Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 22 July 2012


A9 TV,  July 22nd, 2012

Blood is being spilled everywhere in the world. There are earthquakes everywhere, every day. There are hurricanes, and floods. There is war and terrible disorder. The End Times are revealing themselves in all their ferocity. There is a huge awakening in the Islamic world, this Islamic Spring known as the Arab Spring. Look, Syria has now fallen, or is just about to, insha’Allah. Everywhere is becoming free. The flame of liberty is burning everywhere. People are weary of pressure and the chains of the system of the dajjal. They want to break the fetters of the system of the dajjal and be free. These are excellent developments. Insha’Allah, in the next 10 years, Islam will assume a completely different form in people’s hearts. But since we are in the period when we can earn the most merit, we are striving with all our might. We will always work hard, of course, but these periods of the greatest merit are something very different.

Fear of Allah is a fear that stems from a powerful love. It is not like people’s fear of bombs or things like that. It is a fear that stems from offending the beloved, Allah. They may imagine there is an ulterior motive underlying it, but that is not so. That is bad, it makes one uncomfortable. We cannot be happy and cannot entertain anyone else. But why joke about Allah? There is no logic in it. There is nothing consistent about it. They may want to feel that they are free, within religion; I guess a kind of tension develops in them since they misunderstand fear. Perhaps they try to minimize that fear by joking among themselves. Who knows? But I fear Allah, but I do not fear Allah in the sense they mean. Fear of Allah means not offending the beloved. I love Allah passionately, and I do not want to offend the Allah I love so passionately. Offending Him would cause me suffering. I will still remember Allah even if He sends me to hell. I will remember Him with love and passion. I will still express that love, and I may even cause that love to grow still further. This is not a fear of suffering, but a fear of offending Allah. So what if I suffer after I have offended Allah? That will be irrelevant to me. I can suffer all I like then . But if I offend Allah, then even if I am in paradise it will seem like hell to me. What pleasure can that give me? I will be completely finished, may Allah forbid. I am finished once I have offended Allah. I become terribly unhappy when people joke about religion. It is very annoying.

(Mr. Adnan Oktar interprets verses from Surat at-Tawba)

48 - “They have already tried to cause conflict before,” One characteristic of the hypocrites is that they do not desire good, but rather strife and disgraceful behavior. Instead of demanding Islamic Unity, engaging in activities aimed at bringing down Darwinism and materialism and improving solidarity and friendship among Muslims and performing good deeds, they strive against Muslims. “...and turned things completely upside down for you,” grown men, idiots and fools abandon their work and try and make life difficult for Muslims. “...until the truth came and Allah’s command prevailed even though they detested it.

The Mahdi appeared. Islamic Unity came about. Our Prophet (saas) was successful. Islam spread. The Qur’an was revealed. It spread throughout and reigned over the world.

49- “Among them are there some who say, ‘Give me permission to stay. Do not put temptation in my way’.” Give me permission. Why? “I have my school,” they say. “I am getting married. I have my business to attend to,” they say, “Do not put temptation in my way.” Do not try and obstruct me. My name will appear on TV programs and in the newspapers, and my friends will all abandon me, they say. Or they say they will lose their jobs, or their wives will divorce them if they hear they are working alongside Muslims. “Have they not fallen into that very temptation?” Allah says there that a punishment is ready for them. As they are bound for hell. They are already on the bus and waiting to go to hell. They are on the vehicle that will carry them there. “Hell hems in the unbelievers.” Hell is all around them at this very moment. The only thing remaining is for the curtain to rise. Allah says that when the veil is lifted, they will see then that they are in hell because hell has hemmed them in, He says.

50- “If good happens to you it galls them.” Things like good health, goodness, beauty, prestige, strength, success, the spread of Islam, wonderful news about Islamic Unity, Muslims feeling even greater love for Islam, Muslims enjoying more wealth and possessions, the presence of worthy and high-quality people around them, Muslims enjoying enhanced preaching power across the world with newspapers, radio, television and everything; all of this  make bigots feel sick to the stomach. “If a mishap occurs to you,” if an operation is carried out, for instance, or people are slandered or attacked. Anything like that. ”If a mishap occurs to you, they say, ‘We made our preparations in advance’.” We had already moved away and kept our distance, “...and they turn away rejoicing.” “That was lucky,” they say. “We have saved our lives and our possessions and are very comfortably off.” But those possessions will take them off to hell. For example, they think they have escaped, but they have a wife and she leads them into irreligion. They concentrate on work and business, but that work and business wears them down and ages them. It makes them unhappy and ruins them. They lose their joy and enthusiasm. It makes them ill. A thousand diseases afflict them but they think they are being so clever. Stress given them a hernia. Or a stroke, or a heart attack because of that severe tension. They regard desiring the things of this world as a superior virtue. They are unaware that these things are sent as afflictions by Allah. They are unaware that hell is sent as a punishment. They have a son, and the son goes to school, but they spend all day worrying if he will get home again safely. That is a disease. They suffer constantly because of their refusal to submit.

51- “Say: ‘Nothing can happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us’.”  Those things of ours that frighten you. Almighty Allah says these are all things in destiny. Let us imagine that a criminal act took place. That is in destiny. Or something else happened to them, they were attacked. That was also in destiny. What is the point of that? It serves to increase one’s merit. Bediüzzaman was detained. And what happened? He expanded his paradise. He went to prison, but his paradise grew. He was defamed, and his paradise grew. He is Our Master. It is in Allah that the faithful should put their trust.”

Allah says you will be at ease when you abandon yourselves to Him.

52- “Say: What do you await for us except for one of the two best things [martyrdom or glory]?” We are constantly suffering the loss of martyrs these days. Allah speaks of “two best things.” People weep at a good thing. They weep when someone is martyred. Why weep at something beautiful? You should rejoice and be honored. But what we await for you is for Allah to inflict a punishment on you either directly from Himself or at our hands.” We expect Allah to send you an affliction. Almighty Allah will either tear your brains apart, or your hearts. Or else He drowns the dajjals. So wait, we are waiting with you!” Someone imagines he is very fit and healthy. Pharaoh thought he was very safe in his palace; he thought Allah would not touch him. Or he thought he could flee and escape. But Allah led him to his death (by the coast). He imagined he could escape there. He thought that trouble would come somewhere, so he fled and imagined he could escape. But Allah had led him there to be drowned. Hazrat Hidhir drowned him in his own sea. “So wait, we are waiting with you! In other words, I will send you an affliction, says Allah.

53- “Say: ‘Whether you give readily or reluctantly, it will not be accepted from you.” Hypocrites feel great pain when they give anything away. There is a verse about it. It is like losing a limb for them, terribly painful. So hypocrites are unwilling to give even a penny away. They hang back, imagining they can get away with it. But Allah makes them sick at that moment. He sends them afflictions. So they are investing their money in treating their sickness and hospital charges. “...it will not be accepted from you. You are people who are deviators.” Sometimes they give in order to show off. But Allah says “it will not be accepted” either. He says they can earn no merit from it. They give in order to mislead others. But Allah says “it will not be accepted.”

54- “Nothing prevents what they give from being accepted from them but the fact that they have rejected Allah and His Messenger, and that they only come to prayer lethargically, and that they only give reluctantly.”

You imagine they are Muslims, but they do not recognize Allah at all. Nor the prophets. They are lethargic in their prayers. They would not pray at all if there were no Muslims to see them, these hypocrites. If they see that Muslims are far away they will not read the verses nor remember Allah nor open their mouths. Pay attention to the hypocrites. That is how they are. If you want to catch a hypocrite, they never read verses during the prayer. They do not remember Allah. When you ask them why not, they say, “I read them, but you did not hear.” But they never even open their mouths. They regard reading verses as something peculiar. They dislike it. Spending is another thing they dislike. And they hate performing the prayer. And spending anything. That is why hypocrites who say, “I have debts to pay, there is no way I can give anything” were always very careful never to give a penny away in the time of our Prophet (saas). They always pretended to be stupid. “I would give money if I had any.” But when it comes to marrying a child off, then they have bags of money to spare. Or when they themselves have problems, or when they have to find money to ransom themselves with; they always have plenty of money then. These idiots always find money when they need it. These people engaged in all kinds of stupid and base behavior in the time of our Prophet (saas). But the holy Abu Bakr (pbuh), for example, gave all his money to our Prophet (saas). Abu Bakr was most noteworthy in that respect. He was the equivalent of a billionaire today, really wealth. There was no end to his wealth and assets, but he spent them all on the path of Allah. Hazrat Othman and Hazrat Ali were the same, masha’Allah .

55- “Do not let their wealth and children impress you.” Because wealth and assets sooner or later come to an end. And then the person himself is finished. The person who consumes and spends is a human being. He will also die. “Do not let… their children impress you.” But their children die, too. Look, he has himself,  his children and his wealth. When he and his children die, his wealth will die, as well because that wealth will no longer have any value because he cannot use it, so it is dead. And since he cannot use it when he dies, that wealth dies with him. Allah merely wants to punish them by them during their life in the world and for them to expire while they are disbelievers.

How does He punish them? He visits afflictions on their children and wealth. His child turns up and starts swearing at and insulting him and threatens to beat him. That child becomes a nightmare, saying rude things and behaving disgustingly. Allah says He will make their wealth a means of punishing them. For instance, he spends his whole life in a tiny workplace just five or six square meters in size. Inside a tiny concrete box. Not remembering Allah. Then they carry him out in his coffin. People do not see their souls departing, of course. The departure of the soul is something else. That may happen 10 or 15 minutes after physical death. Or 10 or 15 minutes before it. Or half an hour before. The man had died, but he does not realize it. He speaks, but he is dead. Allah has long since taken his soul. He speaks as if in a dream, as if he had been hypnotized. 

56- “They swear by Allah that they are of your number [Muslims], but they are not of your number. Rather, they are people who are scared.

These people are very cowardly. They are concerned with their own interests, so they try and stay away from Muslims and avoid them. They think that Muslims will bring them trouble, so they live at a distance from them. And because they do that, it always works against them. Muslims do not see their filthy and troublesome natures. But by removing them from Muslims’ sides, Allah is doing Muslims a favor, ridding Muslims of them. Muslims are thus protected against their filth, their stink, their disgusting natures and wickedness. But if Muslims fail to realize, they may imagine they have lost something. “We have lost him,” they say. But what they have actually lost is an affliction, and Allah has lifted that affliction from them. A believer must give thanks. If they fail to understand, they must read these verses so they can understand. Because when that person goes, he goes off to be wretched. He will be ruined and lose his mental and physical health. All the hypocrites were ruined after leaving our Prophet (saas).

57- “If they could find a bolt-hole, cave or burrow, they would turn and scurry away into it.

These people are always looking for a nest or den to shelter in. That is why Allah says; “

“Say: ‘If your fathers or your sons or your brothers or your wives or your tribe, or any wealth you have acquired, or any business you fear may slump, or any house which pleases you, are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger and doing jihad in His Way, then wait until Allah brings about His command.” in one verse. Where does he go as he waits? Hell has gradually hemmed him in. The time is approaching when the veil that prevents him from seeing the image of hell will be lifted. When the veil is suddenly lifted, he will see that he is in hell. The life of this world is transitory and very short but they cling to the life of this world like crazy. People die every day but are unaware of it.

(About fear of Allah)

We can see this in Ahmet Altan and other people; they want there to be no fear of Allah or love of Allah. You cannot have a climate of love of Allah alone. Without fear of Allah, irreligion would reign across the world. It is fear of Allah that lies behind love, affection, compassion, goodness, beauty and reason. People can perpetrate the most awful cruelty in the absence of fear of Allah. “I love Allah,” they say but they could still do something wrong. But fear of Allah is the basis of moral virtues and good behavior. A person will not lie if he fears Allah. And fear of Allah underlies wisdom and reason. People can lose their reason without fear of Allah. That is why fear of Allah is such a great blessing. Some people think very childishly or superficially because they fail to grasp this detail. If you say; “What do I need fear of Allah for? I want to love Allah in my child’s heart, like a child,” then you will behave like some children do. For example, people are loyal to the elderly. It is very hard to look after an old person. Looking after an old person with love of Allah is hard, one is reluctant to do it. But with fear of Allah, one will behave altruistically and spend one’s money and give up one’s life if necessary. For example, one may be reluctant to give up one’s life out of love of Allah alone. But one will out of fear of Allah. In other words, the whole order on Earth would be impaired without fear of hell and fear of Allah. Since they misunderstand it, they regard it as slightly primitive, may Allah forbid. They think of it is as like fear of the rod, may Allah forbid. Not so. There is a depth in fear of Allah, it is a fear of love. A different kind of fear. It is nothing like the fear that bombs or guns inspire in people.


(Mr. Adnan Oktar reads hadiths about the Mahdi (pbuh) from Jalaladdin Suyuti, better known as Ibn al-Kutub)

The bigots would burn all of Jalaladdin Suyuti’s (Ibn al-Kutub) books if they knew about them. But the books have been preserved and they have not bothered with them. There was an effort to make people forget him. But Suyuti is a scholar of the hadiths, an imam of the hadiths, very well-known, much loved by the Sunni people. Suyuti is also a scholar very popular with the Shiites. He is a scholar much admired by everyone. His sources are very sound. It would be no good if his sources were not sound.

Abu Naim related from ibn Abbas that Rasulullah (saas) said ,” Look, he asks and our Prophet (saas) replies; How can the Ummah perish when I exist at the beginning?” “At the end there is Jesus the son of Mary and in the middle the Mahdi from my ahl al-bayt.” In other words, “How can this Ummah cease to exist?” They say, your Ummah will soon cease to exist, it will disappear from history in the near future. “So how can our Prophet (saas) be there?” “I am there at the beginning,” he says. “In the middle there is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and at the end, Jesus the Messiah.” And that has come about exactly.

Naim related from Abu Sayed. He said, Rasulullah (saas) said: He whom Jesus the son of Mary will perform the prayer behind is from my ahl al-bayt.” The Prophet (saas) says this during a conversation. One of hundreds or thousands of conversations. He who heard immediately recounted it. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is from the ahl al-bayt.

“Ibn Abi Shaiba, in the Musannef, relates from Ibn Shirin. Our Prophet (saas) said, “The Mahdi is from this Ummah. And he will be the imam of the prophet Jesus (pbuh.” There is a human being here. “He will be the imam of the Prophet Jesus (saas),” he says. What does being the imam mean? It implies the normal, classic meaning.

Naim bin Hammad related from Abdullah bin Amr. He said: “The Mahdi will descend to Jesus the son of Mary and he is the person he will pray behind.” In other words, he will come to where he is, and the Prophet Jesus the Messiah will pray behind Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

Bukhari and Muslim relate from Abu Huraira.” Bukhari and Muslim. Is there anywhere they can hide from that? No. There is nowhere to hide.

Bukhari and Muslim relate from Abu Huraira. He said: Let us see what you do when Jesus the son of Mary descends among you and your imam is one from among you.” What will happen then, asks our Prophet (saas)? He imparts the tidings that the Mahdi (pbuh) will lead him in prayer. He says this to please them.

Abu Naim relates from Jabir. He said, Rasulullah (saas) said: Jesus the son of Mary” Jesus the Messiah,“will descend from the sky.” He will appear from the presence of Allah. “The Mahdi, their emir [of believers] Mahdi, will say to him,” to Jesus the Messiah, “Come and lead us in prayer.” He tells Jesus the Messiah “lead us in prayer.”  “Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) will reply to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) by saying; ‘One of you is the emir of this Ummah.’ He declines to act as imam. In other words, he says, “I am not the emir, you are the emir.”

“Ibni Majah” elated this trustworthy hadith from “Ravyani, Ibn Huzayma, Haqim and Abu Naim.” Haqim is also an important hadith imam. “He said, Rasulullah (saas) addressed us. He said this in speaking of the dajjal: He will eliminate the filth of Medina as the bellows remove the rust from iron.” There will be no more base people left in the city, in that city, he says. “That day is known as “the day of salvation’.”  Ummu Shurayq asked, “O Rasulullah (saas), where are the Arabs on that day?  He replied: They will be few in number on that day.” There are very few Arabs in that part of Istanbul where Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is. There are few Arabs. This is one of the proofs that Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will appear from Turkey because Mecca and Medina are full of Arabs, aren’t they? Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) does not know Arabic. Why not? Because he is not in Arabia. He was not raised among them. He was in the city. Medina, where is that? Istanbul,Constantinople.“He replied: They will be few in number on that day.” That is only possible in Istanbul, isn’t it? For there to be few Arabs. ”Although their imam is the Mahdi, a pure individual,” Although Hazrat Mahdi, a sincere person, is their imam, “...they will come to Jerusalem. When their imam passes to the front to lead them in the morning prayer, they will suddenly see that Jesus the son of Mary has descended at the time of the morning prayer.” He appears at the time of the morning prayer. “This imam (the Mahdi) will withdraw to allow the prophet Jesus (pbuh) to move to the front,” it says. Just as the takbir is about to be recited. “The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will place his hand on his [Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh)] shoulders,” He will place his hand on both his shoulders. “...and he will say to him [the Mahdi], Pass to the front and lead the prayer. Because the call is being made for you’.” At this, their imam [the Mahdi] will lead them in prayer.”

Abu Amr and Dani recite from Huzayfa in the Sunen. He said; Rasulullah (saas) said: “The Mahdi will see that Jesus the son of Mary has descended, as if water is dripping from his hair”. His hair will look as if it is wet, as a sign. “And the Mahdi will say to him, ‘Pass to the front and lead people in prayer’.” Lead them in prayer, he says. “But the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will say, “The call to prayer has been read for you alone.” At this, he will pray behind Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), a preacher of Islam from my line.”

Ebu Amr and Dani relate from Jabr bin Abdullah in the Sunen. He said that Rasulullah (saas) said: During the Dawn of the New Age, one from my Ummah will struggle for the true faith in Jerusalem until the coming of Jesus the son of Mary; Hazrat Mahdi (as) will then say: “O prophet of Allah, pass to the front and lead us in prayer.” He [the Prophet Jesus (pbuh)] will say, “One from this Ummah [Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)] is he emir of the others.” In other words, Jesus the Messiah will say, “You are the commander. I am your follower.” 

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