Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s interview on 29 May 2012


A9 TV, 29 May 2012

There will be no peace for the world without loving and being close to Allah. People can try if they like, but, may Allah forbid, He will and does ruin them. People are very troubled. The joy has gone out of the world. The economy is flat, the arts are flat, science is flat and suicides are on the rise. Life no longer has any meaning for people. But you are looking for trouble. If, may He forbid, you discount Allah, Who gives you so much beauty and goodness, then of course He will hurt you. Of course He will eliminate all plenty. “Give thanks so I may increase your blessings,” says Allah. You just need to give thanks. “I am not grateful,” people say. “I will enjoy all those blessings, but I reject You.” What kind of morality is that?

Allah creates fruits, cars, houses, technology, televisions and radios, and people still say, “That is no concern of mine. I will make use of them, but their Lord is of no interest to me.” So, He will hurt you so that you commit suicide and fall into a terrible depression. If, may Allah forbid, they trouble Almighty Allah, He will trouble them. If they are inimical to Allah, He will crush them. What Allah wants is this; “Be very wise, perfect and scrupuluous. Give thanks to Me. Love Me and I will love you in return.” says Allah. This is an exceedingly reasonable, good and fine proposition from Almighty Allah. He says that you will immediately see that your quality of life will improve. Wealth and abundance will follow on immediately.

Look, the economic crisis is ruining Europe; but if they turn to Allah then Europe, America and the Middle East will all be very wealthy indeed. But no, “We are going to trouble Allah,” they say. “The economy is stagnant for some reason we fail to comprehend. We do not understand, we must have made a mistake somewhere.” It is Allah who causes the economy to stagnate. How can you not see? It is happening before your eyes. The Central Bank, money, dollars and business are all in your hands. How can you not understand? You know perfectly well. Allah is destroying it on metaphysical grounds. That is why everyone must turn to and love Allah before it is too late. There is a great tendency to cruelty and lovelessness in people. Yet love is so delightful. I fail to see why they abandon love.

For my brothers who read the Qur’an, there are subjects that Allah keeps insisting on, and they must attach great importance to these. The Qur’an is not that difficult. People say, “You read and read it, but you can’t understand it.” That is a falsehood. It is perfectly simple and clear. The text is perfectly comprehensible, but of course we cannot deduce the canonical law from it. We get that from scholars, of course, insha’Allah.

Surat ar-Rahman (verses 1-6)

The All-Merciful taught the Qur’an.

 Who teaches it? Allah. It is Allah who teaches scholars and who teaches you. He created man and taught him clear expression.

Who creates speech? Allah. The Sun and the Moon both run with precision. The stars and the trees all bow down in prostration.”

This is a secret. Plants and trees all bow down in prostration. Trees’ roots, their hair, if you will, are all in the ground, aren’t they? They stand upside down, masha’Allah.

Allah sent down the Qur’an so that even a shepherd in the mountains could easily understand it. That is how the Qur’an has come down. Allah has not sent it down as a bafflement. The Qur’an is sufficient by itself. People must live by the Qur’an as revealed by our Prophet (saas). It is a simple faith. The Qur’an is not something terribly complicated.

We must be peace-loving. We must not permit oppression. We must be full of love. That is already in us, but we must live by it. Allah creates us to be peace-loving. We dislike violence. Generosity exists in our souls. Giving is most delightful. Then we must forgive. That is also a source of comfort. Not forgiving people troubles one. We must not commit adultery. Adultery darkens the soul. One loses one’s sexual power and desire. One has no more desire for woman. That internal energy becomes lost and evaporates. May Allah forbid, man or woman, the darkness of prostitution appears in the face. That darkness persists so long as they persist in it, but when they stop doing it, that darkness goes. The harshness of the prostitute descends on them; be they man or woman. That is very bad. The other way, comes the lightness and sweetness of faith. The Torah says that the flesh of the believer is like the flesh of the lamb. There is a verse about it, too. Has the time not arrived for the hearts of those who have faith to yield to the remembrance of Allah and to the truth He has sent down, so they are not like those who were given the Book beforefor whom the time seemed over long so that their hearts became hard?Many of them are deviators. says Almighty Allah. Even at the age of 70 they have lovely skin. Men or women, they have a radiance, a lightness. But Allah sends a darkness down on those other dark types. They have very inauspicious looks and facial expressions. But, by Allah’s leave, the believer develops that radiance with faith and sincerity.

Surat az-Zumar, 27;

We have given all kinds of examples to people in this Qur’an,so that hopefully they will pay heed –“

He does not here refer to scholars, but to people in general. Shepherds in the mountains, university professors, adolescents, whoever. Almighty Allah says He has given whatever examples are necessary.

“...an Arabic Qur’an with no distortion in it,” says Allah. There is no distortion or inconsistency. “...so that hopefully they will have faith,” says Allah.

(“NATO forces under U.S. command killed a family of eight in an attack in Afghanistan.”)

As if such things were terribly rare. They kill people every day. They slaughter people in towns and villages. They cut fingers off, dry them and send them home. That has already come out in the press. There are thousands of villages in Afghanistan. They go in with tanks. There are soldiers who drink and take drugs, sexual perverts. They kill children and rape women. Afghanistan is a source of terrible pain and suffering. A place of awful suffering. It can only be saved through Islamic Unity.

(About evolutionists’ inability to account for the soul)

Evolutionists are not interested in the true person. They leave aside the person who truly sees, the person without eyes. They are only interested in a blind and unseeing system. In the ear that does not hear. No ear hears anything. All ears are deaf. They (the ears) turn sound waves into electric current and transmit it to the brain, that is all. Then their work is done. But there is one there (the soul) who hears with no ears. That is the true person. Evolutionists cannot account for that true person. So they never talk about it.

It is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) who will open Hagia Sophia for worship, insha’Allah. I have said this many times. I am now saying it again, insha’Allah. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will perform the first prayer, insha’Allah.

You will either implement Allah’s plan or be defeated. There is no other way. Our Prophet (saas) has set Allah’s plan out in detail. It is described in detail in the Qur’an, and in the Torah and the Gospel. So long as you insist on avoiding this, there can be no unity, so Muslims will continue to be wretched and to suffer. Terror and pain will enfold the world even more determinedly. That is why I am calling you to the path of Rasulullah (saas), while that path is close. There is no need to prolong matters. Follow the paths set out by Rasulullah (saas). Follow the path he showed through revelation. If you say that is no concern of yours, that means you dislike Allah’s commandment, may He forbid. So then you will be of no concern to Allah. Allah will make you miserable and wretched. This is the only way out.

Surah Ghafir, 17; Every self will be repaid today for what it earned.” Everyone will be repaid for what he does. If they have done good, they will receive good. They will earn paradise and Allah’s approval. If they have done evil, they will earn hell and the wrath of Allah. Today there will be no injustice. Allah is swift at reckoning.

Because the result is justice, not oppression. Wrongdoers go to hell. That is justice. The good go to paradise, and that is justice. “Allah is swift at reckoning.” The questioning is fast. But for disbelivers and evil-doers the questioning will be very long. Allah will make them feel as if it goes on for a long time.

And warn them of the Day of Immediacy when hearts rise choking to the throat.” The Day of Reckoning. When fear rises to the throat. “...choking to the throat,” they will keep having to swallow their regret. The wrongdoers will have no close friend nor any intercessor who might be heard.” There will be no protection for them. They have no friends. Allah says they will be all alone. They will have no friends from the bars, no fathers or grandfathers. Nobody will be interested in them, He says. Everyone will be all alone, He says.

He knows the eyes’ deceit and what people’s breasts conceal.

They look with hatred in their eyes and without love. He knows the evil in their hearts and their evil feelings, as well as their good feelings, He says.

Verse 21. “Have they not traveled in the Earth  and seen the final fate of those before them?”

What is this? This is archeology. Allah imposes the science of archeology. These subterranean civilizations. You cannot see them without doing research. That only comes about through archeology.

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