Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 3 April 2012

A9 TV,  3 April 2012

It is very important to love our elders. It is also the height of immorality, may Allah forbid, to feel any annoyance on account of their illnesses. To be wearied by them is the height of bad manners, or lack of conscience. One year, two years, ten years or whatever, the longer it goes on, the more merit one earns. Almighty Allah tells us not to even sigh when they reach old age. What is a sigh? It is a sign of weariness. Allah tells us not to even hint at weariness. Even to wear a wearied expression is the worst possible immorality. To put on a frozen face or something. As if one were worn out. For example, it is terribly immoral to huff and puff if they ask you for a drink of water. One must just say, “I will do what you ask,” and embrace then with love and affection. Many people die of sorrow, may Allah forbid. He uses sorrow as His instrument. Some people anticipate their old people’s dying. You should want them to live, instead. What would you want if it were you? You would want to be taken care of well and nicely. But Allah has entrusted these elderly people to you, so look after them properly.

They have shattered all fervor in Muslims. And people are finished when they have no fervor. They are shattering fervor for the way of the Mahdi, fervor for Islamic Union and fervor for Jesus the Messiah. People are literally paralyzed. They are killing love of Allah. People pray wearily, as if they were drunk, not really aware of what they are doing. They can barely stand, while what they are thinking is, “I wish this prayer would hurry up and come to an end.” Like dead people. I look, and there is no joy or fervor in their speech. But when it comes to matters of business they go crazy, wagging their tails like a dog that has seen a bone. That makes them really happy and excited. Compliments and little gestures; “Oh, Mr. Naci, welcome, how lovely to see you...” all that kind of thing, when there is something in it for them. But a Muslim will show affection for Allah’s sake. But these people have dark faces all the time, apart from a brief moment of material joy. They may think of that person as money personified. Lovelessness and insincerity wear Muslims down, may Allah forbid. This is very dangerous. We must remind them of these words of Fethullah Hodja and encourage love and affection.

Imagine the excesses to which so many people would go if they were not created weak. Imagine the pride and arrogance in men, and the pride and arrogance in women. You know how a woman puts on airs and looks down her nose at people if she is the slightest bit attractive? Or how a man goes crazy if he has a little money.

Judges should undergo psychological checks. People with the right qualities to be judges should be judges. One must look at their psychological states. A judge must be loving. And well-mannered. You cannot have a rude judge who shouts and gets angry and irritable all the time. How can one talk to a person like that. Judges must be selected using psychological tests, if they are to be appointed.

What a fine system Allah has established. The world is so rich. Had Allah wished, He could have placed us all in paradise. We could have been wandering round the gardens of paradise and eating the food there. But thinking about Allah and His love so enriches us that He makes us feel that way anyway. We come to love Him with a profound passion, masha’Allah. Now that love will grow still further. The coming of the Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) will increase that fervor enormously. But these spiritual leaders and elders are very important. Their agreement for Allah’s sake is most important. Sheikh Nazım al-Qubrusi is one, Sheikh Seyyid Salih Ozcan [his student and deputy], to, other masters and spiritual guides, Mahmut Hodja. These are all very valuable. Their like will not come again.

There will be no need for military operation when we have Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union. They will be a deterrent force. For example, what was special about the Prophet Solomon’s (pbuh) army? It was a deterrent force. Did the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) shed blood? No. He said he could destroy those opposed to him, and the sight of his power was enough for those opponents. “We had best not get involved. We don’t need it. We give in,” they would say. Problems will be totally resolved when Turkish-Islamic Union has such a force. Therefore, the best way for Turkey to be powerful in the face of America and Europe is Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union.

2012-04-25 14:55:12

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