Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 23 April 2012

A9 TV, 23 April 2012

Well done to the Italians. They are great when it comes to furniture and fashion. But there has been a bit of a decline in their abilities lately. I mean, their artistic sides were better when they were more religious. Then it increasingly declined. It has declined in the whole world, not only in Italy. People have grown weaker in architecture, painting, art, theater, music and everything. No geniuses appear anywhere any more. Have you noticed? One does not see genius scientists or painters or musicians any more. Because people have lost faith. They have become Darwinists and materialists. People are now living with the damage that has caused.

An intense lack of love has enfolded the world. The world is literally shouting out “The Mahdi! The Mahdi!” The way that people cry for a lifeguard or for help when someone is dying. Now the cry is for “The Mahdi,” instead of “Help!” Insha’Allah.  The Mahdi is the person, together with his followers, whom Allah will make His instruments in salvation, insha’Allah.

Look at the positive side of everything. It is dishonest to approach someone who has a thousand positive aspects from an irrelevant perspective, insha’Allah. Look at the positive aspects of everything. 

The first place we will go to is Jerusalem. And then Rome. Rome will also fall into Muslim hands. Italy. That is made clear in the hadiths. They are a devout and excellent people of good conscience. The Vatican will be Muslim from one end to the other, insha’Allah. The Darwinist owl will hoot there no more. There will be no more Darwinist-materialists. The system of the Mahdi will obliterate the mafia squatting on the Catholic Church. The Vatican is run by the mafia. The mafia rules. We will do away with that. It has been occupied by a Marxist-Darwinist gang. Saying “Allah” is a crime. You cannot say it. You cannot say, “Allah created;” that is forbidden. You have to espouse Darwinism. This is a really odd state of affairs. They force rabbis to say, “Yes, Darwin spoke the truth.” You should be looking to the wisdom of Allah. Catholic priests turn up and chorus, “Yes, Darwin spoke the truth.” They make them say that. Look how strong the antichrist is! Allah, Allah. But I am poking my finger in the antichrist’s one good eye, with knowledge, science and reason.

How do we know the need for free will has not been taken away? After giving birth to the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), Hazrat Maryam says, “I wish I had been forgotten.” “I wish I were in the earth and people had forgotten me,” she says. We can tell from her reaction that this is a test. We can tell the need for free will has not been lifted. They say, “How could a child in the cradle talk?” If there were no need for free will, he would not talk in that way. Free will is still required. So that is compatible with the need for free will. How did it happen? Allah knows that. But it is compatible with the need for free will.

The accounts in the Qur’an are marvelous. The event is true, but the way it is brought to life in our minds makes it different again. For example, when we talk about the dividing of the sea, we imagine that the Prophet Moses (pbuh) cast down his staff and the sea froze up as hard as concrete in a moment. No so. That would remove the need for free will. It is not how we imagine it in our minds. One verse speaks of sea waves being like mountains. The word mountain suggests something like Mount Everest. Not so. It still fit even if it is just 10-12 meters high. If they just looked like small hills. Something like a tsunami would not impair the meaning of the verse. It would be a miracle for that to happen. Allah could use a tsunami as His instrument, or something else, or no instrument at all. But since He does not eliminate free will, we see them crossing through the sea. Pharaoh’s army gets half way across the sea. They could not do that if the sea had frozen solid. These people are highly intelligent, but stupid. They appear to be very clever and tricky, but they are utterly foolish.

People always think like that. When young people are told about religion they always imagine that something will happen to remove all doubt. But no such thing will happen. Allah puts Hazrat Maryam’s words in there deliberately. To show He has not done away with the need for free will. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) throws down his staff and it turns into a snake. That should eliminate the need for free will. Allah says they began fleeing before it turned back. “Come back” says. He constantly says “Do not be afraid.” But the prophet is very excited, as required by the test.

Verse 112 of Surat at-Tawba

Those who repent, those who worship, those who praise,” Allah likes those who repent. “those who worship” acts of worship such as prayer and fasting and everything. “those who praise,” alhamdulillah. “those who fast,” for Allah. those who bow, those who prostrate, those who command the right, those who forbid the wrong, those who preserve the limits of Allah: give good news to the believers.

 “those who command the right, those who forbid the wrong,” Commanding the right and forbidding the wrong. Muslims have a duty to observe these acts of worship day and night. “The Religious Affairs Department does that,” people say. But then the Religious Affairs Department will earn the merit from it. But what about you? Can the Religious Affairs Department pray on your behalf? No. Neither can the Religious Affairs Department preach on your behalf. You must do it yourself. Everyone has a duty to preach Islam on the path of Allah.

(About a new statement by Chief of the Israeli General Staff General Benny Gantz that they are ready to strike against Iran if the order is given)

And Iran is ready to strike them. That is no good. They must apply the commandment of the Torah and seek the Messiah, the Mahdi. Have they looked but failed to find him? They must say, “We looked for him, but could not find him.” They have not sought him yet. The stipulation in the Torah is clear - 2012. What does the Torah say? “Seek him at the gates of Rome and the gates of Istanbul.” Let them come and seek the Mahdi (pbuh). It says not to seek him in Jerusalem. You cannot find him there, it says. The time has also come. If you want signs, they are appearing. He will be a man of peace and will shed no blood. The lion will lie down with the lamb. The Torah describes everything about him, right down to his clothing, his stature and figure, in great detail. Everything is set out in the Torah. If they do not follow the Torah, then they have not heeded Allah. And if they do not heed Allah, then what it says in the Torah will happen. That is what I am reminding people of from time to time. 

One must not be shabby, and one’s environment must not be a shabby one. This is a huge scourge in the Middle East. A huge lack of quality also prevails in Iran. A huge lack of quality prevails in Pakistan and India. Lack of quality dominates in the Middle East. For example, France would never accept lack of quality as a policy of state. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Holland all hate lack of quality. Americans also loathe lack of quality. Quality needs to be targeted to the highest level in Islamic countries.

New hadiths of our Prophet’s (saas). Note this well, and let our brothers tell it to one another. It is most astonishing.

Ayyub ibn Noah relates; “There will be correspondence about the Mahdi.” Look, messages on the internet, Facebook and Twitter. “People will point to him with their fingers. They will ask him questions. And they will try and kill him,” he says of the Mahdi (pbuh). They have tried to kill this poor brother of yours nine times. That is manifested in me because I am a follower of the Mahdi. Roses on a bush resemble one another.

“When people ask him questions, he will answer at once.” The Mahdi, he says. “If they are silent in his presence, he will begin speaking of his own accord.” This means that some people will be silent before him. This was narrated from Abu Basr. “By what sign can the Imam Mahdi be known? He said, the Imam Mahdi has a number of characteristics that enable him to be known. When asked a question, he will answer at once. If they are silent in his presence, he will begin speaking. He will speak to people in the future. He will speak to people in all languages.” So the blessed one’s works will be translated into 60-65 languages.

“He will speak to people in the future.” Maybe from the works of Bediuzzaman. “He will speak with inspiration from Allah.” Allah will inspire the Mahdi to speak, he says. “He will appear.” He will make him visible. “And he will illuminate the truth. He will reject the cunning of the cunning.” Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). “He will be the voice of the wretched.” The poor, the needy, will tell him their troubles. And he will be their voice. It will spread all around. “The Imam Mahdi will cleanse people of their sins.” With the Qur’an, insha’Allah. By warning them. “Mildness is one of his characteristics,” says our Prophet (saas). “The Mahdi will attract the hatred of the hypocrites.” The hypocrites will loathe the Mahdi (pbuh). “He will be instrumental in the destruction of the unbelievers.” Through knowledge and learning. “The Mahdi is the only man of his time.” He says there is no-one but him. “Nobody can attain his level. No scholar is comparable to his stature,” he says of the Mahdi (pbuh). “There is no alternative to him.” There is none like him. “He will become evident with the title of virtue. All virtues will be gathered together in the Mahdi, but not through work and effort.” In other words, this is not the result of hard work. “These virtues given him by the Almighty Bestower, Allah, are characteristics unique to him.” These attributes cannot be acquired by hard work so one can become the Mahdi, he says. Our Prophet (saas) says that Allah has already bestowed these in destiny. “The Mahdi is a scholar.” “Rasulullah’s (saas) attribute of calling people [to faith] has been especially entrusted to him, and the duty of calling people [to faith] has been left to him.” “He is descended from the immaculate line of Rasulullah.”

“His learning is advanced and his gentleness is without flaw.” He has gentleness. “He is powerful in faith and learned in politics.” He evaluates politics most intelligently. His attitude is warm and knowledgeable and he has a mastery of politics. He is no vulgar politician. His conception of politics favors the truth. With knowledge and maturity. He is entirely on the side of truth and goodness. “It is compulsory to obey him,” says our Prophet (saas). “The Mahdi advises the servants of Allah. He is the protector of Allah’s religion.”

“When Almighty Allah selects one of his servants to manage the affairs of his other servants, He will open his breast in such a way that he can succeed in this task, and place source of wisdom in his heart and inspire him with such learning that from then on he will have no trouble answering any question, and he will never stray from the truth and no inaccurate reply will ever leave his mouth.” The blessed one will always give an accurate answer. My similarity to him is that I am in his shadow. “In that regard, the person charged by Allah with managing the affairs of His servants is quite without guile,” in his decrees. “He has been supported by Allah. He has granted him success and confirmed him.The hadith says there is a confirming angel everywhere. “He is guaranteed against errors, slips and mistakes.” In other words, the Prophet (saas) says he will not make mistakes. “Allah will make him so special in this business that his flawless behavior will bear witness to His creations. In terms of Allah’s proofs, Allah has created him in that way. “He (the Mahdi) is the bridle of the people, the leader of the religion, the order of Muslims, the mainstay of the world and the honor of believers. He will impose the states ordained by Allah. He will defend the religion of Allah. He will call people to the religion of our Lord, with wisdom and fine advice and definitive proof.” He will call on people to believe using photographs and documents and scientific evidence.

“The Imam (the Mahdi) will illuminate the whole world like a Sun rising on the horizon.” The Messenger of Allah (saas) says he will illuminate the world. “The imam is a shining new moon, a bright wax, a light shedding illumination, a star lighting the way in the darkness, in the dark streets of the cities, in the depths of the desert and the whirlpools of the oceans,” he says.

“The imam is fresh water for the thirsty, a guide to the true path and a savior who saves without being destroyed. The imam is a guiding torch lit on a high place for the lost to find their way.” “He who sees that fire will find his way,” he says. “He is warm for those caught in the freezing cold. He is a trustworthy guide through dangerous crossings. He who departs from his will certainly be destroyed,” says our Prophet (saas). Whoever strays from him will be destroyed, insha’Allah.

“The imam (the Mahdi) is a cloud causing rain to fall. He is a falling rain. He is a light-giving sun. He is like a sky serving as a roof and an earth serving as a floor. He is sharp-sighted, a rose garden whose leaves and branches are all intermingled. The imam is a warm friend and companion, a loving father, a blood brother and a mother considerate of her children,” that is how affectionate he is to all Muslims. “He is a refuge for the servants of Allah when disaster strikes from all directions.” The Imam Mahdi (pbuh).

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