. He made the word of the kuffar undermost. Now screams of disbelief are lowered. They are humiliated by Allah. It is the word of Allah which is uppermost. Allah is Almighty, All-Wise.

Verse 42

If it had been a case of easy gains and a short journey, they would have followed you, For example, it is also so for Hazrat Mahdi (as); he has  a very long struggle for 40 years. Therefore hypocrites cannot endure this struggle together with Hazrat Mahdi (as). “but the distance was too great for them. They will swear by Allah: ‘Had we been able to, we would have gone out with you.’ They are destroying their own selves. Allah knows that they are lying.

Verse 43

Allah pardon you! Why did you excuse them until it was clear to you which of them were telling the truth and until you knew the liars? Therefore, the students of Hazrat Mahdi (as) are all selected. They will consist of strong men and women, insha’Allah.

Verse 44

Those who have faith in Allah and the Last Day do not ask you to excuse them from struggling (in the way of Allah)  with their wealth and themselves. They do not make excuses. Allah knows the people who have piety.

Verse 45

Only those who do not have faith in Allah and the Last Day ask you to excuse them. Their hearts are full of doubt and in their doubt they waver to and fro. Does Allah exist or nor? He cannot be sure. Will Hazrat Mahdi (as) emerge, will the Prophet Jesus (as) come or not? Will Islamic Union happen or not? Is there heaven or not? He cannot decide. They remain in suspicion. This again shows the importance of the signs leading to faith. What is the problem of the end times? Always signs leading to faith…

Verse 46

If they had really desired to go out, they would have made proper preparations for it,Why? Lack of faith. but Allah was averse to their setting out so He held them back and they were told: ‘Stay behind with those who stay behind.’The man is sitting at home and does not want to do anything. He eats, drinks and lies down.

Verse 47

If they had gone out among you, they would have added nothing to you but confusion. Now hypocrites are there, striving to cause corruption.  “They would have scurried about amongst you seeking to cause conflict between you, and among you there are some who would have listened to them. Allah also says that there are those who snitch. Allah knows the wrongdoers.

Verse 48

They have already tried to cause conflict before, and turned things completely upside down for you, He snitches, cheats and cooperates with disbelievers and polytheists.until the truth came and Allah’s command prevailed even though they detested it. Insha’Allah, this also points to world domination, to the triumph of Mahdism, insha’Allah.

Verse 49

“And among them is he who says, 'Permit me (to remain at home) and do not put me to trial.” I have a child; I have a job and school. “Unquestionably, into trial they have fallen.” Allah says that they now fall into trouble. “And indeed, hell will encompass the disbelievers.” Allah says that they will be faced with great pain in hell.

Verse 50

If good happens to you it galls them. Allah says that your joy, happiness, strength, richness, might would bother and trouble other people. If a mishap occurs to you, they say, for example when someone attacks or plays a game "‘We made our preparations in advance,’ and they turn away rejoicing. He says that they would feel glad by not going.

Verse 51

Say: ‘Nothing can happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us.Almighty Allah says that only what is in destiny happens.  He is Our Master. It is in Allah that the believers should put their trust.’" He tells to submit to Allah.

Verse 52

Say: ‘What do you await for us except for one of the two best things?* They say, “We would die a martyr at most”.But what we await for you is for Allah to inflict a punishment on you either directly from Himself or at our hands. An activity that will make disbelief suffer. So wait, we are waiting with you!’ We say to Darwinists and materialists, “You will see within 10 years, insha’Allah.”

Verse 55

Do not let their wealth and children impress you. It shall not tempt you that they are married with children or they are rich.Allah merely wants to punish them by them during their life in the world because they are hurt due to his possessions and children; “Is something going to happen to my children, is he going to be able to go to this school, how could she be more beautiful that the child of that person?” If she is not, they are hurt. He goes out; “Is he going to come back?” He makes business; “Am I going to go bankrupt?” Allah gives them pain; they are very hurt. For example, he is in business and he says, “I wonder if the checks will bounce?” He buys a car and he says, “The car of this person is better.” This gives him pain. and for them to expire while they are disbelievers. Allah says that when they die, they will die in agony.

Verse 56

They swear by Allah that they are of your number, Thanks to Allah, we are Muslims, he says. but they are not of your number. Rather, they are people who are scared. They are cowards; they fear everyone. Running away is what they know the best.

Verse 57

If they could find a bolt-hole, cave or burrow, they would turn and scurry away into it. They would run and hide with the fear of being caught. Almighty Allah says that they would run to some place with the fear of being arrested, being sent to prison, being beaten or cursed at.

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