Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 23 May 2012


A9 TV, 23 May 2012

(On the subject of how Darwinists have deceived people)

Will someone defend something that will totally disgrace him for no reason? In other words, it would need to have something about it that is consistent and defensible and acceptable to even the most primitive intelligence. You say you emerged by chance, and thus disgrace yourself. What does chance do? Throw a handful of sand down and it just scatters at random, nothing comes of it. “Proteins formed by chance, cofulae and mitochondria formed by chance.” The very people who built cities like New York City and Paris were supposedly the work of chance. And those cities also appeared by chance. Entities that emerged by chance, from mud, supposedly build the electron microscope and investigated themselves. Not even the most fantastical tales from the Middle Ages are as specious as these statements.

Surat al-Lail, verse 1.

By the night when it conceals,” this describes how the system of the dajjal will descend upon the world, how oppression will enfold the world, a time when the world will be in a state of oppression, insha’Allah. It refers to the system of the dajjal. “...and the day when it reveals,” when the Sun of Islam rises, when the Mahdi appears. When Islam and the Islamic world are enlightened.

“The day refers to the Qaim (pbuh), the Mahdi,” he says. “When he comes, he will be victorious over the system of the dajjal”. Allah gives people example in the Qur’an, in the form of parables. The wisdom in them indicates this.  

Surat az-Zukhruf 66,

 “What are they waiting for, but the Hour to come upon them suddenly when they are not expecting it?

Muhammed Bakr (pbuh)  says, that this means “The time of the coming of the Qaim, the Mahdi (pbuh), which will come very suddenly.” He says it will come when they least expect it.

Abu Jafr, Muhammed Bakr (pbuh) said; verse 24 of Surat ash-Shuara “Allah wipes out the false.” This means that Allah eliminates superstition. What He makes happen with true words is the coming of the Qaim, Muhammed the Mahdi, from the line of the Prophet Muhammed (saas). Abu Jafr Sadik says this about verse 39 of Surat al-Hajj, which reads, Permission to fight is given to those who are fought against because they have been wronged – truly Allah has the power to come to their support; It is generally said that this verse was sent down when Rasulullah (saas) was removed from Mecca by the Quraysh. The reference in the verse is to the Qaim, the Mahdi (pbuh).”

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Which TV station will you be a guest on during Ramadan? The three sacred months have come. What observances will you be practicing, and what do you advise?”)

The greatest religious obligation is Islamic Unity. Muslims are currently wretched in the Islamic world. The bigots are striving to prevent Islamic Unity with all their might. They have gone rabid with the foolish idea they can oppose the way of the Mahdi and the excellent activities of Jesus the Messiah, and they are striving to hinder these in the most sly and treacherous ways, at least in their own eyes. Apart from that, a Muslim will already be praying five times a day and will fast and give alms. But he must also increase his knowledge, one, and strive for Islamic Unity with all his might, two. He must tell people of the signs leading to faith, strive to bring people to faith and fight against bigotry. There are two kinds of bigotry. There is atheist bigotry, and the kind of bigotry that disguises itself as Islam. This bigotry that appears to be Islam is far worse than the atheistic form. But one must oppose both with ideas, learning, knowledge and reason.

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