Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 24 July 2012


A9 TV,  July 24th, 2012

They insist on trying to put Turkey into the position of the dajjal. Joel, who came here, is making a grave error. He insists on portraying Turkey as the dajjal; then he talks about love, affection and compassion. If you portray Turkey and Muslims as the Antichrist, then the Christian world will want to destroy it. So you are justifying the destruction of the Islamic world; you are justifying the destruction of Turkey, encouraging it. What kind of love is that? He says, “If the Mahdi (pbuh) encourages people toward peace when he appears, then he is the dajjal.” Allah, Allah! You are so fixated. You declare people who want war to be the dajjal, and also people who want peace. And you say those who remain silent are also the dajjal. So, what is to be done? I said, “We will rebuild the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, insha’Allah.” But he says, “The dajjal will do that.” “So let’s not do it,” I said, “since that is a sign of the dajjal.” “That is not what I meant,” he says. Yes, it is. If you say the dajjal will do it, then Muslims must not do it. If you depict Muslims as the dajjal to the entire Christian world, and point to that as a sign, then Muslims must not build that temple. If you regard unification among Muslims as a sign of the dajjal, then let us remain fragmented. Is that what you mean?

I regard innocent and well-intentioned evangelicals with love and affection. But it is illogical to declare Turkey to be the dajjal. That is wickedness. I spoke of peace. He says, “The dajjal will also be in favor of peace.” Allah, Allah. What can I say? Should I advocate killing and slaughter, like the bigots do? Of course we must espouse peace. People will follow the Mahdi (pbuh) when he uses a language compatible with the Qur’an and the hadiths. The Mahdi (pbuh) will act together with Jesus the Messiah (pbuh). He is not someone who acts alone. His life is transparent and bound up with Christians. Christians are already working in alliance. Christians are the main force, in other words. Muslims and Christians will be allies. How can he destroy the people he is allied with? And why? That is against the commands of the Qur’an. How can you wrong the People of the Book? How can you kill and slaughter?

Joel : “According to the Gospel, the dajjal will include present-day Islamic states.” You are sowing the seeds of hatred. Sowing them in Christians’ hearts. Instead of that, you should say, “Christians and Muslims must be brothers, let them serve the religion of Allah together and espouse the oneness of Allah.”

“Even if some Christians believe that the Roman Empire served as the system of the dajjal, this is in fact Islamic states.” So destroy them all. Kill them all. You are already killing. What logic is that? You should demand peace and brotherhood and love instead. We believe in the same Allah. And the same prophets as well. We believe in the same hereafter, paradise and hell. Do Muslims have no dajjals and bigots? Of course, they do. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and all the rest. There are some unbelievably wicked people among them. They burn Muslims in Africa. We have seen that with our own eyes.

“According to the Gopsel, the dajjal will come before the return to Earth of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), and the Mahdi awaited by Muslims will come at that exact time to unify states.” That time is now. “This is a resemblance not to be ignored.” Therefore, he says that “the Antichrist is the Mahdi.” In other words, if there is Islamic Unity, the dajjal will have come. Look at the cunning of that. We speak in the name of peace. “This is a sign of the dajjal,” he says.

Look at his book ‘Antichrist: İslam’s Awaited Messiah,’ it is really provocative. Instead of saying that, you should say, “Christians and Muslims must be allies, the Mahdi (pbuh) must be allied with Jesus (pbuh), and there must be world peace.” And Turkey’s military force is limited. It is just enough to protect Turkey itself. Where do you get this idea from? Turkey is just able to deal with the PKK. We have no pretensions to great military power. There is no question of our killing everyone. You don’t let us talk about peace. So what are we to do? Has Turkey ever attacked anyone? We are a country that wants love and affection.

In his book “Antichrist: Islam’s Awaited Messiah,” he claims that according to the Gopsel, there are unbelievable similarities and parallels between the dajjal and the Mahdi (pbuh) awaited by Muslims. He says that both will come on white horses as political and military leaders to conquer the world, that they will collaborate with a false prophet and establish a single world faith.” He regards the global reign of Islam as the system of the dajjal. Richardson refers to a hadith that speaks of the Mahdi (pbuh) making a seven year agreement, mediated by a Jew, with the Romans,m Iin the same way that the dajjal described in the Gospel will make a seven year agreement with the Jews.  The Mahdi (pbuh) forging an agreement with the Christian world, making an alliance with them, is a humane gesture aimed at establishing peace. What has that got to do with the system of the dajjal? I am not saying there are no wicked Muslims with the mindset of the dajjal. I am working against these bigots day and night. They are in every country. Turkey has its bigots dressed up as the dajjal.

“The majority of hadiths were influenced by the Gospel since the Gospel was already in existence then. The Prophet Muhammed (saas) also took most of what he said about the End Times from the Gospel.” Fine. He could take it from the Torah, but they all originate from divine revelation. Divine revelation is their common source. That is in the Torah, and the Psalms and the Gospel, and it is also indicated in the Qur’an. It is also in the hadiths. The true commandments will come about in the End Times. That is in the books of Noah (pbuh). This is something all the prophets have known since the Prophet Adam (pbuh). The fact that it has a resemblance to the Gospel shows that the Gospel is a book based on revelation. The same thing is in the Torah. Why do you not talk about that? It is also in the Psalms. Why not talk about that? The Torah, the Psalms, Gospels and hadiths are all in agreement and show that this is true, that it comes from the same source, from divine revelation. It shows it comes from Almighty Allah.

“Muslims believe that the Mahdi and the false Jesus the Messiah will unite the entire Islamic world and rebuild the Ottoman Empire.” The hadiths make no reference whatsoever to the Ottoman Empire. This is a most dishonest and unscientific claim. Who says the Ottoman Empire will be rebuilt? There were good things about the Ottomans, but we have nothing to do with the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire is history. It may resemble Islam and the Ottoman Empire in some ways, but the Ottomans also made the most blatant errors, so why should it be the Ottoman Empire again? “The false Jesus…” Look! They prepared the way for Jesus the Messiah. They are preparing the way for their idea of a false Jesus the Messiah because he will say that, “Allah is One.” They want the person called Jesus the Messiah to say, “I am God,” may Allah forbid. How can a human being who eats, goes to the bathroom and sleeps be Allah? You are saying that a human prophet who sleeps, eats, goes to the bathroom and feels hunger and who prays to Allah, a servant who beseeches Allah, is Allah himself.

“Administrations will come to an end with the war of Gog and Magog, and the true Jesus will come. The Islamic world will imagine that the true Jesus the Messiah is false.” In other words, someone will apparently appear and say, “I am Allah.” This is how the dajjal will appear; by saying, “I am Allah.” Why should people call a human being who eats, Allah? There is a great dishonesty there; since you believe in three Allahs, since you say Allah is triune, the Father, Son (Jesus the Messiah) and Holy Ghost. One can pray to the Holy Ghost. One cannot, of course, but let us assume that one can. “One can also pray to Jesus the Messiah,” he says, “and to Allah.” But why not pray to Allah out of these three deities? Since you have the right to choose, then choose Allah, pray to Allah. They do not pray to the Holy Ghost, either. And they do not pray to Allah. They pray to Jesus the Messiah. If you have three options, then pray to Allah. Pray directly to Allah. Pray to Allah instead of the one you regard as His son, may Allah forbid. In any case, Allah has no son. The end result is a faithless and godless mass of Christians. Christians who truly believe in Allah are now very rare. 

“The Gospel according to John says that peoples coming from the north will start the war of Gog and Magog. It therefore always used to be believed that the Russians were Gog and Magog.” Look, this time they are obsessed with the Russians. “But since it is Turkey that will establish union, it would seem that Gog and Magog must be the Turks.” He thinks the Turks are Gog and Magog. They believe that elimination of the Turks from the world through war will mean the world can then relax. They believe that the mass slaughter of the Turkish nation, whom they regard as the Antichrist, will be beneficial because if Turkey and the Turkish nation are the system of the dajjal, then they cannot be separated and must be eradicated because anyone who says that Allah is not three is already lost. Since the Turkish nation says that Allah is One, then they are all supporters of the dajjal, may Allah forbid. Forget about looking for the dajjal. The dajjal is all irreligion; all atheist movements, Darwinist and materialist movements together are the dajjal.

You have this belief about women; “A woman is a sexy being.” “She turns everyone on.” Therefore, “She needs to be kept at home.” “She needs to be kept away out of sight.” “She needs to be beaten a great deal.” “She cannot be trusted, she is satan's creature.” May Allah forbid. They see this in their eyes. Such a conception of woman is wrong. If women are sexy, then so are men. “Women inflame men’s passions.” Do men not inflame women’s passions? They inflame then a hundred thousand times more. So perhaps we should put you in a big sack and cover you up, too. People have free will and intelligence. Someone has a daughter. She wanders round freely at home, but in your eyes that is a sin. Allah has made it lawful, but you still insist it is unlawful. If he is perverted, she will have incestuous relations with her father. That is widespread in Europe, and in Turkey and everywhere. With that view of women, it is going to be impossible for Islam to reign across the world. Women must have at least as many rights as men, or even more. They must be free like them. You have made it a crime to be a woman. “She cannot go out, or walk, or speak, or wear perfume or look nice.” This mindset is wrong. You are interpreting the faith according to your own views, and giving a terrible impression of being a Muslim. With this mindset you are preventing the global reign of Islam.

A devout woman will like a devout man. But how? He has devoted himself to Allah, Islam and the Qur’an. He lives for Allah. He is reliable, able to keep confidences, sincere, clean and regards her as a manifestation of Allah. He is loyal and true. He has a powerful love. He has the power to look with love. He loves Allah with a passion. He loves the person in front of him as a manifestation of Allah, without making an idol out of them. Since he fears Allah, he will do nothing against her. He will not reveal her secrets or humiliate her. He will always value her and admire her, as a manifestation of Allah. And then a huge impact comes about in the human soul, as a miracle from Allah. That is when you are affected. A great excitement then develops in the heart. But you regard a woman as a piece of flesh. “Woman is there to satisfy a need,” they say. “You have your duties as a woman, and I have my needs.” “Take care of this need of mine,” they say. If you look at her like that, she will regard you as potentially immoral. Then she will hate you. So why get married if there is going to be hatred, my brother? Woman is a manifestation of Allah. You marry a woman as an act of worship. You marry to be with her in this world and the hereafter.

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