Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 2 May 2012


A9 TV, 2 May 2012

They have depicted Islam with men resembling animals, all hair and beard, stinking and only washing once every couple of weeks. They even regard the stench of their breath as sacred. Disgusting guys. Always filth and squalor. You can see utterly crazed actions from their declarations. Bovine guys with no conception of esthetics or art or quality. There are one and a half billion Muslims, but they do not make their weight felt. They are despised and degraded everywhere. All because of a handful of idiots. Look at the essence of Islam. We have one Allah, one Messenger prophet (saas), one kiblah and we believe in paradise and hell. Those who can and are fit enough pray. We are as careful as we can be over what is lawful and unlawful. But these are all Muslims. Why tear the nation apart by delving into minor details?

They want everyone else to be as filthy as them. Someone grows a beard, but, “That is not enough,” they say. What is it to you? Let him do it how he likes. Then there is women’s make-up. I say that in the time of Rasulullah (saas) women put kohl on their eyes, even before the eyes of their menfolk. Really nice and thick. Women do that, and these men say, “How dare they?” Men grew their hair long in the time of Rasulullah (saas), and wore it in plaits on either side. Try it now and see what they say. They will never accept it. And not if a woman does it, either.

They have ruined people in Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere. They have prevented millions, billions of people from finding happiness. Simply because of their stupidity.

Rasulullah (saas) did exactly what people did at the time. Everyone had beards, so he grew a beard. Everyone wore a turban, so he wore one, too. Did the pagans wear turbans? Yes. And Christians and Jews. And Rasulullah (saas) wore one, as well. So, he wore what everyone else wore. Everyone wore a robe, so he wore one, too. The robe he wore even had gold inlay. A Byzantine robe, the work of Byzantium, highly decorated. There were no toothbrushes then, but there was the “mishrak.” So Rasulullah (saas) used that. He used whatever was available at the time. There was kohl, and he used that. He used whatever people used to dye their hair.

The women then used the pinkish rouge known as “haluk.” Ummu Habibe, wife of a Companion, used it. Hadiths refer to the use of different dyes and colors. That was what was available at the time. But people were spotless, well-groomed and attractive. They dressed very well. Bigotry descends like an avalanche. It grows and grows. Bigots are always crazy, if you notice. They even know they are crazy, and spout utter nonsense. But since they claim to speak in the name of Allah, they make people uneasy. They are afraid to say anything against the religion. People with little knowledge remain silent in the face of the bigots. And these kind of take them over.

When talking about the faith, one must behave in such a way as to embrace everyone. It used not to be possible for Muslims to meet with freemasons. There was a wall between them. But I met with them and saw they are perfectly pleasant and polite. They went and prayed together with our people in Haghia Sofia. We know have a huge circle of contacts with the freemasons. They behave very well, and we talk about Islam and the Qur’an. They are humane people. We can talk, and they listen. They are not like the bigots.

In essence, young girls must be well-groomed. Allah refers to them being tended like flowers in a verse. And what do flowers look like? They are colored and perfumed and decorative. Young girls must be well-groomed, that is in their nature. They must be clean. It is easy for a woman to protect her chastity. And it is easy for a man to protect his chastity. It is left up to their reason and conscience. A person can protect himself through reason, conscience and faith.

Open up the Qur’an and behave accordingly. Without the Mahdi (pbuh) it does not look as if statements of this kind are going to save them. In other words, it does not look as if bigotry is going to end and people are going to escape this scourge except through the Mahdi (pbuh). No matter how much we talk, we can never totally uproot bigotry. People still remain under the influence of bigotry. But they will understand clearly from what the Mahdi (pbuh) says, from his very clear statements. But otherwise, by the law of Allah this state of affairs will just continue.

For example, “You are not weeping. You must force yourself to weep.” Why should I weep? We must laugh. Weeping is for the unbelievers.

“Laughter comes from satan.”

“Do not make jokes, too much laughter dries a person’s face up.”

“Do not smile such that your teeth can be seen.” What kind of thing is that to say? What an insane thing to say. Should we cover our mouths with our hands then?

You do not get high-quality, rational, high-class people with a good conscience and lofty moral values, whose hearts are full of love, who are forgiving and with broad horizons. You get vulgar, plastic, tinned people. Vile types who wave their arms around like monkeys, who are identical to one another, who use the same language and say vile and filthy things. They have very primitive aims and are selfish and aggressive, they gossip and are full of hatred … Selfish types who always look on the wrong side of things, always think the worst, look for what is worst in things and never look for beauty have emerged. Obama only just made it as leader. Everyone is apathetic. They just want their children to be well fed and successful in their jobs. I just mind my own business and make sure the children and I are doing all right, they say. Their horizons are selfish and narrow. The kind of character that embraces all mankind, looks on things with an eye to Allah’s approval, to love of Allah, and that is enlightened by the Qur’an is very rare. Many Muslims are like that; they first establish their families and organize their working lives. And then, if everything is going OK and they want to serve Islam, they do so only in a way that will not cause the slightest conflict with their own interests. Otherwise, they have no dealings with it. My congratulations to Güneri Civaoğlu; he spoke very well and intelligently.

(Scientists announced that there will be a solar eclipse on May 20 and a mini-solar eclipse also including Venus on June 5. These two eclipses will have features that have not been seen much before. The June 5 eclipse in particular is a very rare celestial event known as the Transit of Venus. The next one is expected in 2117.)

Not 2117, 2120. That corresponds exactly to the time of the Day of reckoning. Ana steroid will also hit then, in 2120. Allah says in a verse that there will be a great noise with the first impact. On the second impact, the Day of Reckoning will be finished. Allah says it will hit once again. “A second impact will follow,” He says. The rock will crash into the Earth, and then hit it again because of the force of gravity. After that, the Earth will be shattered into pieces. There will be fire everywhere. He says people will flee in terror on that day. Because there is a powerful and wide-ranging earthquake. But Allah says they will have nowhere to flee to. Because the streets will be collapsing as they flee. Apartment blocks will fall down as they flee. There will be nowhere to hide. Nowhere for planes to land. Allah describes the terror most explicitly.

Because of all that detail the bigots have left the whole world in the hands of atheists. The world would have been Muslim had they not gone into all that detail. And if you are sincere, you must want the Mahdi (pbuh) to appear. Since you want the details to be put right, let the Mahdi (pbuh) put them right. If you are sincere, you must want the Mahdi (pbuh) to appear. But you do not. There is no such thing in your minds. Each one wants to establish a separate sultanate system. So they are unwilling to see the Mahdi (pbuh) appear. Because the Mahdi (pbuh) will obliterate all their arrogance. That is why they are putting up a satanic resistance.

The sea is a blessing, lakes are a blessing and rivers are a blessing. Water is described as a blessing in the Qur’an, which speaks of rivers of gold. The universe is one great river, flowing from one end to the other, masha’Allah. Allah speaks in one verse of ships like mountains. There are ships like mountains in the End Times. People will only be able to imagine them in the End Times. There were no ships like mountains in those days. But there are now, masha’Allah. Allah notes the beauty of the ships. He says that He makes them. You may think that you make them, but it is I Who make them, He says. Neither do you make what you wear. It may seem as if the tailor makes them, but really I make them, Almighty Allah says. Allah makes the ships and the clothes in our minds. We cannot know what the originals on the outside are like. We merely have faith. And Allah also creates that.


Allah refers to those who oppose Allah and His Messenger; the Prophet (saas) or Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Those who oppose Him or those who strive on His path. But Allah says that if you oppose My Messenger, you are opposing Me.  They are cursed in this world and in the hereafter.

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