Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 4 July 2012


A9 TV, July 4th, 2012

(Mr. Adnan Oktar wishes Muslims well for the Bara’ah Night)

May Allah make our Bara’ah Night blessed for the entire nation of Muslims and make us experience it once again. May Allah make us benefit from the prosperity of this night, insha’Allah.

And our martyrs are, insha’Allah, getting prepared for the Hereafter together with Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Hamdha, Hazrat Omar and Hazrat Hasan and Husayin.

For they have not died; Allah takes their souls once again. Then they will die, that is to say, on the Day of Judgment. They think that they are alive right now.

For instance, those who are dead know this themselves, but a martyr is convinced that he is alive but he does not know the system. He knows that Allah brought him.

He knows that he came as a martyr but that he is alive; but there is a mechanism, a knowledge of it in the Sight of Allah. We can never know it.

He knows that he will die a martyr there; he performs his prayers there, he takes benefit from the blessings there. The conditions of the world prevail there but only disbelief is absent there.

The trial there is easy; it is a trial that is directly related to earning rewards.

There is no environment there in which one indulges in unlawful deeds. In fact, it is a guarantee that they will go to paradise, but Allah makes them remain there only because He creates a great beauty for them.

It is unlikely for a martyr to go to hell. It is impossible for him to engage in any act that will lead him to hell. Even if he wants, may Allah forbid, he can’t do it. Allah says, “You are dead now.” They die and then they go to paradise. This is a pleasant lifestyle.

Allah created the universe and the world in line with the system of the Mahdi. But people can not resist time. People hasten a lot; they want the Unity of Islam to be established immediately, Prophet Jesus (as) to come all of a sudden. They want the immediate establishment of the Unity of Islam. Once the Unity of Islam is established, you will no longer earn any rewards. That is why Allah creates it as a very short span of time. Seven or nine years, and that has a symbolic meaning. What is seven years? It was only yesterday that we entered the millennium, the year 2000. Notice that twelve years has passed by. Seven or nine years for the triumph of Islam in  the world, that is it, because there is no trial, Allah sees no reason for the continuation of the world. Irreligion is eliminated from the face of the world. The existence of  irreligion is very important. People want irreligion to be eliminated. OK, it may but then the trial in this world no longer exists and so do the rewards. “The anti-Christ must come to an end”. OK, but then your rewards will come to an end. That is why Allah extends the time of the anti-Christ. Allah grants a long span of time to the anti-Christ. Its life span is forty years. In the reign of Islam also the Mahdi’s endeavor to tell about the signs leading to faith lasts about forty years.

(According to the Shi'a creed,  July Thursday, July 5th is the birthday of Hazrat Mahdi (as). That is why the Shi'a are celebrating it.)

According to their conviction 1,000 years have already passed. They say, “He is already living.” They consider him as the person who lives the longest. On the other hand, he enters each and every house. He enters both in the form of image, in the form of a voice, and in the physical form. He enters all the houses in the world. When he is called, he immediately comes. Ahmadinejad says that he saw him in the form of light. This way, they also eliminate the system of the Mahdi, just like those who advocate the concept of collective personality. With such a ruse, they deal a great blow to the system of the Mahdi, according to their own mindset. Does he believe? None of them believe.  

May Allah make Hazrat Mahdi (as) appear as soon as possible. Let’s pray that he touches his blessed hand on the floor. When he touches the ground reciting Allah’s name, the Earth immediately calms down. The Earth feel unease when it can not see Hazrat Mahdi (as). The Earth suffers a lot, it trembles. It anyhow demands Hazrat Mahdi (as). It wants to feel the blessed hand of Hazrat Mahdi (as) on its back. When Hazrat Mahdi (as) strokes the back of the Earth, it calms down at that moment. What does Almighty Allah say about the flood of Noah? “O heavens, hold your water. O Earth, swallow your water.” And it finds relief at that moment. The rain comes to an end. The water withdraws.  Right now there is a flood of Noah. The world wants Hazrat Mahdi (as). The Earth wants the  appearance of Prophet Jesus (as). The Earth expects it to become apparent. We will see it altogether, insha’Allah.

Repetition is the method employed by Allah. Notice that there is repetition in the style of the Qur’an. Always repetition. When we remember Allah, we say “Allah, Allah, Allah.” You repeat His beautiful names. Repetition opens the heart. People would not be able to understand Darwinism and materialism if we did not explain it recursively. People understood it after many repetitions. The cells, the curves of the brain are full of this information. When we want to remove a stain, we make great effort, and this is also the case.


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