Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 26 May 2012


A9 TV, 26 May 2012

Like me, our Prophet (saas) asks, “Tell me, do you love me?” And they say, “Yes, we love you very much, Rasulullah.” Our Prophet (saas) says, “And I swear that, Allah knows, I love you very much.” Look, I did not know that. Our Prophet (saas) does the same thing, masha’Allah. He rejoices in their joy and happiness and says, “I swear that, Allah knows, I love you very much.”  And he repeats, “I swear that I love you very much.” Masha’Allah.

 (The American Wall Street Journal published a report saying that instead of allowing Greece, which is possibly about to leave the European Union because of the economic crisis, to join, they should have let the rapidly growing Turkey join. It also said that with its population and potential, Turkey would act as a catalyst for the EU.)

They (the EU) would never agree to that. It is not money they are worried about. There are two reasons. The first is the faith of the Turkish nation. Its Islamic identity. They fear it would soon turn the whole of Europe Muslim. The second is Darwin’s ideas that the Turks are a class that will be entirely eliminated, an advanced species of ape, as Darwin said. That is a widespread belief. So they would never agree. They would never agree, no matter how wealthy we were. There is a huge hatred of Turks. There needs to be a special policy of state to get rid of that hatred. Special work needs to be done. They do not say it openly, but they admit it in private conversations. It is something they discuss secretly among themselves. They do not state it openly, but they all know. That needs to be done away with. They are stunned by the faith of the Turkish nation. It terrifies them because that means that nothing will be left of Darwinism and materialism. The truth of the matter is that Turkey is a bastion of creationism. Darwinism enjoys no credence here. Darwinism has been crushed here. From their point of view, they are afraid that if Turkey joins the EU, the pro-faith movement and anti-Darwinist movement in Turkey will be reflected in Europe, too. That is what terrifies them. That is why special work is needed.

 “No woman should put nice scents on her clothing when she goes out.” Those poor things cannot even use deodorants, so they are left to  stink. They make them wretched. Even the smell of soap is not allowed. “Those who wear wigs and false hair are accursed,” they say. “Those who pluck their eyebrows are accursed. Those who pluck the hair from their bodies are accursed,” they say. It is so sad for women, that the majority of them have to go round with beards and mustaches and huge, hairy eyebrows. That is not right. 

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