Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 24 April 2012

A9 TV, 24 April 2012


Fine, you can tell jokes, I have no objection to that. But why involve the hereafter? Why involve the angels and sacred things? What need is there? Say they have gone to a place of entertainment and there was a contest there. You can invent the whole thing in that form. Or you can speak of a sporting contest. I am not telling anyone not to tell funny stories or jokes. But your language is such to reduce respect for the angels and the hereafter.


For example, they produce cartoons about angels. With birds flying above their heads and people floating on clouds. Or the demons of hell chasing people around. You can see these in all comics. These are secret propaganda techniques intended to reduce fear and love of Allah. If you laugh at the hereafter, will that laughter save you from it? Will you be spared the pains of hell? When you die, you won’t be laughing as you did the. Your nose and mouth will rot away. You will be tearful and terrified and suffer an enormous shock. Your mouth and nose will run into one another. There will be none of the joy, lack of care and shamelessness you exhibited when looking at the cartoons. The blood will freeze in your veins when the angels take you. You cannot do that. You will be unable to do those things when you are forced to kneel in hell. There will be no fun or laughter there. There will be nobody to laugh with, either. Allah says, “I will summon you all alone, one by one.” “There will be no friends there to back you up,” He says. “There will be no-one to support you in My Presence,” He says. “I will remove all your supporters,” says Allah. “I will bring you in alone,” He says. The questioning takes place one-to-one. There will be no fun, mockery or fooling about then.

You imagine you can avoid the hereafter or overcome your fear of it by laughing at it. That will just make you more guilty, so you will suffer worse torment and pain. You must live and die like a normal Muslim. When you die, your soul will be taken gently, and the angels will show you love and respect, you will receive a pleasant welcome, you will be taken to paradise in a pleasant manner and the esteem you enjoy there will also be most agreeable. Otherwise, you will be degraded for all time. You will suffer for all eternity. Just so you can entertain people for a couple of minutes. And even then, that is not real entertainment. It will upset everyone, because you mock the hereafter. People will be afraid. There is obviously a Creator and a hereafter. Behave well and properly. Allah says, “Allah does not want any injustice for His servants.” Allah wants the best for us, not to torment us. But He wants us to be normal, reasonable, good and honest people of good conscience. If you mock Him and His angels, then He will make you very unhappy. Allah wants us to behave normally and properly. To be loving and humane. Almighty Allah does not tell us not to enjoy ourselves. There are hadiths where our Prophet (saas) tells people to make jokes. There are hadiths that encourage joking. Joke, but don’t bring the angels and the hereafter into it. Why involve them in your jokes? That is very bad. Teachers and religious types do that, too. I have seen devout professors and some foolish sheikhs doing it. I have seen it with my own eyes. Some idiot sits there and makes jokes about the hereafter. I listen in a serious manner, and never laugh. They are surprised. But there is nothing to laugh at. I say it makes me uneasy. Idiots. How can one laugh at such things? On the country, fear of Allah should enter one’s hearts. Look at the shamelessness of it.

You see it in religious papers and magazines. Some religious politicians engage in this foolishness. I have seen many such politicians. I call them fools, because they also know what they are. It is not just a few people. This shamelessness is widespread.

For example, when bigoted teachers go to a meeting they make such foolish jokes to make a hit with the people there. You can see this in all bigots. That is the kind of filth they also provide at home. They spread filth and immorality. They are morally ugly. Of course they can do no harm to radiant beings there, and paradise and hell. And my apologies to [leader of the Turkish opposition] Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu, of course. I guess someone told him and suggested he say it. Because he is a devout and honest person. Not the kind of man to do such a thing. I do not think he will do it again, insha’Allah.

It is common in families. We used to have meetings at home when I was a child, and some idiot would immediately make a joke about the hereafter. There are animals like that around. One of our friends described how someone was about to die, and he asked the people around for some spare cash to spend in the hereafter. You dog, you are about to die and you are still making vile jokes. People are filled with fear an awe of Allah, and that idiot tries to make a joke. All it tells us is what an idiot you are. We can see that Allah has deprived you of your reason. And we think of your punishment and seek refuge in Allah. Idiot. You are dying. Your bonds with this world are going. Look, let us assume you have no intelligence and that you are completely cretinous; you still have to admit a 50-50 possibility. You should still ask yourself, what if the hereafter really does exist? Even if you are utterly moronic. And if you wonder if the hereafter exists, then you will not do it. How can you be that stupid? Even the stupidest person would be in two minds. Your human nature should stop you. Do you not see? There is a perfect system here. Everything is based on a mathematical system. You see a colored world. It is all quite amazing. May Allah grant you salvation, insha’Allah.

Of course, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be someone who loves beauty, insha’Allah. Rome, the city of Heraklion, will be surrounded by the delightful love of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). All Italians will become Muslims, insha’Allah. You will see.

(The sound of an explosion, thought to be caused by a meteor, was heard along a line extending all along Nevada and California in the USA. In the wake of the explosion, all the houses in several towns were rocked at the same time. During the explosion, a large ball of fire was seen in the sky. Researchers have investigated the matter. But they have made no statement about what the parts of the meteor that reached the earth, it probably having broken up in the atmosphere, are made of.)

I said that marvels would take place, and they are happening one after the other. The Qur’an also refers to stone from the sky. When they see it, they will think it is a cloud and ignore it, it says. “It is only a cloud,” they will say. But the real stone event will come in Hijri 1545. It will strike the world twice and damage it badly. There will be one blow, and then another, says Allah.

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